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  1. Well I do have a sector in mind, my idea was to make the outer rim into a kind of Space 1960's-1990's Africa (Complete with independent colonists in short shorts) with all the strife and war for mercenaries. I was starting in a single system to make them have a small start to their escapades as soldiers of fortune, because there wasn't going to be a real overall enemy (Atleast at first) But I have to say the idea of making them roll up the key staff of the company and some lower personnel could be good. Actually all of the advice is awesome and I'm most certainly going to use a lot of it. Thanks man!
  2. So I'm getting my group of players together to run a mercenary campaign. I'm thinking of giving them a beat up Correllian Corvette and about 6 hyperspace capable fighters along with 70 or so ground troops to run as a Mercenary company for the Empire and others. basic premise/plot change was "Rebel Base on Yavin would be blow up, Death star got destroyed a few weeks later by rebel sabouters in a last ditch effort to stop it. Emps was onboard at the time, in the power vaccum Grand Moff Tarkin and Vader Assume a mutual power role. The destruction of the death star along with a accompanying imperial fleet left the imperium a bit kneecapped loosing many of the outer rim areas to independants and criminals. The unified rebellion is scattered but the Imperial Army is working hard to try to bring the seperate rebellious sectors under controls and has began to subcontract to mercs to help them secure planets and bring them down." So i'm sending them to some backwater system that a Imperial Admiral is trying to bring back into the fold. I was looking for ideas for missions for the Merc's in this system. The major planet has about 2 billion people on it, there is two other planets that people can stand on without a survival suit. Both are rather wastelandish. One of them will be basically useless, the other was going to have some rare minerals on it. There is a few other planets and plenty of moons. Imperial presence is a Star Destroyer and supporting fleet, a small army of stormtroopers is on the main planet. Everywhere but the main planet is up for grabs. Rebels assault convoys, disrupt mining operations, and generally are stopping the system from functioning. The rebels are decentralized, but they have a small fleet, and a hidden base somewhere. The Admiral of the Imperials hates this post and he's not below doing some evil things to root out the rebels. One of my ideas was having the Merc's pose as one group of rebels attack another group's village to set them against each other. Another idea was to have them attack a supply convoy to the system and make it look like the rebels. The problem is, there isn't much for the Empire and even the Merc's to attack head on. Its much quicker at least in the mind of Admiral to make the rebels look bad and turn to fighting each other. Any Ideas would be good! Not much of the system is fleshed out.
  3. I agree there are some fair arguments for balance, the fact is that astomechs already should have a leg down on many members of the party from the start (can't talk, no thumbs, can't hold weapons) so there really should be more leeway allowed especially in a game that has only one dice that actually deals in numbers and the rest being success, failure, ect. A lot of gear can be said to be flavoring and I allowed the astromech player of my party a bit more starting gear then usual. It really hasn't unbalanced this game as the game doesn't have standard balance from all the narrative aspects. A decent GM should be able to handle a fair and reasonable gear that comes integrated into a droid. And for the one guy I read who said wookiepedia isn't a game aid. This is the star wars universe, not some homebrew universe and I as a GM like that universe and am happy to let my players do things like play droids that have built in gear they don't have to buy... mind it I'll probably start them with no credits anyway but still.
  4. Back on topic, my five cents is that the empire should have a sourcebook, if not that a supplemental book. Even if you don't want to deal in shades of grey playing the bad guy is sometimes fun as there is more opportunity to play like the dire bastards people are at heart. That being said, the Imperials aren't all that bad they just wanted to rule the world hell player characters often try to grab for power. I can see the appeal in having a good set of resources to run a empire campaign even though it probably could be done all through wookiepedia, a few reference books, and a fair bit of homebrewing.
  5. Simply amazing. Again, Combat Engineers are not the same as Engineers. Nor would they have the same skill set or talents. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_engineering Neither did the engineers in star trek. Its all semantics. Engineers in Star Trek were named such because they operate the propulsion system of the vessel. Just like modern marine (not the branch of the military) engineers. They did impossible things sixteen times a day, because the plot required it. Ask a real engineer if their job description includes whipping up a new impossible solution at the last minute. No, they require long hard hours of real work and skull-sweat. It takes problem solving and dedication. Yes, it is semantics, but semantics are important for having a shared and common language for having discussions. Yes.. but this is storytelling where the plot requires the PC's to do the impossible, I don't see the issue.Unless no fun is allowed which you seem to be saying I should allow people to play engineers and do the impossible by throwing up targeting solutions and repairing the hyper drive in the space of a minute with spare parts and some luck. Also I have a friend who was a electrical engineer, he often ended up getting inside the machine he was wiring planning the wiring for to fix something that the builders messed up or didn't fit right. It really depends on what you're doing, and what you're actually hired for.
  6. Simply amazing. Again, Combat Engineers are not the same as Engineers. Nor would they have the same skill set or talents. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_engineering Neither did the engineers in star trek. Its all semantics.
  7. Yeah, I'm just gonna stop you there and say no to that. Not only are they, mechanically, pretty much the same, but that description is pretty far off as well. Especially considering you're not considering what kind of engineer or technician they are. Check your liberal art privilege. Huh? No, by the definitions of the words he is correct. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/engineer?show=0&t=1390328280 http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/technician Now mechanically, I doubt anyone would want to play a real Engineer. After all, long term building and engineering design doesn't make for a good story. Not unless we compress a lot of game time and play fast and loose with design times. While I am sure the creators simply looked for a synonym that was close enough, since there are military engineers that deal with large scale designs of earthwork and architecture they used that. Now more of a McGuyver type is always a blast to play, add in a bit of mad science and you have a wonderful character design. But there is no reason to be nasty about it. Usually mentioning someone's "privilege" or "liberal arts" anything are fighting words. Just because someone likes using precision in their writing doesn't mean that they have some sort of privilege to check. Now, back to your continuing disagreement... English Major detected, semantics as they are engineers also can refer to people who operate and repair machinery. Or combat engineers who place explosives and build bridges, ect. ALSO I have gmed... 3 or so campaigns with "engineers" as PC's they are some of the most amusing characters to play with when the party needs technical knowledge or a big explosion. So check your dictionary privilege you Webster scum.
  8. Fgdsfg said: Get out of here, Shanix. You're drunk. says mr europoorean
  9. got to do that, most of the work so far has been getting the skills down.
  10. So far me and a friend have been working on making a working class for to use a Arbites character in 40k this is what i have so far and i would like some suggestions on how it is. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B4d51O3MHvKuclMtNTBJbHdzYUU/edit
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