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  1. glaurung would you please tell me what type of sleeve do you use? they seems so perfect to me.....
  2. yes, ill take some pictures with cards inside, but after christmas...now im too busy, btw, merry christmas to you guys
  3. your two box are good too dude... if you done this by yourself then, well done !
  4. hi guys, im so glad you like my creation! the size of this box is big, let's say that i can easly put all my cards ( ive got all the expansion out untill now + first nightmare pack ) in the bottom of the box, the one with the hobbit map, and i have also 10 slots for adventure card and personal deck.... but im quite crazy so i put in each slot a different set of card, in the first the spider of mirkwood in the second orcs of dul guldur and so on... in this way i still have the half of the top part ( the one with the LOTR map ) empty, let's say for future expansions the "price part" is hard to say....it depends, ive done very small box: 50 euro. but also bigger than this: 500 euro. Also i try to not replicate a box when somebody ask me to craft one, so it depends from materials painting, drawing and stuff like that, each one of my box is personal and unique, i remember one box in particular for warhammer invasions LCG, with the Bloodthirster paint took me 3 month: 750 euro !!! So in conclusion ive done this box for me, and ive done it bigger than necessary, also if you like one i can do pretty much whatever you guys want, size or painting dosent matter
  5. hi everyone! im Cristiano, an italian LOTR LCG player, and today i want to show you my solution for LOTR LCG storage! this is a wood self made box. took me a month for this hope u guys like it! p.s. in italy i sell this stuff via Ebay, i dont know if anyone is interessed how can i ship this in the rest of the world p.p.s. sorry for my poor english! https://imageshack.com/a/i7ab/1
  6. just wondering how the Hide mechanics really work, also: can sombody explain me the "an evil wound" card? i cant understand it very well
  7. Spirit Arwen for sure Well.... all the Magali Villeneuve ally.....
  8. im gonna say B, i play the game in two handed solo most of the time....it is funny but easy, im not a ULTRA DECK player but ecept for the POD and HON quests i found the game pretty easy ( also dol guldur ). in italy we dont have the first 4 ATS pack but i've heard that they are easy too....so my hope is still in nightmare mode...
  9. politic fight or ffg forum? bah.... BTW berlusconi is guilty
  10. im italian too, completly agee with devestazione... i live in a little city near rome, here most of us, know only Magic, and i have to buy FFG games online. Pretty sad
  11. New spoilers....such a great cards i think https://www.facebook.com/CardboardOfTheRings?hc_location=stream sorry for the Facebook link i dunno how to post images
  12. as far as i know everywhere is still waiting for the first pack. rich ...so sad....
  13. nice.....but here, in italy, we are still waiting for the first pack....any advice where i can buy it? also in english....
  14. in case you guys dont know yet, Cardboard of the ring just spoilered 4 cards from the upcoming second pack of nightamares quests..... https://www.facebook.com/CardboardOfTheRings
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