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  1. I even made an alternate cover: https://twitter.com/hishgraphics/status/689829113297670145
  2. I dabble a bit: http://www.hishgraphics.com/gallery/personal-artwork/
  3. Look for "EotE and Age of Rebellion RPG Group". That one's pretty active. I've seen a writer reply there once or twice.
  4. What's awesome is that Michael Vilardi, one of the creature designers from Creatures of the Galaxy also commented on that DeviantArt post! (He originally designed the yeomet, wrix, tymp, ranphyx, qormot, quamin and onahk from that batch I believe.)
  5. I using these plastic clips as stands now. They seem to be doing well.
  6. Star Wars D6: On Sriluur, the party's Luxury 3000 yacht is being attacked by two YT-1760s at the landing field. The lone PC there, an HK droid, raises ship and flies at an altitude of 4-5 stories, heading downtown to rendezvous with the rest of the party. The party, in the middle of town, also tries to get back to the ship. First they steal a speeder. Then a bad Streetwise check traps them in an alley with a Trast AA5 garbage truck. So they steal the garbage truck and barrels toward the landing field. (By the way, I told them that the garbagemen they stol the truck from were played by Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez.) As they drive around a corner, a little ol' Weequay lady is at the kerb with holding out a garbage bag filled with noxious, unspeakable refuse - obviously waiting for the garbage truck. The Trianii riding on the side of the truck grabs it. The lady waves happily at them. The Trianii waves back. They're driving down a street at full speed in a garbage truck. Their yacht roars past overhead from ahead, 2 YT-1760s on her tail. The driver tells the Jawa to tinker with the truck's repulsorlift for jump-boost. The Jawa succeeds. "Hold on, everybody." The truck jumps. I described a slo-mo moment where a large AA5 truck, dripping with garbage water was flying through the sky with a burly female Trianii hanging on to the truck's sides and holding on to a large smell and disgusting garbage bag. (I can't recall for sure, but I think the drive spent a Force Point in Repulsorlift Ops for this and succeeded.) The truck lands on top of one of the YT-1760's cockpit pod. The Trianii jumpsoff and slams the garbage bag onto the cockpit's windscreen. It exploded and smeared the transparisteel with disgusting leftovers and organic refuse. The Jawa leapt down from the truck cab and sliced his way into the hull with his lightsaber. Everyone followed him. And that was how that party took out a pirate starship with a garbage truck.
  7. A recent occurrence on a skystation in the skies of Hypori: --- Their work completed, Tray and VEX looked for a hawker stall (with a successful Streetwise roll) and was attracted by the smoke and fumes coming from a subhallway. (Fluff snipped for brevity) They stopped at a large bubbling pot with a red stew within... as well as small, decapitated, furry primate heads. VEX ordered a bowl of soup and attempted to eat it - without irony - which was difficult because he had no mouth to eat with. Tray, new to the group, did not object to it and also ordered a bowl for himself. (Cut to other PCs elsewhere.) As they were enjoying the soup, so to speak, Tray noticed a Snivvian in a blue jumpsuit pointing his blaster pistol at VEX's back talking into a comlink excitedly. Tray flung his bowl of soup at the Snivvian but missed. Before the Snivvian could react, VEX had spun and dropped the guy with a stun bolt. The soup vendor yelled, "HEY! Treat my soup with more respect here!" As VEX dealt with the unconscious gunman, Tray pulled a fast one on the vendor, saying, "But this is how we Trandoshans greet old friends! We throw bowls of soup at them!" (A successful Deception skill roll ensues.) As Tray hurried to help VEX drag the Snivvian away, another Trandoshan - a burlier one than Tray - came up to order a bowl of soup. The vendor smiled at the newcomer and threw a bowl of soup at him. Sounds of fisticuffs grew weaker as they left the hawker stalls. VEX said to Tray with a glint in his droid eyes, "Don't look back, Tray." --- Adapted from my play report here.
  8. I ran a Noehon X-wing pilot before in Star Wars D6. Noehon stats were published in Galaxy Guide 12.
  9. I now write play reports of all the games I run or play on my blog. I've written a Star Wars RPG D6 fan supplement before, which I should convert to the FFG system one of these days. You can download it from here.
  10. Everything is canon for me, but that doesn't mean I'll have everything appear in my games. If you can include Ackmena from the Holiday Special and if your players enjoys her appearance because how you portray her in the session, then why not?
  11. I run it once in a while with my son, but here's the actual play category in my blog for our campaign entitled "Edged by the Empire".
  12. Kaal was a planet that first appeared in a West End Games' Adventure Journal scenario. Ronan's family might have been from Kaal.
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