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    notyetsuperman got a reaction from ParinorB in Props for posh play   
    This mat is one of the best I've come across.
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    notyetsuperman reacted to Sithborg in Tokens!   
    It's FFG. It will have tokens. The 8 LCGs before this say so. 
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    notyetsuperman reacted to kempy in Tokens!   
    Also these FFG tokens and accesories, maybe even look nice sometimes but they still are cardboard stuff and people tend to fast replace them with acrylic ones. Play 150+ games fe in Conquest and see how your tokens and dial start looking.
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    notyetsuperman got a reaction from Shiba Gunichi in What is so cool about Legend of the Five Rings ?   
    What allure does L5R have?
    Multiple win conditions.
    Characters have names.
    Plays like a miniature game but with cards.  
    Two decks to build.
    and THE LORE!
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