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  1. My issue with this is that it makes Hacan promissory note useless. Also their racial ability is a bit under powered and only for maybe two turns until Mecitol Rex is conquered. Thank you you both for the clarification. While I appreciate the rule confirmation I really think it breaks the spirit of the game to allow this type of negotiation with non-neighbors.
  2. My play group has found a loop hole to negotiating trades. I am curious if the loop hole is intended or not. During the action phase opponents who do not neighbor will initiate trade agreements that will execute during the Poltical Phase. The negotiation will go like this during the Action Phase; “During the political phase I will give you X trade goods if you perform Y action during your action phase”. I am not sure if this is even a legit game play, maybe some one can clarify.... Can you initiate a trade in the action phase but execute the trade in the political phase? Then if yes, can you initiate a trade during the action phase with some one who is not a neighbor? If you can do this type of trading what are your thoughts on how this impacts your game play? Is that how the rules were intended?
  3. https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/140207/player-dashboard This mat is one of the best I've come across.
  4. The designers intended for the game to have a heavy emphasis on story - the RPG experience. Over all I'm okay with some more 'static' elements to make the story more co-hesive. Replay value will come through deck design and decision making with full information. If LoTR is any example, there are certain quests you did not need to replay. I imagine AH:LCG will be the same. A few will be very fun and very challenging. I have played Escape from Dul Godur only one other time after I beat it and that was with friends. I have played Journey Down the Anduin over a dozen times since I've beaten, it was loads of fun! The order in which you visit locations will have an effect on the game but replay value magnified by the combination of your deck and the encounter deck. Lastly, I expect there will at least be some order and structure to this game... was anyone caught in a loop where they never got the objectives in the Troll scenario? Designers learned from that and added some elements to minimize the random player screw. FFG has earned my trust - they develop an excellent player experience. I have full trust in AHLCG
  5. If nine is too many, we could always get rid of Unicorn. >_> No sir. It would have to be Mantis
  6. There was a need for pen and paper in L5R (honor?) and there was a need for tokens (in the form of cards). Tokens/counters etc are here to stay in FFG's design scheme as they augment the experience. To be honest, I don't think the gaming community would appreciate a game simple enough not to require tokens. **Now if I have to have tokens en masse like Star Wars LCG I may be a little miffed. That is a bit over the top (a simple exhaust and a token if exhausted would have done just right).
  7. Tetsuro reminds me too many factions is very hard to balance. In fact, quite honestly it may be too hard to balance. Design teams (let's be honest) have a hard enough time balancing* five (if they can balance four!) factions. Seeing this new challenge leads to a series of unanswered questions that puts me in a position where I feel inadequate to make any predictions about the game - nor have any hope that my favorite faction, story or mechanic will come makes it way into FFG's Rokugan. This opens my eyes to a new force that FFG has harnessed better than others; running a business. In the end, I expect FFG to come out with an excellent product well beyond our expectations. They know how to leave so many saying 'how could they cut out ... ' and yet those same people will share 'but this new ... is awesome'. So here we are in eager anticipation... Tetsuro's comment now leaves with me nothing I could propose, no expectations ... except to say I trust FFG. An author's last remarks... I don't believe what I've typed; see my favorite part of L5R was how 'real' the game felt. It was much less abstract then any other game. The story line, holdings and personalities from a dynasty deck and 'strategies' from a fate deck. Attacking a province (vs an arbitrary summoner) and defending a specific province, as a player this game in many ways felt like a miniatures game with cards, strategic, tactical and fun! If FFG holds onto any elements - it's these! If NetRunner is any example, gamers demand a less abstract experience. *Codex as one example trying to break that mold. *A note on balancing, I think the gaming community has proven that imbalance is completely acceptable. The community will identify the weakest and complain about it which is acceptable noise. So a small few will remain loyal and as the card pool grows a shift will occur as spikes will switch meta and loyalists will be glad there turn has arrived. An overall win for the game.
  8. Honor will be a counter (think LoTR Threat Counter or Star Wars Force Dial). Gold tokens and don't forget the magnificent imperial favor token (it will be beautiful). I would imagine there are some major changes coming to the game that would leverage tokens perhaps allowing allow personalities to have health (-minus damage) and maybe dishonor pile up like force tokens in Star Wars. The more I think about health the more I could envision a scenario where your clan leader is a part of game play/ victory condition (think MtG EDH). They could take a completely new route with tokens to represent 'armies' - Daimyo style. So you could envision mechanic that allowed for 'put into plan an army token'. Of course we can dream up anything we'd like - the point is we are really waiting for this to come together and I can't wait.
  9. Most likely is a seven or eight clan initial release with a hopeful assumption that FFG values the story enough not to break up clan introductions. I predict clans will have a few cards 8 - 12 (20 max) per clan and trend toward a lot of generic cards (60-120) with a rule for importing personalities from other clans. Initial CORE set will have 30 card game decks typical of LCG model and players will be strongly encouraged to buy three sets to complete a full clan deck. I don't see this game using two decks in the L5R traditional sense. I could see a main deck and a nine (estimated) card location/fortification deck. Predicting this game will mirror Star Wards LCG with the objectives (but not having set deck construction). I would really like to see two decks but I just can't see it happening given history of card count combined with my hopeful assumption of a complete eight clan release. I really like the a symmetric fortifications, I'm hopeful FFG will keep but this is not a must for me. In my dream world, FFG skips the traditional CORE set and allows gamers to buy an individual clan one at a time. If you ask me this is important to the legacy of the game as it was the first decision every L5R player made; which deck to buy first. (Never happen but man that would be cool). **Edit: one hour after original post** Occurred to me that FFG could possibly use a complete two deck system and still meet card limitations by providing a complete (no room for customization) fate deck. This would be sixty cards (two 30 card decks)! There is hope!
  10. What allure does L5R have? Multiple win conditions. Characters have names. Plays like a miniature game but with cards. Two decks to build. and THE LORE!
  11. It's a year away, time for a little teaser. A mechanic? An art preview? Some lore? Anything... mouth watering, drooling first time GenCon going L5R fan here. =)
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