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  1. It's ok, I didn't notice it for a while either. Was just letting you know in case you forget later now it'll be eaiser to remember what they are.
  2. The icons are for Resources. In your pic starting from top left and moving right then down. Fuel - Morale Food - Fuel You can also see those icons on the main gameboard for each resource under the spinner.
  3. As well, with the expansion you have the Sympathetic Cylon card, as well as agendas that let you be a Cylon but your win condition is changed so you win when humans win. So the Sympathizer can change the win condition for the type you the resources are in Blue.
  4. I do have the expansions and was asking if that is how the sympathiszer works normally. Because the card isn't caclled Cylon Sympathizer and in the core rulebook page 19 it says …"The 'You Are a Sympathizer' card represents a human or Cylon who wishes to side with the other team"… Which I would take as a Cylon can side with the other team.
  5. Correct, I wasn't meaning they'd turn into a human, but instead be a Cylon that sides with the human side. So you would move to the Cylon locations but would still try to help the humans win by playing positive cards and trying to get crisis cards to help them jump. Thematically it would be like Caprica Six who is a Cylon, lives with the Cylons but sides with the humans and tries to help them out as much as she can. It would also only work if all resources are in the Blue during sleeper phase, otherwise you go to the brig and the card turns into a "You are not a Cylon" card. Otherwise it seems odd that they'd specifically state that in the rulebook. It could very well be an error in text and they had meant to take it out, that's why I wanted to see what others thought.
  6. We've had some going back and forth weither a Cylon can be a Sympathizer to side with the humans to win the game. Similar to if a human gets it they side with the Cylons. The main reason for me thinking a Cylon can side with the humans is if he's not revealed(otherwise if he was he'd give his cards away) and at sleeper phase he gets the Sympathizer card. In the core rulebook on page 19 in the first paragraph under Sympathizer it says: …"The 'You Are a Sympathizer' card represents a human or Cylon who wishes to side with the other team"… I would take that as a Cylon can get the Sympathizer card and side with the humans.
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