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  1. Right now it's a viable strategy in v1 of the LCG (Greyjoy). It's nowhere near a 'good' deck, but I've managed to win games with it at one point so it's possible (in theory you can drain him as early as T2). Normally, this game will eventually reach a point where it will be viable. Just not right now. Denial is even worse. You have very little counter-effects so that's a no-go. Logically, every cardgame that debuts kinda tones that down so new players won't be turned off by this "boring" strategy.
  2. And I assume you drop Force Push and Anger in the edge as well? This is indeed its best use, but when you include a set that's only usable in the edge, there are arguably better alternatives (like Recon Mission). I do agree that the objective itself is a great T1 flop as you don't need to commit anything, but the cards are so expensive its use is limited. When you look at "Hold the Line" in a vacuum, it's bad, but like mischraum.de indicates it's fine in a dedicated trooper deck, though the overcosted troopers hurt it's usability. But nowadays you have a protect trooper as well, and a bouncer, which makes for an interesting chain (though not anywhere near tier1 value). The deck wants to spawn 2 troopers each turn, and you almost have to include a Motti set if you want to accomplish this. I play a fundeck around Piett atm (which is also quite horrible imo), but you can occasionally win if you get enough blast damage on the table. Piett's ability's "attack only" restriction hurts it a lot. Like mentioned before "It could be worse" might cause some annoyance for DS, but more often then not it's just going to sit in your hand or used to prevent when it doesn't matter. The rest of the set is horrible, even if you do attempt to play 3 colours, which I never did. I think that - in our next "worst deck"-event - we might take this as a "build-around-me" card, where you HAVE to play it twice but are free to select whatever non-restricted-Yoda set you want.
  3. I wouldn't claim that Shadows is 'gone'. The game has reset and as a result, several of the mechanics are not there yet to make sure core is "simple" enough. You don't want to flood new players with a bunch of keywords/icons/whatever. Given the reception, I doubt we've seen the last of shadows, and 'naval' is also a well established mechanic in cardgames so it'll probably return as well. It basically comes down to the fact that the rules are simplified somewhat, and the curve has indeed been broadened, which renders the v1 (v2 actually counting the CCG ) cards unplayable by definition, though not in practice (unless they have influence requirements). After the first few months, I'm probably going to experiment with hybrid decks, though it's kind of a pointless venture. They will be overpowered for their cost. But I guess you can safely play the v1 decks with the new plots and agenda's. I think I'm gonna do that for once.
  4. They better print enough product to satisfy everybody then, as preordering becomes a huge nuisance if the release date is unknown (as is the case here). Stores' suppliers might get the product later, or not at all, or not enough, etc. As long as it arrives as expected (around september), I'm content. If it's later, I don't care, but I won't be able to give demos at the important conventions here. Their loss.
  5. I'd like to revisit this topic because our little player group is going to hold a "worst deck"-event. Ewoks still look to be pretty inconsistent, and therefore bad. "It could be worse" was suggested too, and though it's pretty bad... well... it could quite frankly be worse. Anzati Elite seems terribly overcosted, but the rest of the set is... usable.
  6. May the Force Be With You (x2) The Master's Domain (x2) The Survivors (x1) Heroes and Legends (x1) Hero's Journey (1x) Journey through the Swamp (1x) I believe this is the core of the deck, though people change it at will. Self-preservation seems the lesser choice to me (unless you play the new Obi). I myself use BotF Obi and the Moldy Crow to round things up. Others don't like those as they come with a pair of units that aren't always relevant (Wolfman and the almighty Colonist). use an extra Luke or Kyle. Luckily there's some variance or it'd be even more boring. I first thought Trooper decks would be a good matchup on paper, but after some matches... Well.. then I thought the speedy Imperial Tie-decks are a good matchup. But then along came Quran which has cards that wreck that matchup. It's almost hopeless, though I did lose at the Regionals from a DS deck. Granted I drew 2 consecutive bad hands and made some errors like throwing away a Yoda fetcher when I had him in play. Still: the deck normally doesn't lose... Unless the trooper deck draws into a godhand with shielded troopers and everything. But that never happened so far (at least not in tourneys). They could lose if they 'miss' a main drop in the mid-game so I'd rather diversify the main choices than play switcheroo using an objective that may or may not be there. Your formula seems solid against the deck, but I'd cut down on a Hunters set. You want to avoid the double uniques and they just don't do anything against the jedi deck. Snoova will 'hunt' for Nudges but nothing more (one of the reasons they usually don't play Self-preservation). The objective is fine but the whole thing just falls apart when an objective goes away as the Jedi deck divides it's damage well. What you want is the extra pistol-damage set. You need to generate more critters and just gang-block the jedi and shoot them. Personally, I think the new BobaFett is a bad call. It's a very reactional set against the few protectors they have, but not everybody uses them, instead opting for Deflections. Boba will just get snowed and using his one-shot to kill objectives won't win you the race. The other objectives seem like a good base for any Scumdeck, with Xizor helping a lot against the Jedi.
  7. Couldn't care less whether it was ugly or not, but it's plastic. Isn't that bad for the environment? What's wrong about the earlier packs? I hear Magic the Gathering now provides cardboard boosters for their GP's. In the past, you could see entire trashcans full of plastic. Somewhere deep inside it made me sad. Over here we don't really recycle plastic. It just goes to the trashcan. Paper does get recycled (sometimes).
  8. Aggression normally doesn't do much. They'll just throw away one of their 0-drops. But if they lack one (because they threw the nudge in the edge) it could prove to be devastating indeed. Both decks (sith control & mono-scum) do have a chance though, especially the latter as the objective damage capacity booster really slows the deck down, and due to their edge trix they might actually win the edge battle. It's just that - in the lowlands meta - the deck never lost afaik (but that's not saying much ).
  9. Yeah, you definitely want these two. Together they make a jedi deck this is too powerful atm imo, and not fun to play against.
  10. Imo the metagame experience for LotR is irrelevant. People play the game with friends or solo, and generally don't care about the competitive side (at least not on an absolute level). If this game were to rotate, the card pool will become very small. It's up to you to try and limit your cardpool to make for a more interesting 'challenge' (for example: using the core only to beat new scenarios).
  11. Yes, please. I know it would cost more to make, but in that case just ask more for it? I'm sure people will buy it regardless. I know of several people who mainly buy LCG's for the nice art, and didn't get aGOT core for obvious reasons. You have your own manufactoring place. Let's have the cards all be like this. The symbol on the lower right says what faction it is. When all cards are sorted in your drawer anyway, what's the point? And they can still use colours on the text-box to indicate affiliation, yet chose not to (it would look slightly worse, indeed). And almost nobody reads the flavor text anyway. You want flavor? Good art is enough flavor on itself. I know there are promo's for OP events, but from experience, when we host them, nobody cares about 'em. They sometimes don't even want the cards, so go figure. The playmats and deckboxes are nice already, and they can still make alternate art ones.
  12. Same thing as Nick. For some reason, when the devs throw a ball, people will go get it. In our playgroup (that only comes together rarely), there are still so many cards we haven't played, so many decktypes/agenda's we haven't tried, that we can keep the game 'alive' for a long while. The new games will probably only get interesting from 2016 on, so no worries. I'm pretty sure Stahleck will still have a tourney next year, and probably the year after that, so even competitive players should still be good. Honestly, the OP scene was almost non-existent anyway, so who cares? You can still order their prize packages and use them for this, though the promo's will probably be for 2nd ed. And the cards will probably be compatible some way or another. I don't think they'll redefine power levels (1 to 5 STR). It's just influence that's gone, and gold that might be over- or undervalued now.
  13. So based on the art on the website, it would indeed be Tyrell (logical) and Night's Watch. I do have problems with the latter as they are supposed to be neutral. I don't see the benefit of a faction. They had a faction in v1 to begin with. All the cards that said Night's Watch were basically only usable in a dedicated Night's Watch deck. What's changed? Ok, so the alternative was House Arryn and they're also kind of 'neutral', so I don't mind much. But there are several lords who've never been featured on a card yet appeared in the books several times.
  14. I didn't like that quest. Unless I'm missing something, you need to somehow find one of the two mountains hidden in the deck. If 'unlucky', this could last ages. Maybe you can include stuff like the Black Arrow in your deck and hope you run into the 'stairs', but apart from that, you're just playing the waiting game. But I do agree it's thematic and atmospheric.
  15. The quests I don't like are the quests where you just take a stroll and don't need to do anything. The most fun one so far has been the Khazad-Dum quests where you have to dig yourself out. The quests can drag on - we're going up the stairs, aaaand down again... and uuuup, and down - but it's something different at least. The troll-fight is also quite fun, and to be honest: most quests are. As long as it's distinct. But like someone indicated before, some quests just get broken by certain cards. You can't always have counters. "Sleeping Sentry", if not prepared for, can just **** you. I once had one to start the game with (exhausting everyone before it even started), and a second one as a shadow effect. Kinda unbalanced as it happened on a Goblin Spearman, immediately killing the defended pre-attack, and the attack bonus almost killing another of my heroes. Luckily that happened near the end and I was able to complete the objective, but in specific situations that can just wreck you so much to the point you're not playing the quest without the counters and the hero with the counter-effect. And enforcing specific cards shouldn't be the point of the game. That said, they don't need to nerf it or something, but let's just keep it more balanced in the future (for instance: only discard exhausted allies).
  16. The Goblin Archer of 48 threat from the Rivendell quests has a "forced" effect that deals 1 damage to a character for each enemy revealed, but does it count for the archer itself too? I'd assume not, but FFG has other games where cards do trigger for themselves (like Game of Thrones responses), so I'm asking just in case. Thanks.
  17. What in the case of Foe Beyond? It says the effect can't be cancelled, but I'd think that refers to cards that cancel the "when revealed" effect. The damage that would be cancelled is just a part of the effect. That said, it logically still falls in the category of the "effect". So which is it? Can this card cancel some of that damage? Also: are you sure you can choose the X value? I know it applies to cards with cost 'X', but there's no "choice" element in the textbox.
  18. Oops. Thanks guys. Must've read over that last week. I guess I thought that they merely had the icon to be in line with the new scrolls that let you play a certain spell of that sphere.
  19. So let me get this straight: you can actually play 0-cost cards without actually owning a hero from that sphere? Checked the manual for it, and the deckbuilding section doesn't say you can't. For some reason I must have assumed you needed a living hero to play those, even at 0-cost. Well, that does give us a lot more options for deckbuilding. All this time I've been playing it wrong (luckily so far I haven't played that much).
  20. I would recommend the newest cycle over the hoth cycle. The cards are just a lot more potent. This, but I'd buy a second core along with it. And if money is such an issue, buy everything online. You'd be down about 140€ that way which is definitely acceptable imo.
  21. I was recently toying with the idea, but went for another formula: one core and one deluxe of choice, but 2 chapter packs of your choice instead of a cycle. It allows for more choice with less optimal pricerange. I'm going to try to implement this, but it's so **** hard finding the players as nobody looks here (or anywhere on the net actually) and stores hardly keep track of the buyers. This is so important to start up a community, as MtG basically eats everyones time.
  22. We're sometimes playing the game in Brussels, though there's a lack of players atm. If I knew there were actually players there (Werner never told me) I would've called on you guys earlier. We're having a little tournament this sunday in Brussels (with the season 1 or spring 2014 kit) and you're more than welcome.
  23. Well it says Q3 2014 now, which kinda ends in a week, so yeah. But it might be nice to have a couple of months to digest the last cycle as our player group is yet to fully integrate the cards into our decks and experiment. The game could go with a slower pace, but it won't get many committed players from it.
  24. I'm also mildly excited about it, and if the other players in the region show themselves it can be a lot of fun. Hopefully the retailer here has the contact data to reach them. As for the full art Aragorn: I'm not really excited about that. Looks nice, but the movies have pretty much fixed "Aragorn" for me, and he looks nothing like the movie character, but instead some generic human. @booored: Yeah, I also want the chapter packs to alternate between player cards and challenges. I base my purchases on the content of the player cards anyway. The game just progresses slow this way (though it's equally expensive).
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