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  1. Sorry but I don´t get how that new maneuver template is going to work really? There is no reference point how the transport flies a curve, so can you turn the ship as much as you like? The Bank 2 manuever shown makes no sense, do you rotate the template beneath the ship? If so that´s extremely impractical... I think the "Slicer tool" is rather OP, TIEs get damage without being able to defend...? 2 Transports doing that action at the same time will kill any number of TIEs in range 1-3 and just because the TIEs have 1 stress? We have played in our local group with a GR-75 (yes, same scale) and it´s so large that it hinders most movement, especially now if TIEs just die when touching its base. Range 1 for that "Slicer tool" would have been more than enough especially since the tranport´s base is huge and thus the total area covered is already huge. Besides that transports are armed... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/GR-75_medium_transport Even the toy Rebel Transport had guns... All in all nice model but I am not (yet) convinced of the rules.
  2. Axis AA walker Heinrich II Background: In 1949 German Oberkommando ordered a complete re-design of all major Axis walker types to increase armour protection, ease of maintenance and combat efficacy. The Heinrich II was the first of those refitted walker designs to be introduced, benefitting from an all new walker design with sloped armour, while keeping the proven 20mm quad machine cannons as weaponry. Added search lights improve the Heinrich II´s anti air and anti ground combat capabilities, while its quad guns now also benefit from improved protection by being mounted in armoured sponsons. Shortly after its combat deployment the Heinrich 2 has already become a deadly and much feared sight by Allied plane pilots. Construction: The Heinrich 2 walker is based on an old AT-43 Sierp walker with scatchbuild weapons mostly made of plastic rods and plastic spoons. I chose the plastic spoons because they match the round body of the Sierp very well and add to the overall curvy design. Some more pics can be found on my blog (see signature), I´ll also add some WIP pics soon. Hope you like it! Cheers invivos
  3. The Lothar II walker Background: The German artillery walker Lothar II is a major improvement over the original Axis Lothar walker design. Boosting a now internally mounted and controlled MG48 machine gun, improved sloped armour protection and a crew of two (instead of one in the original Lothar), the Lothar 2 is an ingenious versatile artillery piece. German commanders have already placed numerous requests to replace the older Lothars in the field with the new Lothar 2 types as soon as possible. Construction: The Lothar II walker is based on an old AT-43 red blok Odin walker with additional rocket launchers, visor and machine gun. Actually it is a rather simple conversion to do, but it turned out to look really great More pics and some WIP pics can be found on my blog (see signature). Hope you like it Cheers invivos
  4. Thank you very much A link is in my signature or here: http://invivos.blogspot.de/ Cheers invivos
  5. Hi there, this is my first post here and I would like to show you some pictures of my scratchbuild "Archer" Medium combat walker for the Allied Forces. Since I have a big stock of old leftover At-43 walkers I intend to recycle these entirely for games of Dust Tactics. My Archer uses the legs and hip from a Red Blok Sierp walker. The chassis was scratchbuild using parts from a Revell LVT-(A)1 Amtank 1/35 scale, the turret is also from the same tank kit. Since I own two of these tank kits, I intend to build a second Archer walker in the very near future. The Archer was build with a modular layout in mind, hence the gun can be easily exchanged e.g. against a flamethrower. Main part of the gun is plastic rod and a GW flying stand rod. Meanwhile it has seen quite some real combat action in games of Dust Tactics serving currently as proxy for the Pounder walker. It was painted with a winter/spring camoflage theme in mind. I will also create a special game card and some story fluff for it too, so stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the pics! Some more WIP & painted pics and along other dust tactic projects can also be found on my blog, please see my signature below. Cheers invivos
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