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  1. Looking to see if anyone here has this deck that would be willing to trade or sell it.
  2. Yeah I noticed they removed this feature as well, my guess is that it was pulling down a ton of data as well and they've removed it for now. I hope it comes back soon as I liked searching for specific cards to see if I have them in my collection!
  3. I know the game is still new, but what are people thinking about for selling or trading of decks? I’ve got 30 decks so far for myself (got out of destiny and used trade credit to get two of the deck boxes). I’ve registered all the decks so far, got lucky with a Horesman Deck and a few decks I’d love to try as well. I noticed some COOL site that has stuff for sale has various decks but they seem ASTRONOMICALLY over priced and I’d like to just get a feel for what others might think would be a good way to either sell or trade these decks?
  4. I opened a deck yesterday The Individual that Happily Reaps Squirrels i think I win this thread hahaha
  5. I’d want some of these just to say I can run them hahaha
  6. Thanks guys for replies. I traded in my destiny collection and preordered a “box” of twelve as well as a starter. I still have store credit so I could be TOTALLY crazy and get another box of twelve as well or just save it for the sealed events as you said...
  7. Rules Questions 1. When a creature has power added that new value would also need to be the amount of damage to destroy the creature (ie a 2 power creature gains 2 power from another card, so now it’s 4 power and would need to be dealt 4 damage to be defeated. How many decks should be enough?
  8. Reklawyad

    Tie/ln Pilots

    Aaaannnndddd now I see it in the app..... nothing to see here move along.....
  9. Reklawyad

    Tie/ln Pilots

    Does anyone know when for the official 2.0 edition we'll get the rest of the pilots for the Tie/ln Fighter? When I do a search on the PDF, it has many additional pilots that weren't released in the Tie/ln Fighter pack. Is the only way to get "Sourge" Skuto through the conversion Kit or do I just need to wait it out?
  10. Dear FFG, Can we get even a hint of when we might get the new RRG published? We're all waiting for the nerf to FN to be official as well as rulings on some of the new EaW cards. We'd just like some answers! Signed the die hard fans of Destiny!
  11. I think you can put together two decks out of a booster box. Obviously, depending on what cards are pulled will determine why you can run. With the starters coming back again, I'd pick up a copy of each just for the cards that are exclusive to the starters themselves to help with that deck building.
  12. Wow... we had a store here that had the same thing.. how much did they order originally do you know?
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