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  1. What's the Red text VS Blue text again?? I always seem to forget that!
  2. Took Whisper Juke, Coll Detector, Fifth Brother, Stealth Device Saber Squadron Aces x 2 Crack Shot Alpha Squadron 3 Interceptors, I thought I had three Saber Squadron Aces, but alas the Empire Kit only supports 2, and so I had to have Alpha Squadron Pilot. Having the Alpha hurt one round as I could have used the 4 initiative to shoot before it would have gotten blown up. Game two i made a dial error (clearly I wouldn’t have chosen to go left facing AWAY from everyone and my opponent just said “that sucks” so I knew it would have to stick) So she flew off the board. While I knew I wasn’t going to get first, I also didn’t think I’d get totally owned. Dice failed me for sure on multiple rounds, as well as poor team planing on my part. Next week is Hyperspace so it will be an all new team... this one wasn’t one for the good plays books for sure!
  3. I haven’t played in a month or two, with the new points update would a Vader Soontir /? still do well in extended with the potential swarms or should I try to go with more swarmy build?
  4. So getting into some of the Rebels with 2.0 and all I have is the little pod craft, but wanted to see if it was worthwhile to hunt down an attack shuttle?? What have others flown with the ghost to make it great? thanks!!
  5. Well.. I broke down and just bought some acrylics off the bay after I tried to remove the primer off of them. Honestly I think I tried it when it was too humid. I’m in the middle of moving houses and just didn’t have the focus for redoing them and spending another 20 on the plastics so I went with the acrylics!
  6. Well I botched the set I had, the primer I used came out all wrong and it wasn’t worth trying to remove, sadly I am now going to go with acrylic. i had contacted FFG to get ahold of a single Range 1 ruler, just a I could have a 1,2,3 without having to need to take them apart during play, sadly they don’t sell them or provide them without buying a full set again.
  7. Will do, we’re moving houses soon so I might not get a chance to post anytime soon, I got all the supplies I need though!
  8. Brilliant!!! This is exactly what I am thinking of doing. I’m going to try some paint pens from Amazon instead of using paint brushes as I know me I’ll be anal about getting the white lines on top PERFECT. I’ve got an airbrush so I might get a white primer from army painter the. Go with a black airbrush then do the paint pens for the white, red, blue, I love your color choices!!
  9. thanks everyone for the responses!!
  10. Previously during 1.0 I bought some washers and glued them to the bottom of the bases to help with the models not falling over. I was going to do the same thing this time around but also wanted to **** with the bumping when playing. I googled a few times and saw some suggestions but nothing stuck out. Suggestions welcome! for obstacle placement, I was thinking of getting silly putty or something else to put in the cardboard when I put it down, anyone have luck with that?
  11. Oohhhh mind sharing the list??? Lol never mind there’s no room for upgrades on that lol
  12. How did it go?? I’m thinking of going to an extended tomorrow not sure... suggestions?!?!?? I worry the VT and just one other ship might suffer from swarms!
  13. Oh yes I do love the Tie Advanced.. I'm trying to find what I like with the Decimator. I have purchased only the core, and 1 of each available upgrade ship so far. I have played around with one of the programs to test out decimator and two other ships flying, and the AI is giving me a run for my money so far which is good I'm learning. Seems Swarms are quite the bees knees and you can see why, if you throw 10 attack dice at a ship, eventually something is going to go through. I might look at getting more Advanced x1 I like it!
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