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    No vids is fine, those were exactly what I was looking for. Also I have done a youtube search and didn't come up with much. There were some, but nothing that gave anything with any regularity. Most of it seems to be pre-wave 2 or just Kessel Runs. In terms of videos, I was mostly hopeing for some consistancy in commentator/somewhat regular release of content.
  2. Any good reccomendations on a strategy blog/ video battle reports out there? I've been frequenting Team Covenant as of late, but was wondering if there were any good sources of videos on matches or blogs dealing with X-Wing. Thanks all.
  3. My venue is running a 150 point custom scenario detailed below and I was wondering what some of you thoughought of my build (if you don't want to read though the following text I understand. The main point is asteroids will be moving though the map.) Turr Phennir (31) Upgrades: Daredevil (3), Stealth Device (3) Darth Vader (40) Upgrades: Cluster Missiles (4), Push the Limit (3), Engine Upgrade (4) Mauler Mithel (23) Upgrades: Push the Limit (3), Stealth Device (3) Krassis Trelix (56) Upgrades: Cluster Missiles (4), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Gunner (5), Engine Upgrade (4) My main idea is to keep the squad a bit smaller to lessen the chance of accidental collison and to keep my units as mobile as possible with uses of boost and barrel roll. The scenario (again feel free to skip, just know asteroids will be flying arround and feel free to comment on the scenario itself, it is largely untested) Setup: - Field any 150 point team of either Imperial or Rebel alliance. - Players must agree who will be the "low side" (1-3) while the other team will be the "high side" (4-6). - The "Low Side" team will start more than range 3 away from the "High Side" edge facing the "Low Side" edge. "High Side" team will start within range 1 from the "High Side" edge. - 2 asteroids start in play. Special Rules: Asteroid placement - Asteroids will enter from the "low side" player's left side. At the end of each Activation Phase AND Combat Phase, roll a d6. A roll of a 1-3 will activate an asteroid with range 3 of the "low side" edge. (1=range 1, etc.) A roll of 4-6 would activate an asteroid on the "high side" edge within range 1-3 in ascending order from the "low side" player's perspective. (ex. a roll of 4 would be range 3 away from the "high" edge). When an asteroid enters play, place a target lock icon on top. Determining asteroid direction - Roll another d6. Using the same rules for placement as the asteroid, place the corresponding target lock icon on the "low side" player's RIGHT side. This is where the asteroid is headed. Determining asteroid speed - Roll a final d6 and use a corresponding "straight" movement ruler. A roll of 1 = 1 movement, 2 = 2 movement, 3 = 3 movement, 4 = 4 movement, 5 or 6 = 5 movement. Asteroid damange - Rules for determining damage remain the same. Asteroids CAN overlap. If two asteroids occupy the same space, roll for damage. If a hit icon is rolled, destroy the smaller of the asteroids. If a critical hit icon is rolled, destroy both asteroids. If two asteroids occupy the same space AND have also managed to hit a ship, the player must roll for each asteroid following standard damage rules. The last side with ships remaining wins. Due to asteroid rules, it is possible to end a round with no ships on the field.
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