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  1. After a few days of contemplation, I made the tough decision and sold my Armada collection. I've been a star wars fan all my life, and the spaceships hold top place for me; my favorite movie scene remains the ROTJ space battle. When FFG announced Armada, I was overjoyed. Finally, a top-notch star wars space combat game! After what seemed like a long time, I received the core set. Solid mechanics, well-thought out rules- good stuff! Then wave 1, and 2. More good stuff! But it's time to move on. Armada is a great game. But in the end, I had a few main challenges: - it was hard finding enough time to play it (three young kids will do that)- 3 hours seemed to be the minimum game time for me, and with only one friend willing to play- and his own availability limited- I could get in only one game a month. - its tactical focus was fun, but made it difficult (and expensive) to play 'true' Armadas- fleets of 10+ ISDs, with supporting ships, taking on an equivalent Rebel force. - the scale was great in many ways, but the size of those big ships made it hard to find sufficient gaming table space (in my house, at least). Being a fan of more strategic games, my hope (and it's a small one, I realize) is that FFG will release a card-only, strategic star wars space combat game. Something, perhaps, similar to the upcoming Rebellion in flavor- where the whole galaxy is in play, and players must play and move fleets strategically to gain the upper hand. Maybe it would even play in 1-2 hours, making it possible to do more than one game a night. I would gobble that up. I walk away, but without bitterness or regret. The games I did play were fun; Armada is solid. I wish everyone the best, and may many more waves grace your gaming table.
  2. Yep, the capital ship lover in me was extremely disappointed.
  3. So, how many waves can we expect per year? One or two? I need to plan financially . . .
  4. Remaining on-topic but inverting perspective, are we to assume that all ships, vehicles, and characters released by FFG (for either Armada, Star Wars LCG, or Imperial Assault) is in fact part of the new canon?
  5. Does someone know when wave 2 will arrive in stores? I'm losing my mind here!!!!!!
  6. For how many years? Do you know?
  7. Nice stuff. So I trust you need a certain stock of paper for this to work- what do you recommend?
  8. >> remember that this is a very new game. Magic has been around for 20 years. Give it time, and if you want the game to play on, keep supporting it! I plan to :-). My main fear- and I haven't seen this addressed anywhere- is how long FFG has the Star Wars license, and whether or not Disney will renew it upon expiration. It's in FFG's best interest to _not_ talk about this unless they have the license for a very long time . . . but I'm worried it may be only a year or two. I hope they get a lot of ships in before then.
  9. As others have said, Armada is good for those wanting a more epic gaming experience. The rules are pretty tight, the pieces are high quality, and it's Star Wars, so there's a lot to like. However, I have been disappointed in the following things: - the relatively low amount of official posts about strategy, decks, and the like. It's a common problem- of the several games I play (Magic: the Gathering, Star Wars CCG, Star Wars Miniatures, Vs. TCG), only Magic has a consistent stream of official information (the other games are now dead, but even at their height, articles were less common). This, combined with long lead times between waves, makes for lots of frustration in Armada. I'm a casual player, so I need to see frequent posts and releases to both maintain interest and believe the company itself is invested in its success. - though epic, the designed scale of the conflicts (300-400pts) are such that your typical engagement is a few ships/squadrons vs. a few ships/squadrons. I'd call them skirmishes, really. I'd love a card or miniatures game where you had _dozens_ of ships/squadrons squaring off. Yes, you could scale Armada to that . . . if you had tons of space, money, and time. Speaking of which . . . - the time it takes for one game is too long. At least for newbies like me, who have to consult the rules frequently, a game can take 3+ hours. Overall, I like this game, but I wish FFG would come out with a one-shot card game with fast-playing battles for the entire galaxy. All ships would be unique (named, even if the same class of vessel) and combat would be much faster (to facilitate the increased number of skirmishes within the game). That's my dream . . . a long sought-for game that will likely never come.
  10. I saw several using the Ultra Pro pro-binders at the Sullust event- but those, of course, work only for the small and regular-sized cards. I have yet to find a solution for the ship cards. Maybe FFG will release something?
  11. anyone have a good binder storage solution for storing all 3 card sizes in armada?
  12. Yep, Me. The sharpies work great. I did use white & yellow sharpie paint markers as the light colors dont show up as well. After I was don I gave them all the Nulin oil wash. What is this Nulin oil you speak of? Is it necessary?
  13. I've seen some use ultra fine point sharpie markers. Anyone else try that? I'm thinking about it.
  14. Looking at X-wing's list of fighters, and subtracting what we already have in Armada, here are some possibilities for wave 3 or future fighter packs: Ships: Imperial Assault Carrier Rebel Transport VT-49 Fighters: E-wing Ghost HWK-290 Inquisitor's TIE K-wing Kihraxz Fighter Lambda-class Shuttle M3-A Interceptor Mist Hunter Z-95 Headhunter T-70 X-wing StarViper Force Awakens ships TIE defender TIE phantom TIE punisher YT-2400
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