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  1. You'll have to elaborate massively on that, if it's not a dogfight then the game stands completely changed. Event is the destroy the death star event at Gen con. I wanted to get some ideas of what people would run before just naming the event. Event is 16 people, 8v8. Each player brings a 70 point, no unique allowed rebel and imperial list, and the TO determines which side you will play on at event start. As far as I understand rebels win if they hit the exhaust port with a torpedo or if they eliminate all imperial forces (probably includes turbo lasers and other death star defenses.) Imperials win when there are no rebel ships left with proton torpedos.Note, the fact the tournament organizers determine if you play rebels or Imperials means they can control what ships are used in the event.
  2. The restrictions include upgrades, so no Lone Wolf, Squad Leader, etc. On top of that, its a death star event, so rebels must include proton torps if they want to win by scenario.
  3. I'm playing in an event in a few weeks where no uniques are allowed - no Han, no Echo, etc. Sounds interesting to me, and I'm honestly contemplating a stack of Y-Wings or some Ptl + Predator Green Squadrons. Alternatively, in this format, its going to be hard to get a P+S higher than what a couple Shadow squadrons will bring, and with less threat of turrets Phantoms might be the way to go.
  4. You can't compare in that regards though. Painting is a core part of the army collection/hobby for those games that provide unpainted miniatures, and more importantly, that is the expectation when buying them. The expectation for the Armada miniatures are that are pre-painted and so they should match the pre-painting in the promo pictures, which isn't the case. There may be the expectation of painting the minis in other games such as Warhammer, Warmachine, etc, but those companies never advertise their models painted with the fairly standard 5 color, unblended paint job either, which is what most customers will eventually end up with (if they don't just stick to playing unpainted). I expected FF to do nothing less than hire the best possible artist to paint their sample models. Then use those models for advertisements (upcoming pages), and also use them as a sample for the factory to base their paint jobs from. Also, when comparing to X-Wing, I just grabbed a Z-95 and an X-Wing (X-wing is from the original core set @ Gen Con release) and looked at them next to a corvette. Overall, I'd say they are comparable.
  5. When compared to other miniature games, here is what its like. As advertised: As sold No one advertises production models. Never seen it, and for good reason.
  6. In comparison to the rest of the miniatures industry, where models are provided unpainted and unassembeled, usually for more than the price of the Armada minis, I don't get the complaints. Every miniatures game I've ever seen shows models painted with studio quality jobs - the kind of stuff you'd pay a hundred or two (or more!) to commission someone to paint. To expect paint jobs exactly as seen in the FFG promo pics is simply unreasonable... unless you'd be willing to pay ~100 for the smaller ships and 150 for the larger ships.
  7. I really want to get 2 ISDs, but if I learned a lesson from X-Wing, it was don't buy too many of the early waves. I'd love to run my 4 X-wings, or my 5 Y-Wings but they just don't compare to the newer ships.
  8. the only thing that really bugs me about the scale is the corvette. They could have easily made the Corvettes a more reasonable size and put 2-3 per stand, and that would go a long way toward explaining why a puny corvette has half the firepower of a Victory SD,
  9. IMO, Imperials WANT to be 1st player as much as possible, especially at lower point values. If you bring a Victory I vs Rebels and you're player 2, you're never going to get to use those black dice unless your opponent messes up.
  10. Its going to be expensive picking up fighters since only 2 of each type come per blister. I can see wanting to run more than 4 stands of Y Wings, for example, meaning $60 retail of fighters. ouch.
  11. I'm confused about how clipping the back edge of a Star Destroyer put you in front of it...ships don't follow the same overlapping placement rules as squadrons. Can you elaborate on what happened? Overall, I agree, Objectives significantly change the game for the better, giving fleets both more flexibility and more focus. He started his activation near the edge of short range of the front left corner of the victory. He tried to go "though" the victory just past the back right corner of the victory, but didn't quite make it, so we reduced the speed by 1 and checked to see if he could land. He couldn't, so we reduced the speed again by one, which left him sitting right next to the corner of the victory, and we assigned both ships a damage card. Its possible we're playing that wrong - there is still some bleed over from x-wing in some of the games.
  12. Currently rebels are, essentially, undefeated in scenario play @ the LGS. The only loss was because the corvette just clipped the back edge of a victory 1 and ended up leaving it right in front of the victory, which one shotted the corvette. Had the corvette not been one shotted, or had the maneuver been 1/4" further, the game would have gone to the rebels. 1 ship is just too little in scenario play, and a VSD has a horrible time getting a shot off out of the front arc if its not hugging a board edge.
  13. I would argue against those 2 particular options, IF ANY generics now currently get EPTs I would give them to the higher PS versions, AKA Gammas and Grays (Also Reds, Storms, Blackmoons and Onyxs, okay maybe Shadows as well but I don't really think a Phantom needs it) Basically I feel the ships that have to pay 2 points for a 2 PS jump should get a "bonus" to make them more on par with other ships, Ties and Z-95s being the biggest example, you only pay 1 point but get 2 PS (same rate as VI) These ships I understand not giving an EPT slot too for their generics(because then you effectively get PS5-6 ships for 2 points more than a PS 1-2) I'm not saying to give EPTs to every ship - I'm suggesting that FF has enough ships in the game that they should pause for a year and do a balance pass. Knock some points off of the Tie Advanced, base E-Wing, etc. Bring out a few more generic ships while they are at it, etc. It would be like adding new ships to the game, only not increasing the SKU count. While they are busy re balancing the system, I'd recommend that they take the Elite Pilot Talents and break them into 2 groups. Call one group Pilot upgrades - any ship can take a pilot upgrade. Pilot upgrades would include upgrades like Dead Eye, AR, Elusiveness, and other current EPTs that don't see much use. Frequently used EPTs like Push the Limits and Vet Instincts would remain EPTs.
  14. Honestly, I think they have enough ships between Rebellion and Imperial that they could pause new ship releases for a while and do a balance pass and add some extra pilots for a bunch of existing ships. They could also do a few tweaks here and there beyond just the ships too - I'd love to see them break the pilot skills into Elite Pilot Talents and generic Pilot Skills that any ship could take. Deadeye and Adrenaline Rush, for example, don't really need to be restricted - a generic Scimitar Squadron Tie Bomber should be able to take Deadeye, and a Gold Squadron Y should be able to take Adrenaline Rush as a one point upgrade.
  15. I've been tossing around some build ideas for imperials using upgraded black squadron pilots as one part of a force and Lone Wolf, HLC, Rexlar as the other part of the force. The question is, how do the various upgrades effect offense? For example, lets assume I'm the most awesome player ever when it comes to placing my ties and I'm always getting the bonus from outmaneuver. How does that compare offense wise to Predator shooting at something PS3+? What about PS 1 or 2? Of course, when you start talking upgraded Black Squadron pilots, you can't really neglect the fact that you could also bring an 18 point Alpha Squadron and just flat out gain an attack die (and a better dial and boost, but lets ignore that for now). Does the extra attack die, on average, out damage the rerolls or will the better attack rating on the interceptor put its damage output higher than the modified Ties? Finally, perhaps its best to just skip expensive ships and just bring more ships in general. Does adding an extra attacking ship (say, 4 obsidian pilots instead of 3 fancy pilots) just overcome fancy tricks and more attack dice? My gut tells me its probably just best to bring more ships, but I don't have a fancy spreadsheet to calculate out all of the numbers and my gut isn't always right.
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