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  1. It looks like the thread "Immediately" has taken over the topic, however, yes since there is nothing in the rules that clearly defines what "immediately" is, it should be ignored until an FAQ gives it meaning and not left to each individual to interpret.
  2. Immediately wasn't intended to make one effect resolve prior to another in the same situation, The FAQ states that existing effects are resolved in the order determined by player or initiative. Immediately in the case of the Gunner is simply to keep the ship which is performing the attack from adding/playing another non-triggered effect before the attack is resolved. It may not even have anything to do with the current cards, but could instead be worded this way to eleviate conflict with cards that are being tested now for release in future expansions. This is my determination based on the rules, FAQ and keeping it simple. I think this issue is WAY over thought and is a non-issue.
  3. Sunsteel


    This is right up the alley with Expose, which I think is a great card but have a hard time finding it a home in my builds.
  4. When I purchased my second Firespray I compared what was available and chose the one with the best paint job. Not all minis are made equal but fortunately for my experience the level of quality control has been good. However, the Lambda-class Shuttle looks prety aweful. I don't like to risk melting plastic by stripping for a repaint, but this ship looks like it was painted with white-wash using a barn painting brush. I plan on getting a second one and am almost certain to use an airbrush to repaint one. The mini it's self though is just plain incredible. Thank you Jason Beaudoin and FF for all the hard work you do.
  5. DoubleNot7 said: There is a local regionals even coming up. I'm considering bringing two Bounty Hunter - Firesprays to the mix. I highly recommend Engine Upgrade for the Firespray.
  6. My latest squadron: Kath Scarlet (Engine Upgrade, Heavy Laser Cannon, Gunner, Marksmanship) Turr Phennir (Push the Limit) Night Beast It's fun and lost of maneuverability. I don't think it's as powerful as the Millennium Falcon builds, but is more of a finesse build.
  7. I surf YouTube for vids on X-Wing.
  8. ForceM said: The_Brown_Bomber said: The_Brown_Bomber said: i can see marksmanship needing additional synergy to make it more playable. taking it as a free action for example. Sqaud leader or lando perhaps? the problem is of course is that for 3pts you can get something better eh? Exactly, for example take push the limit, so you can focus and Target Lock, far exceeding the results of marksmanship for the same cost. In fact it is even inferior to plain Focus since this at least can be used defensively. I think this upgrade is useless, or at least 2 points overcosted! In the case of Scarlet it may not though since those crits do matter to her.
  9. Picasso said: Some combos I've found; firespray with heavy canon marksmanship and ggunner To be sure, Marksmanship applies after Heavy Laser Cannon, since HLC does say immediately?
  10. I don't use all of your well thought out training agendas but I do something similar on Vassal. I set up a board per tournament rules and then maneuver two squadrons around each other. I like your navigational points and practice targets at various ranges. Thank you for sharing and great pics!
  11. rowdyoctopus said: Its this and Heroclix for me. Heroclix has been a non-stop fire hose of releases for about a year and a half now. I could use a slow paced game as far as expansions. Its funny, because I know it is slow paced, I am spending a lot now and justifying it by saying once I have this I will be set for a few months. I'm wondering how long I can keep using that justification before I catch on to myself, haha. I've actually stopped Heroclix since Galactic Guardians. NECA/Wizkids took a good game with a solid player base and did what they usually do, try to squeeze every penny out of the market (meaning us) they can. I liked that HClix came out with three releases a year with a couple team releases in the mix. It was easy to afford and allowed for a lot of enjoyment of each release before the next one hit the shelves. Even though there has been some cool things like vehicles thrown into the mix now, there is just too many price exploits like single figures instead of five figure boosters. That rant being said, I love Fantasy Flight for it's ability to give us games we can enjoy with out cleaning out my weekly pay check. X-Wing has definitely taken the tops spot for my table-top gaming fun now and I hope to enjoy it for years to come.
  12. Sunsteel

    Using Han Solo

    My mistake against a match with Vorpal was not focusing on the x-wings one at a time and some split attacks allowed him the time he needed to shred my squadron. Well, one of my mistakes any way :-)
  13. Can "Dutch" Vander give a target lock to any (friendly) ship, even one that does not have target lock in it's action bar? I don't see anything that contradicts it but wanted to toss it out to the community for verification.
  14. Sunsteel


    Here is what I use. http://www.goldenpaints.com/ Golden Paints is a locally owned and operated company here in the U.S.A. that makes some of the highest (if not the highest) acrylic paints in the world. Their quality of ingredients and high pigment content of paint makes for a product which will last for a lifetime (end plug). This page http://www.goldenpaints.com/products/color/index.php shows you the mediums you can get (air brush, fluid, heavy body) to meet your needs. From the main page you can also explore the other products like textured pastes you can use on bases or other surfaces. They do have 1 oz bottles of paint and larger. At least this gives you another option.
  15. haslo said: They guys who actually built the forums seem to be Edge Studio, which appears to be associated with Edge Entertainment, which in turn somehow appears to be the French and Spanish distributor of FFG products. They're definitely Spanish and not French, too, because the file and path names for all functionality are in spanish (like "edge_atencion.asp" and "edge_contacto.asp"). So I guess if you want the horrible and sluggish forum functionality improved, you'd have to ask those guys. My guess, preferrably in Spanish. I didn't see this much enlightenment coming from my question but thank you for the information. I thought all the slow load times were due to my connection speed. At least the X-Wing product isn't having the problems this web site is!
  16. My preference for medallion upgrades on Tie Interceptors is Push the Limit. Especially on Turr Phennir and Soontir Fel, it allows for three actions a turn with a stress token on the most maneuverable (including green maneuvers) ship the Imperial fleet has. However, I have had issues remembering to use Turr Phennir's ability at times or even worse my ability to maneuver so much is negated by too many close ships. Stealth device is fickle and if I have a preference it is to improve my chances of hitting as oppose to dodging since the odds are in favor of the former. Thank you for posting the report. Cheers
  17. To be sure I am interpreting this correct. Performing the attack twice does allow the defender to roll their agility twice, once for each attack?
  18. rowdyoctopus said: Eh, this isn't exactly a top of the line forum. I'm sure there are many improvements that could be made. It seems the entire Fantasy Flight Games website uses the same forum. I dunno if there is a technical support or general discussion area. Maybe you can post there? I already sent it to who I thought would address this kind of issue, but received no response. So I thought it would be worth asking others that use this forum if they felt similar. If not then it may just be me and no reason to persue it any further.
  19. I sent an e-mail to the web master weeks ago and have not heard back, so I thought I would propose my suggestion to the community and see if you are experiencing what I am. I have a smart phone and often browse and post on the forums away from home. This involves some zooming in and out to search and read categories and threads, however, I find the current set-up difficult to navigate on a phone. Chiefly the "page" selection at the top and bottom of each category. Currently the way to get to the next page looks like this: « First page… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 …Last page » In order to get to the next page I have to zoom way in so my finger tip will choose the correct number. I proposed that it could be changed to this: « First page… Previous page… 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 …Next page …Last page » There is more than enough room for this and it seems too intuitive to me not to do this. I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  20. Sunsteel

    PLay matt?

    Sunsteel said: mrgoodtrips said: There is a company called gale force nine that do 3 x 3 gaming starfield mats, but yes i think ffg will produce one, they will just make you wait ages for it. Here is the Gale Force play mat, for $39.99, http://www.gf9.com/Default.aspx?tabid=348&art_id=3699 however, I chose neoprene so the surface would not be so slick. Felt is okay but I wanted something a little smoother and less fabricy feel. Besides the neoprene is $15.40 Heads up! If you order the neoprene from Amazon, it will arrive with some strong fumes! You will need to let it air out somewhere outside or other wise not in your living areas. I put it outside in the garage, but a celar, attic or similar area could work.
  21. I am off work the next two days, so anyone wanting to get a practice game or two in on Vassal just pm me and we can set up a time. I can use both Skype and Ventrilo for voice chat during game play. Cheers, Sunsteel
  22. jetsetter said: If attacking is better than defending then Expose is the shiznit!!!! #justsayin' I do love that enhancement!
  23. I added that up when I first got my hands on a set of dice. But it makes sense if you consider the alternative is a game that drags out without much resolve. If you keep this in mind when constructing a team you won't just add up how many total points of damage your team can take, like many do, but balance that with what you can dish out in damage each turn. Knowing you can only deal a percentage of your total damage output, which is limited by the maneuverability of your ships and your ability to anticipate your opponents moves. But I digress. Yes it's easier to damage than evade.
  24. Sunsteel

    Gaming mats

    Hujoe Bigs said: Here is the board my brother and I made. We used 1/4 inch 2x2 pre cut boards. They were pretty warped so we used some flush mount picture hangers to help interlock them and get them to level out. We then just used a gray primer, which we left a 6 inch boarder for cards and tokens for use on a smaller table (supports itself) or for larger games. We then used black spray paint, some white tempura paint flicked on with a toothbrush, and then sealed it with a clear coat. I think it turned out well and so does every one else that has played on it. For some reasons pictures make it look a lot more glare happy then it is. Very cool, I espcially like your method of getting the star field by flicking with a toothbrush. If the glare ever becomes an issue it can easily be fixed with a coat of flat clear coat. I think I will practice and then use the toothbrush technique on my neoprene when it arrives. I also like your method of 2'x2' tiles wich make for easy transport and a stable playing surface. Thank you for sharing! Cheers
  25. I am partial to list D but understand why it is risky, kind of like too many eggs in four baskets. Here is a list I'm working on but have yet to get play tested. I'm hoping to get in some test time on Vassal if someone is up for it. Sunsteel List A (100 points) * Soontir Fel (27) + PtL (3) * Turr Phennir (25) + PtL (3) + SD (3) * Howlrunner (18) + Elusive (2) * Dark Curse (16) + SD (3) I believe PtL on Interceptors is clutch since they can shake off the stress tokens easier than any other Imperial ship and they have so many choices on the action bar. PtL on Soontir compliments his pilot ability, PtL would ideally be used after an attack with the free action to maneuver out of firing arcs, SD on Dark Curse to increase survivability and frustrate my opponent and Howlrunner with Elusive which I might switch for Squad Leader though that is like unnecessary. It's that or go for fewer upgrades and more interceptors.
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