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  1. The two-player starter is the best place to start. I would tecommend getting two copies of it so you can run elite versions of the characters. The Luke and Boba starters are also very good and I would recommend getting those. The single Rey and Kyle starters I would recommend passing on, as those starters and the expansion they’re related to will be rotated out of tournament play sometime early next year. If you don’t plan on competing in tournaments, then I would recommend picking them up, as they still have some good cards. WotF is a good place to start for expansion set cards, as it’s the newest and has some powerful characters.
  2. There’s a store called “DCP Hobbies” in Longview that just ran a SC according to the FB group.
  3. Piece out the top-tier stuff and sell the rest in bulk. You’ll spend forever trying sell everything one at a time.
  4. I would probably also avoid the Rey and Kylo individual starters as those should be rotating out of competitive play next year. They’re both great and worth it if you play casual though and they provide something different than the two-player starter box.
  5. That night have had more to do with Force Friday than anything else. There was a lot of lack of info on what exactly would be available that day/weekend.
  6. The thing that draws me away from Legion is that IA has the small, more intimate battles that mimic the movies. We don’t see Han Solo leading the charge wtih 800pts of Rebels in the movies, but we do see him, Leia, and Luke escape the Death Star fighting off a squad or two of Stormies at a time.
  7. Asking for a YouTube video showing Ravos getting beat is like asking for a YouTube video on Bigfoot. The problem is you don’t believe it can be done because for some reason you don’t want to believe. Any video won’t convince you. The empirical evidence is that not everyone shares your opinion. So, Ravos being broken is only your point of view.
  8. Right, but board control still helps you to bypass that. Range 1 doesn’t matter when you move like cavalry. DK are getting off a charge hit on Ravos first. Throw in MoI on the DK and that’s a lot of damage off the first charge.
  9. Through Fear Incarnate? That’s situational. Death Knights can engage him. Def2/HP7 isn’t that tricky.
  10. No minis game is balanced or stays balanced for long. That said, my answer to Ravos is Death Knights. They have the hit-point soak to stay in his face and the damage output. Plus, at least for me, they’re a staple in my Waiqar, so I’m not having to build in preparation for Ravos.
  11. I also thought it was a farewell to RW entirely post. But then I remembered that FFG never truly says something is dead.
  12. Chris Farley in Tommy Boy - fat guy in a little suit.
  13. I’ve always read that one could use a regular spray can color in place of a proper primer, but I’ve never done this myself. Primer gives more “stick”, so subsequent base costs work better on it.
  14. I immediately thought Chris Farley in Tommy Boy - fat guy in a little suit.
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