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  1. I am very excited for the Arryns to join the war and the new objective cards sound interesting, although I am still unsure how thier mechanics work (are the objective cards dealt out and kept secret? What are the unique objective cards for each family?). However, my question is: What house cards are used for the Starks, Baratheons, and Lannisters? I would love new cards but I don't expect to be so lucky. Do we use the 'Base game' Family cards, or the 'Dance with Dragons' expansion Family cards? The 'Dance' family cards would be more appropriate, but that would mean people have already own that expansion. I am fortunate enough to have 'Dance', but what does that mean for owners of only the base game? Or (hopefully) 'Feast for Crows' comes with new family cards for all! Thanks so much, B.
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