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  1. Nice to break that losing streak and build some positive momentum. One thing you mentioned that I didn't see anyone mention to was that you were jumping from clan to clan with only a game or so played with each clan. I have found it takes a while to get to "know" a clan and how to play it. When I want mix it up and play a new clan, the first couple games have a steep learning curve. Once you find a clan whose playstyle you enjoy, try sticking with it for a while to get a feel for how it plays. That will surely help you to make the right decisions more often throughout the game.. which will hopefully lead to more wins!
  2. I do not believe so. Not at this moment. But it will be a theme they will build upon a am sure. Perhaps Crab will be in the first Felix box and will expand on the berserker theme! Edit: we do have vengeful berserker with the berserker trait. But that's it i believe.
  3. Not only that but the character has to be non-unique. Kinda negates the value of targeting character. Good luck getting one character with fate that is worth meeting these conditions! Borderlands defender looks stronger to me. May be one of the worst uniques in the box. Most disappointed with this card as I was very much looking forward to seeing the card that this art would go with and as it looks now is maybe the first to get cut out of the gate
  4. I agree with you. I feel like we are missing something. Haven't added it all up but I feel we are also missing a unique or two? I'll go back and check. I believe other clans each have 4 uniques including clan champs and I only count 2 for the crab, but maybe someone can confirm that.
  5. I have mixed feelings on this review. Not a big fan of the sacrifice mechanic in general, but looks like I will probably be playing it for a while. It doesn't look like we have particularly cheap units, but I assume i just won't be putting much fate on characters, which sort of goes against my style. Wish the way of the crab was targeted removal, but at that cost I understand why it isn't. I like Kisada. He looks like someone you want to stick around for a while! I also like the art they went with on most cards, though for some reason it bothers me that they used one of my favorite art pieces on an already dead unique :/ I do hope that ability warrants putting her in my decks in the future because her stat line is uninspiring. Overall, I am looking forward to playing this deck, even though I was hoping they would take this clan ina somewhat different direction.
  6. Haha so after I read your post I realized we had pretty much the same thing. Guess great minds think alike!
  7. Each person attacks the person to the left and defends against the person on the right. Starting with dirst player take turns clockwise until everyone has had the opportunity for two atracks. First person to do one of the following wins the game: -Break the stronghold of person to his/her left for military victory -reach 25 honor for honor victory -bring person on his/her left's honor to 0 for victory by dishonoring. As for rings.. have a communal ring pool that adds another of each ring for every 2 extra players.. so for 4 players there will be 10 rings "2 of each". For an odd number like 3 I am not sure what the best solution is. If all rings are taken by the last players last action, perhaps they get to choose a ring of their choice just for that turn. The favor figured out as normal. I have a couple ideas for the bidding, but fully satisfied with it yet. One idea for even numbers I kind of like is the idea of drawing a number face down or from a hat that will have 2 copies of #1 and #2 tokens and you just compare bids to the one you have a match with. For odd numbers, just have one tile that just says your bid is matched against a "3" and fate from that bid is exchanged with the bank.
  8. I wonder how viable a dishonor theme will be for crab down the road. As of now it looks like a good counter to honor running decks. Overall pretty interesting.
  9. Haha... when opening this thread, I was half expecting/hoping it to to be a spoiled crab conflict card! My group was pretty laid back and I can't remember smack talk ever going overboard.
  10. I agree with you here. I hope we see some big bad hero/berserker personalities. Wish this guy had 3 force. I don't really want to spam out a bunch of guys. I want to throw a couple fate on a couple big personality that you need to find a ways to deal deal with (bow, send home) or he/she will flat out smash you. My hope is for really high mil, relatively lower pol and glory, and resilience. But if not, I guess I will learn to adapt Looking forward to the next two weeks!!!
  11. I assume that an attachment that is bowed still contributes it's added military or political bonuses correct? Not sure if we had heard an offical word on that.
  12. Probably true. Looks like Lion may be the clan to beat out of the gate. I know, we still need to preview most the clans, but you can't deny the the pure mil strength and synergy they have. I was surprised to see that card adding fate to their units.
  13. Yeah, pretty much what has been said. Not a fan of the design of Toturi pretry much being a repeat. The Lion look crazy strong right now. And I agree with the dueling comment. Does seem strange that lion can often out duel Crane and Toturi can stomp Hoturi in a duel.
  14. I don't see how opening up more options or more potential combos from having higher influence couldnt help balance. Especially as the card pool grows. On it's own I don't think it will make up for the lower honor, but it's a start. And I agree with the rest you share. Having lower honor really puts you at a disadvantage in this game. Except maybe you could argue it doesnt hurt scorpion or any clan going dishonor for that matter. But will limit victory conditions dor clans like crab. There has to be something to help balance strongholds and counter that disadvantage and I am curious what that will be.
  15. On top of that, we would see what a lower honor stronghold might look like. How will they balance it out? Perhaps just a stronger action, or what I expect, higher influence value? Potentially more strength to the province as well
  16. But I hope i'm not.. especially if crab dont get the vote! I am interested in the dragon preview too so I'd hope they don't get previewed last either.
  17. I could see it your way too. They are just the clan fictions that are ready. It is just my hunch
  18. I know what your getting at. I guess what I mean is that the first two fictions seem to follow a timeline and have interaction with other clans. It wouldn't make sense if they were mixed around and previewed in a different order. I'm assuming crab and dragon intro fictions will just focus on their respective clans (crabs focusing pn the outward threat amd dragon focusing on themselves) without connecting to the larger story of how clans are interacting.
  19. When does the poll close and how close is it. Guessing from prior comments that dragon is leading. I am guessing these two clans fictions don't directly tie in to the current story line the same way as the other clan fictions do and that is why it doesn't matter to ffg which is previewed. My guess is that whatever clan wins the vote will give us a couple week break before the story picks up and builds to it's climax right before gencon. I'm guessing whatever clan loses will go to the back of the line and be previewed after gencon (unless ffg revises their preview schedule).
  20. Sounds about right though I am wondering how much of a thing attacking for rings will be. I honestly don't know. Wonder if trying to triggering a ring will be more just a consolation when breaking a province seems out of reach.. But I can see specific ring effects making a significant impact at certain junctures of the game. Maybe attacks for ring affects will be more of a thing going honor instead of military victory. Like the card
  21. Bowed doesn't mean they are sent home. If somehow the conflict type is switched from say military to political, and a personality has a dash for political, they will be bowed and sent home. But cards and actions that bow a personality won't send them home unless stated.
  22. Sorry if this is a re-post but I couldn't find it anywhere.
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