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  1. Interesting. Also the idea of injury's instead of strait up life loss. Ever thought about expanding into different types of Lycanthropes? Werewolves are savage with great strength (+1 Life damage, +1 Strength), but Werejaguars are fast and crafty (+1 Move, +1 Craft). Wererats may be able to avoid enemies or combat and Werebears are strong and can use weapons (wield one weapon and +1 Strength) . Maybe even a card or two that could cure the curse; for a price. After all, the goal is to get the crown. When we play, Werecreatures cannot wield the crown.
  2. I have liked the idea of Epic Characters in the past editions. The trick has always been making them worth the effort, but not making them OP. That said I do like the Crime Boss; if you have a character that needs lots of gold, its an obvious choice. The Clairvoyant, I like also but I would make the "unaffected by spells" ability cost something (like a fate). Its been my experience that this can be overpowered if all the other characters are spell casters, or even if you are.
  3. This looks to be a fantastic addition! The artwork looks hand painted and is right up to par with what I have come to expect from Talisman additions. Fine work. Now, not to the negative nanny in the room, this would appear to finish off the main board nicely. So barring some potential systems (like Talisman Forever; thanks Uvatha!) for moving or swapping boards around does this bring to an end the 4th edition revised? With the material out there I think the fan base could present material for years but does the focus now move to expansions for the new main board? So many questions.
  4. You always produce the most interesting twists. Nice work. Only one question. If the Crowning of the Pumpkin King occurs is there any way other than a player sacrificing themselves to cancel its effect?
  5. Agreed. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are probably the best but Gimp is a good alternative and its free. Personally I use all three for different effects.
  6. That's the idea. I'm crafting a dedicated Timescape planets deck. Rules are simple, when you land on a planet (you have rolled a die and move along one of the three lines) you draw a planet (1.5 " round tokens) and place that on the board. The token says what is here like "Uncharted World, Draw 1 Card". The draw 1 card is drawing a regular Timescape card. So unless you have a Timescape card (which I have two) that clears the map or moves planets around, it stays that way for the game. Drawing a planet each time would defeat the purpose of pathing, and you might as well just have a strait line of "draw a card". So why path? Say you place a planet "Black Hole" that effectively blocks that path (say all roles of 1-2) from your current location. Player may want to use their fate to re-roll their movement, or they have an item that adds 1 to their move, or they can choose their path with a follower or whatever, they could navigate the paths more than just randomly. I've got twenty round tokens so far (1.5" circles) with blank planet image on one side, and the planet type and effect on the other side. Mix them up, stack them and draw or dish them out in during game setup, I'm not that prescriptive. Just place right over top of the image on the map. That way you build the map as you go. Its designed to allow for others to produce their own Timescape cards, planets and effects while having a semi generic map with only a small number of fixed locations. Even the Apocalypse World (I have 20, 2" round tokens). Worlds like, Robot Apocalypse, Zombie Apocalypse, Vampire Apocalypse, Demon Apocalypse, Planetary Apocalypse, Frozen Apocalypse...you know there are a lot of ways to wipe out everything! I'm debating switching the counters over to traditional terrain like cards (so people can build their own using Strange Eons) but that's four cards types for the Timescape: - Timescape cards - Timescape purchase deck - Timescape planet deck -Timescape Apocalypse deck I'll post some images on the weekend, but thoughts?
  7. I've been tinkering with updating an older board (Azoic...fantastic work, your the best) but at the same time working on a different design (using Adobe Illustrator CC). The images here are smaller but when I've got them printed and posted on backing board they should look fantastic. Yes I will submit them (high rez copies) for mass consumption. Stand by. Here is a preview; the boards are 15 x 11 inches. !!WARNING!! The file is LARGE, so be patient. https://1drv.ms/i/s!AH4d-xvfqJj4qyk The blank planets are draw a card spaces from a planet deck. They don't change once drawn so the board changes from game to game (with the exception of the War World, Death World, Pirate Base and Apocalypse Worlds). Some examples of the cards (Fancy cards are being produced). Uncharted World , Draw 1 Card Desert World, Draw 1 Card - Also lose 1 Life if you don't have a water bottle. Black Hole, Move back to the space you came from. ect...
  8. Interesting. Certainly adds a little more to the Wanted Posters. Question. Since its an item (trinket) can someone "steal" your bounty and collect it?
  9. Hello, I would be concerned with the ability "not effected by spells, including the command spell". He can run around building up to crazy levels of kit, spells, followers and the like and not worry about getting to the crown. When someone else gets the crown they could just "ignore" the most of the end game variants march up and mop up the poor sap that ran there in a hurry and risked everything for victory and glory! I am simplifying this a little but the point is, simply making this an ability they can switch on/off without a cost (which should be significant) could unbalance things. Just a thought.
  10. Hello, That is very kind of you. I certainly don't want to change anything, just update the cards to use the new Strange Eons TimeScape backings and front templates. I will absolutely share these once complete. On the note adaptation I had a look at you Semblence board and it has inspired me. A bridging board between the two larger ones is inspired; but is there another connection point? I mean I've created about half a dozen smaller boards that fit in the place of the Deep Realms and I would really like to keep using them. Then it hit me. I've created a scale accurate map of all the boards and how they might connect. Then I created the connection points; the Towers (It could just as easily be changed to say Semblence Gate but I hope you'll get the idea). You enter one tower, move on a D3 (1-3) and can exit from any other tower other than the one you entered. Have a peak; https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F898A8DF1BFB1D7E%21105
  11. Its a fair enough point, problem is I don't know who the authors are. So rather than step over someone perhaps someone could point me in that direction?
  12. Hello all, So here is an open ended question to the community. As far as I have been able to dig up there are two possibly three independent Timescape home brews, not including my own. So I guess that's four if we're keeping count. I had started converting all my own cards into the new format but found out quite by accident that converting the other independent ones was quite easy. So the debate, convert or not convert? Now I know that home brews have a personal touch so I wanted to be respectful and get the feelings of the masses. Specifically there are two files with a large number of cards that can be converted quite easily azoic_timescape_10-2011 & exp_wynn_timescape-2016. The map is another story, but let leave this aside for now. Thoughts?
  13. Hello everyone, Its been a while; work. I think the idea is just fine. I've noted more than a few cards and Characters that might benefit from some kind of supplementary counter. What were you thinking? Poker chips? Glass beads? Personally, just because I have access to the technology I laser cut a rotating counter (out of 1/8 inch plex) and held together by magnets. Largest is 3 inches, dropping by 1/2 inch each circle. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=F898A8DF1BFB1D7E!4759&authkey=!AIKGBTNFD5Np2jw&v=3&ithint=photo%2cjpg I know I'm Canadian and should be metric, but the plexiglas is measured in empirical so what you going to do?
  14. Good morning, Agreed. I think its good to go. Now take a break and enjoy the holidays! Talisman has been here for a while, it will be here when you return. Merry Christmas.
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