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  1. ItsUncertainWho said: No books on hand, but it is the wording. It does not say that you gain one extra command per command unit, only that you gain one extra command for fielding a command unit in your army. Thanks. Looked carefully at it and you´re correct.
  2. So as long as you have one command squad on the table, even if you roll all misses on the initiative phase you do get at least 2 orders. Where does it say multiple command squads only generate one extra order? Don´t they all have the Command Squad special rule? Appreciate it.
  3. And to add something to the Special Actions discussion, I have a question. Can you react to special actions? Or only to Move and Attack actions? Can I shoot a unit while reloading, or repairing, or are they safe?
  4. Hi everyone, I have this doubt though it probably isn´t a big deal, but just wanted to check anyway. The Command Phase rules say there´s always a minimum of one order rolled, so you can´t have zero. Also, the Command Squad special ability that all command squads get (at least on the Core book) says they get an additional order every turn. So, effectively, each player ALWAYS gets a minimum of 2 orders every turn? Cheers!
  5. Thank you. It´s what I thought. But the rules for vehicle damage are not specially clear about this, and specially why the armor roll doesn´t affect the roll on the vehicle table.
  6. Hi guys, first message here and I have two questions that come up when I reread the Warfare Core Rules after playing a couple of games. 1. A model with Fast ability in difficult terrain. Does it move 3" plus an extra 3" from Fast, or only 3" like any other model? 2. What´s the amount of dice rolled on the Vehicle Damage Table? a- The original hits? b- The original hits minus Cover bonus? c- Or the original hits minus Cover AND Armor saves? Thanks Cheers!
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