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  2. Always thought u rolled 3 attack dice and most focus won! Who goes around with coins 2014?!
  3. AndiOne

    Whats better?

    Im leaning on the Tie Defender with an HLC (my standard upgrade on it )
  4. I have an Swedish core set, and a English.. The Swedish one has Swedish on all cards. For me that has like one advantage. Easy to keep the damage cards separate..
  5. I fight for the good guys! The mighty empire! To bring peace and order through out the galaxy!
  6. AndiOne

    Card Storage

    I bought one of those to my upgrade cards.. Not that impressed.. So I have ordered those coin album inserts..
  7. Same way as the other ships. Look at the second picture, magnets with silver ball barrings.
  8. Well u cant go wrong with either one so
  9. Looks awesome! But hmm I like both versions!
  10. Finaly my initial pre-order from MM has arrived!
  11. Tie Defender specially with a HLC!
  12. Yes, why wouldnt you? As long as you use Soontirs base I cant se any reason why not?!
  13. Well thats really tempting! But I was talking about a FFG version. Due to the scenarios and rules and templates and cards and yeah u guys get the point. And unfortunatley I really suck at modelbuilding and painting models. And third it was another 100 bucks in shipping fee to Sweden, so instead of $500 it would cost me $625. But **** it was a really nice looking model.
  14. Guys ofc I know that Saber Squadron is the 181st! But to me it`s the same with Red Squadron of the X-wings. What I ment was, that If they are to release an Rouge Squadron expansion, they should release an 181st Elite Squadron group aswell. Perhaps with all namned pilots already released, they can make title cards that give the benefits of just flying with other from the same squadrons.
  15. I buy for me and my friends.. Thats the only way I can play this game.. My friends wont buy it, and I have to push them to play with me I always play in the service of the Emperial army. But I will of course give my opponents all possibilities to make their rebel scums lists. So I buy more or less the same amount of Rebel ships as Empire ships.
  16. I would by a $500 Star Destroyer without hesitate!
  17. Give us 181th instead!
  18. I think that I would skip Outmaneuver and give Vessery Veteran Instincts and Turr TC instead. Cause if Soontir target locks, the chance is that he will use that target lock before Vessery has the chance of take advantage of it!
  19. I really cant se any wear and tear on my manoeuvre dials! And if there were, Ive got plenty of spare dials ^^
  20. Tie Defender is the best ship in the game. Clearly an old Firespray isnt nearly as good. Ship wise.
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