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  1. AndiOne


  2. Always thought u rolled 3 attack dice and most focus won! Who goes around with coins 2014?!
  3. AndiOne

    Whats better?

    Im leaning on the Tie Defender with an HLC (my standard upgrade on it )
  4. I have an Swedish core set, and a English.. The Swedish one has Swedish on all cards. For me that has like one advantage. Easy to keep the damage cards separate..
  5. I fight for the good guys! The mighty empire! To bring peace and order through out the galaxy!
  6. AndiOne

    Card Storage

    I bought one of those to my upgrade cards.. Not that impressed.. So I have ordered those coin album inserts..
  7. Same way as the other ships. Look at the second picture, magnets with silver ball barrings.
  8. Well u cant go wrong with either one so
  9. Looks awesome! But hmm I like both versions!
  10. Finaly my initial pre-order from MM has arrived!
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