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  1. AndiOne

    Sorry another neebie question...jousting?

    Jousting ^^
  2. AndiOne


  3. AndiOne

    Initiative Question

    Always thought u rolled 3 attack dice and most focus won! Who goes around with coins 2014?!
  4. AndiOne

    Whats better?

    Im leaning on the Tie Defender with an HLC (my standard upgrade on it )
  5. AndiOne

    Fifty Shades of Grey auf Frankfort

  6. AndiOne

    X-Wing Translation Question

    I have an Swedish core set, and a English.. The Swedish one has Swedish on all cards. For me that has like one advantage. Easy to keep the damage cards separate..
  7. AndiOne

    Are you Imperial or rebel...and why?

    I fight for the good guys! The mighty empire! To bring peace and order through out the galaxy!
  8. AndiOne

    Card Storage

    I bought one of those to my upgrade cards.. Not that impressed.. So I have ordered those coin album inserts..
  9. AndiOne

    Chaos cards sale (UK - don't know about worldwide)

    An url wouldnt hurt..
  10. AndiOne

    To paint the pegs, or not to paint!

    Same way as the other ships. Look at the second picture, magnets with silver ball barrings.
  11. Awesome dude!! Looks great!
  12. AndiOne

    To paint the pegs, or not to paint!

    Well u cant go wrong with either one so
  13. AndiOne

    To paint the pegs, or not to paint!

    Looks awesome! But hmm I like both versions!
  14. AndiOne

    Upgrade packs

    I do! ^^
  15. AndiOne

    MM has shipped my Wave 4 order!

    Finaly my initial pre-order from MM has arrived!