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  1. Thanks for all the input everyone. For perspective I am running a game using the Dark Heresy 2e rules but featuring players that are on the less than legal side of the Imperium. Long story short I was hoping down the line to integrate Rogue Trader and/or Black Crusade into things. I simply wanted some greater perspective on how the power level of those games' starting characters compare with the starting characters of DH 2E. It sounds like that isn't really worth getting too hung up over though.
  2. Hey everyone, I remember a few years back we were given a general comparison of each game line (Rogue Trader, Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, etc) and how much experience points a starting character in one game line would equal to in Dark Heresy. If my info is right it went along the lines of Dark Heresy 1E = 400 xp Only War = 2,600 xp Rogue Trader = 5,000 xp Black Crusade (human) = 8,000 xp Black Crusade (marine) = 8,500 xp Deathwatch = 13,000 xp So a dark heresy character would want another 4,600 xp if he wants to go on wacky adventures with rogue traders and a rogue trader would want another 3,000 xp if he wants to go do stuff with his new chaos marine friends. But all of that said, what I am wondering is where does Dark Heresy 2E fit into all of this? I could be wrong here but the starting PCs in 2E seem stronger and better off than in 1E so do they count as more than 400 xp? I know you have a set amount of xp you can spend at character creation but the formula above takes into account more than just the experience points you start with since each game had its own "power level" it played at. So do we have a clear answer on this or has anyone managed to figure out a rough estimate?
  3. Thanks for the opinion. I'll look into affinity house rules and see if that works out. Cheers!
  4. Hey there heretics. I've been running a Dark Heresy 2e campaign for a decent bit now and Black Crusade seems like a possible game my group might get into next. However I found the character generation system and chaos god based affinity less than appealing. So I thought about things for a while and wondered, why not just play Dark Heresy 2e only with a few of Black Crusade's archetypal rules stapled in? This is particularly tempting as my entire group would want to play humans anyway, not traitor marines so that saves me from having to wrestle with making space marines playable in 2e Dark Heresy. Basically this means the corruption system would be added as well as minions and be replacing influence. Chaos psychic powers seem easy enough to transfer over as well. The biggest issue I saw is that Chaos would have relatively few backgrounds for characters who didn't start out imperial. But looking at the existing backgrounds it seems easy enough to make relatively balanced new backgrounds. Background concepts I currently have going are... Apostate: Devout worshiper of the dark gods or full time member of an actual church to one of the dark gods (or both) Cold Trader: Interplanetary black marketeer Occultist: Gatherer of forbidden sorcerous lore, possibly an apprentice of a sorcerer or even a daemon they can contact from the warp Space Pirate: They're like pirates, but in space! (yarr!) Warband: Member of a chaos warband (duh), from a small free company to a full blown army of chaos Naturally all imperial backgrounds could be valid to represent traitors of the Imperium and the Heretek, Mutant, and Outcast background are all perfect for Black Crusade. The exorcised background feels a bit odd to me and even more so in Black Crusade where I have a hard time seeing daemons being exorcised from folks by their fellow Heretics. I can also see a Possessed elite advance being hilarious. Feedback on these background concepts is greatly appreciated and crunch for them is soon to come!
  5. Hey everyone, recently gotten back into 40k Roleplay and after a good deal of checking was unable to find a straight answer for this question. If you're wielding two pistols and spend a half action to aim and your other half action to shoot both pistols at someone, do both attacks benefit from the +10 to aim or just the first attack? It looks like it might be just the first attack but I wasn't sure. Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for the replies guys, I've also considered the 1-5 as auto success and 96-100 as auto failure due to my first tabletop game being DnD and all but I cold see how that might be a little much in this sort of system. Main reason I asked about this rule in the first place was in case I missed something in the core book or if Only War changed this. Doesn't seem like that's the case though so I'm a lot less concerned : ) Cheers!
  7. Ok I've read the rules to dark heresy and have a pretty solid feel for them I'd like to think, but I do have one question. If a character is making a test what prevents their characteristic from reaching 100 from bonuses? I know this sounds kinda silly and dumb, but hear me out. Say you have some character with a BS of 50 that is using full auto (+20) on a bad guy at point blank (+30). Would they just auto succeed? This seemed like a silly thought but when I learned Rogue Trader and Deathwatch were much higher powered I wondered if this issue came up more. Is there a limit to prevent this or some rule I'm missing or is it just THAT uncommon a situation that an auto success on the roll isn't an issue? Thanks for hearing out a silly newby ;;
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