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  1. Which we got, this past december. I said we wanted *more* Star Wars. Not a re-skinning of Star Wars we already had. I mean, The Force Awakens was fun, but it was A Newer Hope with some poorly remixed Return of the Jedi. The Lethal Weapon 4 of Star Wars. That's such an apt description, I'm going to have to start using that
  2. One. Two. Hobo, is it hard just... Wanting to hate everything? Doubting everything new? Where's the child in you that fell in love with Star Wars that just wants to enjoy something? They've been clear from the start that this wasn't a rogue squadron movie like that. Basically this, yeah. I was confused too, with the use of "Rogue" in the title and not making it about Rogue Squadron. But, like, that's fine since canonically speaking Rogue Squadron has really only ever been that snowspeeder squadron on Hoth. Hell, wasn't Wedge Red Leader in RoTJ? Rouge Squadron more or less didn't exist as we knew it. That's a major sticking point we've got to remember, if it wasn't in the movies, it's not a source we can rely on. "Canon" can take a hike, then. Lamest excuse I've seen. In terms of what we can expect from Disney, yes, it makes sense that they're going to make up their own stuff. I'm not under some delusion that them having enough money to buy the rights makes them the de facto source and lords of Star Wars, though - the fact they have the rights doesn't mean I'm going to make some logical leaps and convince me that what they produce is good, that it "counts" more than anything else, nothing like that. Rogue Squadron existed for decades and as far as I - and, now that I think about it, the X-Wing Miniatures game - am concerned, they still do.
  3. I'm still hoping for a future Rogue Squadron movie if the franchise kicks off properly with a new generation. I'm hoping, and have always hoped, for a Rogue Squadron cartoon series. I'd take live-action too, but I don't think they would want to blow a live-action budget on one. I loved this trailer. Like others have said, that Mon Mothma is great. Something in the style of that TIE Fighter anime short might be pretty cool. I've always thought something exactly like the earlier Gundam shows would be perfect.
  4. They've been clear from the start that this wasn't a rogue squadron movie like that. That's too bad. Banking off the popularity of Rogue Squadron by using Rogue like that is misleading.
  5. I know it's a teaser, but this was pretty disappointing for me. More characters they've made up out of nothing that I don't care about, centered around Rey 2.0. As someone who grew up reading the X-Wing novels and immersed in the Rogue Squadron games, I was foolishly hoping for Top Gun in Space with the legendary crew, Wedge, Wes, Hobbie, etc. I mean at least the cinematography looks good, and we're likely to get some neat ships out of it. This minis game is the only Star Wars thing I care about anymore anyway. On the positive side, there's no way this can be as bad as TFA. Hopefully Donnie Yen kicks some ass in this.
  6. Whatever reality there might be to situations like this, that tumblr post is one of the most histrionic appeals to emotion I have ever seen "We" are not a problem, at least not any "we" that I am a part of - god **** Canadians are savages, this **** goes on a lot with those maple-suckers. It's practically all I hear about Canada any more!
  7. TBH, 1 is enough unless you have specific lists in mind. You can fly six in an Epic game, so you lie Pullin up like
  8. A VT-49 that could fire indiscriminately at any range And the flavor text would read "Colonel Hrudgar was a legitimate madman"
  9. TBH, 1 is enough unless you have specific lists in mind. You can fly six in an Epic game, so you lie
  10. Decimator. It's too good and it has such diversity in builds that I can do whatever.
  11. It's the best ship in the game. That is not an embellishment. I beat 4x TLTS with RAC w/Gunner, Isard, EU, VI, and Vader w/PtL, EU, Prockets, and title/ATC. In the second round of the semifinal game, it legitimately 1-shot Corran. Headhunters? Toast. Dash? Dead. Anything with 3-4 hull is in danger of dying in one round. And EU is goddamn absurd. Dodging out of 3 TLT y-wings ranges literally 8 times in a match is my favorites memory of this game. VT-49 is my shipfu and I will fight you.
  12. congratulations on your excellent taste, sir. Though I would have gone with Last Man Standing, myself.
  13. Generally I go for Ace Combat 4 through 6 soundtracks. This particular track I use for my 4x Scimitar Squadron:
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