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  1. "Solar Sails" is great name for an Age of Sail style of game for outer space privateers and pirates! Sailing the solar winds around a planetary system like sailing around the islands of the Caribbean is an excellent analogy! Moving from one planetary system to another, crossing the great black oceans of interstellar space could be done several different ways. 1. Portal (either magic or technological gateway form one star to another, in the blink of the eye) [Dimension Doors] 2. Warp Bubble (Surfing a gravitic wave pulse for star to star, a place where the dangers of interstellar currents and gravity storms challenge the Ship's Astro-navigator) [Alcubierre Warp Bubble] or 3. Hypersails (Electro-gravitic superconductor mesh sails that interface with the interstellar space-time currents themselves and whisk the ship between the stars across the pan-galactic ocean. Whatever you decide will become part of genre'. ENJOY!
  2. And this genesys fan-made resource will provide the vehicles >>>
  3. This genesys fan-made setting will provide help >>>
  4. uhm, sorry for the delay. Well, okay, my take on it. Like Silhouette, Encumbrance is volumetric scalar of volume and/or mass. It can represent either size or weight or both of an object. So, an example, a Silhouette 2 standard pickup truck with an Encumbrance of 8 might be able to carry/hold 8 Silhouette 1 things or possibly 8 75-100 kilogram things. A standard half-ton Ford pickup is rated with driver and passengers to carry about ~1,200 lbs (~0.5 metric tons) without strain. Mostly, it seems the creators/designers leave it up to the GM and players to use the examples provided to come up with their own mutually agreed upon common sense rules-of-thumb when dealing with it. (Associated ideas: Cumbersome, Unwieldy)
  5. Runes of Transformation are a thing. Why did you block it? And Runes of Utility don't make sense for me. Utility spells are like Cantrips, quick easy snap-of-the-Fingers, whereas Runes seem more substantial. Why not swap these two?
  6. Fixed yet? We'd all like to see your low-magic fantasy campaign work.
  7. Oy! There is a start of such. Don't know if it'll help but it could get you rolling (pun intended). https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/284402/Power-of-the-Vril https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/285181/Armor-and-the-Vril-A-Weird-War-Armor-MiniSupplement
  8. Hey, you are in luck as GENESYS Expanded Player's Guide has material on the topic of Encumbrance. EPG, Part II, Ch-1, page 60, Table II.1-1 Vehicle Silhouettes and Suggested Characteristics EPG, Part II, Ch-1, page 61, Occupants, Encumbrance Capacity, and Consumables EPG, Part II, Ch-1, page 62, Table II.1-4 Occupants, Encumbrance Capacity, and Consumables
  9. This is not GENESYS based. However, it is very complete, such that you could ripe out its game system mechanics and replace them with GENESYS Core Game System. https://www.stellarrealmsgames.com/starcraft
  10. figuring flight times with sustainable accelerations
  11. I tried to talk the math, acceleration physics, orbital dynamics, duration of travel and got verbally shredded, bluntly told to STFU and to mind my own business... .... I'm still taking the anti-rad tabs.
  12. Read the Bones Here is a narrative dice result evaluation test. Comments and Discussion on the reading or the outcome?
  13. Yes, I've generated a few of most types of modern vehicle. Tanks, Helicopters, Ships, a few civilian vehicles. (emailto: shamshir44@yahoo.com) <removed image> <removed image>
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