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  1. figuring flight times with sustainable accelerations
  2. I tried to talk the math, acceleration physics, orbital dynamics, duration of travel and got verbally shredded, bluntly told to STFU and to mind my own business... .... I'm still taking the anti-rad tabs.
  3. Read the Bones Here is a narrative dice result evaluation test. Comments and Discussion on the reading or the outcome?
  4. Yes, I've generated a few of most types of modern vehicle. Tanks, Helicopters, Ships, a few civilian vehicles. (emailto: shamshir44@yahoo.com)
  5. "...trouble finding all the rules or a template on creating a space ships stats..." This is due to the fact that there are none ATT. However, the "Full Operational: Sourcebook for Engineers" is currently about to become available. ]SIDEBAR: I have independently developed formulas for determining stock values for Silhouette, Gross and Displacement Tonnage, Encumbrance and Cargo Net Tonnage, Hull Trauma and Strain Points. Additionally, I've begun developing Basic Ship Construction values for Propulsion, Maneuver/Handling, Fuel use/storage, Crew Spaces, Weapons Sizes, and such.]
  6. here is one: generic genesys vehicle sheet
  7. When was the last update to the PDF? Is the DL of the PDF the most current file? thanks in advance
  8. So, has anyone modified a character sheet for use with Edge of the Union? Would you like to have a Edge of the Union character sheet (PDF)? I humbly submit one for your collection. Edge of the Union.pdf
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