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  1. Let me just add though, that other than the seeming scenario issues, the game itself is great. We love it.
  2. I just got this game last week and I'm starting to agree. We've only played like 3 games so far - one of them being Silence The Guns, which we found it very balanced with the game coming down to the very last round. But yesterday we played Crossroads, and unfortunately I was the Germans. This scenario seemed so imbalanced from the start I had to go check the FAQ to make sure there wasn't a correction for it. It seemed imbalanced right at setup, with the Allies getting 12(!) tanks and more infantry. But then the real kick in the teeth was the fact that the Allies get their reinforcement deck too. Anyways, I made the comment that surely there must be something I'm not seeing that will make this play out evenly - like my Tiger or the fact I have fixed positions. Nope. It was a landslide of Allied power And I don't mind losing so much, but what made it truly unenjoyable was the fact that my action turns were over so fast (due to the lack of units), that most of the game I was just sitting there waiting for him to move the rest of his units. Pretty boring for the German player. Does anybody know of a good write-up or post that gives suggestions for balancing out the scenarios found in the base game? After playing Crossroads I would definitely suggest taking away the Allied reinforcement deck and giving it to the Germans. Or perhaps even taking away 4 of the Shermans - leaving them with 8.
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