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  1. This is my army I am using for 800 until I buy more stuff. Darth Vader - Force Push, Force Reflexes, Saber Throw Stormtroopers - DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes Stormtroopers - DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes Stormtroopers - DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Targeting Scopes AT-ST - AT-ST Mortar Launcher, DW-3 Concussion Grenade Launcher 74-Z Speeder Bikes Vader is built to run towards the enemy dodging/reflecting, throwing sabres and moving troops around to better engage and move them out of cover 3 x Stormies, killing troops, holding objectives. I prefer the DLT to the missile launcher due to the constant shooting without reloads. AT-ST, for suppressing troops and being a bullet magnet. I would rather have my opponent shoot this then my stormtroopers. Speeder Bikes are there to annoy. Changes I plan are to remove the bikes and add more storm troopers. What do you think?
  2. Like the way you have done the lightsabers, especially on Darth Vader, very much like the movies. How did you achieve this?
  3. And Finally last night waiting for my driving lesson... Sven 'Mirror' Signal (Fenn Signis) "I like big, um, well not sure about this one...." Next up
  4. On to Sunday night, and I have painted Calamity Jane Modem (Jyn Oden) "I like big ......" Look who's popped up to save the day!?
  5. Morning/Afternoon where ever you are. Thanks for the comment KennedyHawk. Regarding the basing I have been inspired by Ted1138's AT-ST base and going to go along those lines (off to G-Dub for some Agrellan Earth paint). https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/138400-my-at-st-has-seen-better-days/ On to what I have done since I last posted (split into 3 posts). First up finished off 2 more stormtroopers, one probe droid and one imperial officer And they are up against one previously painted Nexu and the one and only Garson (Garkhaan) "Bill please". Who will win, you decide....
  6. Thanks Muz333, Will defiantly consider Sorastro's basing method. Day 2 in the Big Deathstar House, and I have finished the Nexu and had fun with Gloss and Matt varnish (though not that noticeable in the following pictures. Next up is a couple more stormtroopers and a Droid. Day 3 was a bust as was out playing Warhammer 40K Conquest. Picture time.
  7. Hi all from Sunny (cold and wet) Nottingham Hope you are all well. I am enjoying playing Imperial Assault when I get a chance and find myself wanting to paint the miniature. Between the 9 to 5 grind, killing zombies (Dying Light), writing an assignment for my course, and the important family time, I don't have much spare in my daily schedule. But the pull of the force is strong (want to paint them) and I am trying to put in around an hour a day to get the mini's painted. So first night of painting has resulted in one completed Stormtrooper and about half way through a Nexu (see below). Found that painting black and white of the Stormtrooper more fun then it should be for a simple colour scheme. Though not sure if I am happy to leave the bases plain black. First lesson of the first painting session: cleaning the mold lines!.... Apologies for the quality of the pictures using the phone to take the photos. Anyway back to work for me, critiques and comments welcome. Yours Fitzbaron
  8. Myself here in Nottingham. Playing both the card game and x-wing.
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