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  1. c_beck, thanks. I have been covering the extremely numerous Tex packages. There are so many it is difficult to keep straight when starting out. I did change from using a background package to the tikz package when I noticed you mentioned it in another post. Tikz is actually working out better for this purpose. I can just place an image for the cover, but I wanted to use the typesetting to give a cleaner look to the cover. Would love to hear your input and thoughts.
  2. So, I messed with the LaTex files all weekend. SLOWLY learning some of the techniques. Feels like emacs or Wordstar in the old days. I have added one small thing to the sections.sty to deal with a credits page. My version is not exactly like the Genesys base book, but that easily adjusted by anyone. It took me a while to figure out enumerations and descriptions and lists, etc. I am getting an extra page when I create a chapter. So, that needs to be figured out. I have included my WIP module. It is basically just some early things to try out the template and get used to LuaLaTex. I have created a module cover too. Not sure if this is something that should be in a .sty or just a cover page within the main file. Here is my small updates to the source and my hack of a module. This in google drive, so let me know if there are issues with access. NOTE: The image used in my cover is used without permission. I do have a link to the source in the .tex file and will give recognition to the owner/artist in my final version. The castle is also lifted from a photograph off the web. I have place a link to the original in the .tex file. No permission granted on either. Fair warning and notice. I know this is a bit of technical speak when we are often working out game mechanics. I am planning to work in "verse" magic from Terrinoth as a type of magic taught at this particular school. That is the reason for the cover. I am not 100% if it is just a lift or a small modification.
  3. Figured out the font on the title page using \lumostext {\fontsize {60}{60} \selectfont My Great Title!}\\[2\baselineskip] % Title I'll post my source .tex file so others have a bit more guidance. I have a lot to still go to get this thing written, but having fun figuring out LaTex. I'd love to figure how to add the title page layout into the sections.sty file.
  4. M00t

    Dark Sun

    Lucitus, do you mind sharing the .tex file? I am trying to learn to use the LaTex package created by c-bec-k and am looking for anything to guide me along.
  5. I am trying to learn LaTex to use this package for my module. The sample document gets me the basics, but how can I add a title page with a new font? I am making a module for GM Chris' Harry Potter theme and would like to use LUMOS as the title font. I have not gotten far enough for anything beyond that but will let you know if I see anything. I had to use LuaLaTex to get the sample to compile. Not sure if that was intended or something that I have done.
  6. Hope to try it out a bit more this weekend. Changing outfits was key for our game. I had an environment suit that I had to donn to get safely to the Khyber crystal. Agreed that dynamic sheets are needed which is why I was so glad to see this pop up. I'll let you know how it continues as a couple more in our group try it out.
  7. So, last night was about getting a khyber crystal. Used OggDude's tool to craft my Shoto. But when I upload my new data file, it does not completely get updated in Fringers Datapad. It looks like some of it took, but the new item or my added skills. Almost looks merged vs replaced. Using OggDude v 2.2 which is the latest and may not be fully compatible.
  8. Just started using Fringer's Datapad as a complement to OggDude's awesomeness me tool. I have been looking for an iPad tool since Ogg released his first version. Hope this awesome community keeps this work up! I am an occasional player and having these makes playing so much easier! Good on you both.
  9. Fringer, just used this tool last night and loved it! Thank you! I did not notice any glaring issues but if I do I will let you know. I have been looking for something like this to complement Ogg's tool since the beginning. Great job! I do wish there was a way to write the data file back for SWCharGen import, though. That little bit of manual work may be minor but it is a nuisance. I liked adding equipment found on-the-fly and adjusting wounds/strain during play. I did not know about dice pools by touching stat block until I read this. Any comments from Oggdude? Does he want to collaborate so you are not reverse engineering and keep in synch as he adjusts his tool?
  10. NM. NM. Yes, Oggdude's SW is correct. My bad. Carry on.
  11. NM. I selected another and it popped up. Now I only see a single signature ability vs the second for explorers.
  12. I have 1.6.3 installed but I do not see signature abilities in the menu. Is there something I need to do to access?
  13. Just ran a session. We had a couple gains and 1 decrease; however, the rule states that each PC rolls D10. Does this mean that if a PC has 0 conflict he just adds the value of the roll?
  14. Sorry if my post did not sound serious, but ... Yes! Open vehicles like bike and speeders do not seem to be directly accounted for in the rules. Targeting an equipped item or using the rules for an engaged target (I think this is suggested in another thread) are possible options. Does speed come into play? It seems that it should. So, speed difference of 2-3 is difficult, say, and maybe 4-6 is formidable. Thus, engaged target upgrades once and speed difference sets the difficulty. Just noodling the ideas. Air or land speeder battles from the occupants and speederbike combat just seem out of the ordinary.
  15. Interestingly, a speederbike could not take out another speederbike since it has personal scale weapons and vehicle hull points. This particular vehicle is a problem! So, you could take advantage or triumph to hit the driver. This could work for both on foot and vehicle shots. Or, I was thinking of on foot shots taking speed into consideration. Each speed increase is equal to difficulty and pilot skill as upgrades. Our team is really struggling with this particular vehicle. Personal scale cannot take the out, so on foot are screwed without a chance to hit the rider. Another speederbike cannot take them out since they also have personal scale weapons. The Rebels just need to outfit all Troopers with bikes to take out the pesky Rebels! M00t
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