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  1. Are the wards pre rolled using Composition in place of the normal Theology check? Or you use Composition to succeed in writing the ward and then the player makes a Theology check when they activate?
  2. What about in duels/clashes? Are you always in sword range even if they use Iron Forest? So an archer can duel an unarmed monk and both are always in range? So you can't use water stance to move an extra range band in a duel/clash because range bands no longer exist?
  3. What about in duels/clashes? Are you always in sword range even if they use Iron Forest? So an archer can duel an unarmed monk and both are always in range? So you can't use water stance to move an extra range band in a duel/clash because range bands no longer exist?
  4. Is the giri specific to the adventure and changes when the players move onto a new adventure? Or do they just make a catch all at character creation? The giri in Wedding at Kyotei Castle are very specific to the adventure. If the characters are Emerald Magistrates, are they meant to share giri? Or do they get a common Emerald Magistrate + one specific to their lord?
  5. The Entangling terrain states: Entangling Entangling terrain is ground that seriously hampers the mobility of anyone within it. Effects: While within Entangling terrain, a character increases the TN of all their checks to move and for Movement actions by 2. Examples: Sucking mud, brier patches, deep snow, icy ground, moving water. 1. When does a character roll to make a check? Every time they move? Does this include the free range band move during skirmishes? Or is this specifically with regard to the Maneuver (Movement) action? 2. The Immobilized condition states it ends when, "At the end of their turn, if the character did not perform a Movement action this turn, they remove the Immobilized" The skirmish rules state, "Once during their turn...a character may move 1 range band. Note that moving this way is not an action." So a character can move this range band and still remove the immobilized condition? Doesn't seem like you're very immobilized...perhaps the language should be changed to "This does not count towards their action this turn."
  6. When do players declare when a surge gets canceled? Before I choose my surge effect or after?
  7. I'm not sure what the use of Pierce 1 is on the Probe Droid card. Aside from the possibility of getting two surge on a die, I don't see why I would use this ability over the option to do an additional damage. Pierce 1 seems like an inferior version of +1 damage. Tactically, is there a circumstance when an Imperial player would choose Pierce 1 over +1 damage?
  8. Clearly I misread the weapon quality. Thanks everyone for the great tips. I love the bola idea with bounty hunters having done their homework.
  9. Hi guys, Was hoping someone could help me out. Is there an errata for the vibroaxe out there that I'm missing? Currently, my Wookiee player is one hit killing everything I throw at him. The core rulebook states this weapon has critical 2 with the Vicious 3. This means he can pretty much one hit kill anyone (+30 damage) provided he gets 2 advantage, correct? He typically uses a maneuver and strain to instantly move from medium range to engaged. He then makes his melee attack with two difficulty die. Am I understanding how this works properly? This weapon seems extremely overpowered compared to the other weapons and my bounty hunter player is becoming upset as it takes him three rounds to do the same amount of damage with his blaster carbine. He's asking why theoretically anyone would choose to be anything other than melee focused character with a blaster as a backup. I've added in more space battles, social encounters, etc. to let the other players shine, but I can see they are frustrated with the ground combat situation. I even used gladiator match with flying mounts to emphasize ranged combat and piloting skills, but the melee character still opted to simply fly in and hack with his vibroaxe. I've tried using long range weapons, but that only seems to give them an extra round of breathing room before they get one hit KOed. I'm afraid to throw a nemesis (reoccuring character) at the players as the Wookiee character is guaranteed to simply kill him before he can escape. The player even recently decided in the game that it would be fun to attack a departing starship, and theoretically because he rolled 49 damage (+3 weapon, 4 brawl damage plus four advantage (+40)) damage, he did enough to damage the transport (4.9 hull damage before armor)! I hate to punish players for specializing in a certain type of character, but it's becoming rediculous! I'm worried about what will happen when he decides to modify the weapon. I understand a superior quality vibroaxe would allow him to do +30 crit damage on just one advantage! Is there any way to offset the nature of this weapon aside from nerfing the stats? As it is in the core rulebook, this weapon seems to be on par with the lightsaber in terms of damage, which doesn't seem right to me. Any thoughts is appreciated.
  10. Hey guys, Played my first game last night, acted as DM for the Beginner's Box. I scoured the forums for an answer to this, but I only found an earlier post with incomplete answers: What happens when a player suffers wounds that exceed his threshold? I know he suffers a critical injury and is knocked unconscious for the remainder of the encounter, but then what? I assume he regains consciousness afterwards and can continue playing until the next encounter... but what happens when the next combat occurs? I assume he can participate until he gets hit again? And then the first wound he takes knocks him out again and he takes a second critical? Do you have to perform healing on the PC to get them to wake up? What happens if they are at -8 health and you use a stimpack for 4 points of healing. Does the four healing points bring them to -4 or does it start at zero and they end up with 4 health as in D&D 4e? If you cannot bring them to a number below their wound threshold, do they stay unconscious? As an aside, the rulebook doesn't seem to note how to construct combat encounters. How do you know how many or what type of enemy to throw for a given level/# of PCs? There is no notation in the stats regarding the strength of a given NPC henchman as compared to another henchman, etc...
  11. Ah. Thanks for the info. At one point the beginner game adventure calls for 6 stormtroopers. I only have two players so I keep worrying maybe the adventures assume a full party? I suppose they always have the option to run away from a given encounter.
  12. Can someone tell me how to select the number of opponents depending on how many players there are? Not seeing anything in the rules about encounter building based on number of players.
  13. Do you regularly use Walmart as your rule of thumb for where to buy "good board games?" Not that there's anything wrong with shopping at Walmart or Barnes & Noble, but it's been my experience that stores like that carry only a fraction of the board games that are available to buy. Furthermore, the ones they do carry are usually "mainstream" titles like Monopoly, RISK, and occasionally HeroScape. There's a whole world of board games beyond those, none of which are selling "poorly" by any means, to be found at your Friendly Local Gaming Store. I would definitely identify myself as a 'casual' board gamer and new entrant to this market, so the answer to your question is a qualifed, "Yes!" After seeing the D&D Boardgame at Barnes & Noble, I actually stumbled onto Descent while doing research on the game online. If I hadn't done the research regarding a COMPETING PRODUCT, I never would have known this game exists. If I had instead gone forward with an impulse buy in the store, Descent would have never even entered my consideration set. My point is that customers can't buy a product that they are unaware of. So while I feel that your argument regarding mainstream titles is absolutely correct, it is also obvious that these may be useful marketing and distribution channels for prospective new entrants to the market (such as myself, and a whole group of friends who unfortunately should be visiting gaming stores more). That being said, I am encouraged to hear that the game sells well at local gaming stores (obviously a gathering point for FFG's target segment), I'm just discouraged to see that FFG hasn't made the transition to selling to mainstream customers as WoTC has, as I believe it has a quality game on its hands. You are probably correct. I'm sure FFG did the math and found that the cost of shelf space far outweighed potential sales, and probably feels that sharing the shelf with "mainstream" titles dilutes its brand. However, I'm still left with the question of "What if…"
  14. Soooo happy. After seeing that the game wasn't being sold in Walmart or Barnes & Noble, was worried the game wasn't selling well enough to justify another expansion. FFG, please get ontop of your distribution so this game can get the fanbase it deserves!
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