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  1. Thanks for the reply @Hedgehobbit that's how we will run these types of cards going forward. Here are the two cards in question, for reference.
  2. If a player draws a card, such as one of the default (Star) Wasteland encounter cards, that has them fight an enemy and they lose that fight, what happens? Take for example one where the player could investigate an unexplored area of a ruin and be attacked by a random bug creature-type. The card indicates you draw X loot cards, become idolized, fight a bug, and then add another quest card. There isn't a Succeed for Fail state, do you just do all those things, even drawing loot and becoming idolized even if you lose the fight? What happens to the enemy token if you lose the fight? Does it become part of that space? If so, does it get replaced and spawn in an inactive bug token when it's finally dispatched, forever creating a new bug token on the board?
  3. Zozimus said: BanthaFodder said: Consider myself RTFM'd. Makes the Tinkerer a high powered character then in later game. Expect to be hunted down and killed off early if you play this chap. In terms of trying to take Talismans from him, you mean? Why does the power level depend on game progress? You can still only use one weapon at a time, and anyone with a mule can have a bunch of rings and things. I think you are forgetting his power to ditch an animated follower in favor of redrawing new cards on spaces, a skill useful all the way to the end game. Plus, having a mule to carry extra items vs. not needing it is clearly a disadvantage as the mule can be killed, stolen, etc. The Tinkerer strikes me as incredibly powerful, and I'm eager to check him out in a game.
  4. I have seen several posts reference an FAQ - the only one I can find on the site only goes up to Dragon though, is there an FAQ I'm overlooking? Could someone please link it or tell me where I can find it? We're going to be playing in a few hours…
  5. You guys realize there is probably only one flail and one battle axe in the armory deck, right? It would be silly to have two flails in the game, just for all these rules questions alone. For the warrior using a Flail I imagine he will roll two dice and get to re-roll one of them, improving his odds of a double roll, but it will otherwise work the same as any other attack roll and weapon he uses. The flail just sort of overwrites his ability to use two dice, he just gets to add both rolls to the result and re-roll one of them if he wants, I imagine.
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