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  1. I'm late to the thread, but I'm Board is hosting a launch event on Saturday, October 7th! You can find out more on our Facebook event page here.
  2. Found the answer on page 17!
  3. Hello! If a player is executed, do they draw new tauma tokens after receiving a new character? On that note, do they receive any skill cards? Page 7 of the Exodus rulebook describes the process of execution. Part 3. Sub C. indicates that "If playing with the Ionian Nebula option, he also discards all of his trauma tokens." The process of execution does not, however, indicate that new trauma tokens should be taken. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Scott and I work with I'm Board! Games in Middleton, Wisconsin. We are in the process of organizing a night to run weekly Armada games and I am trying to scope out the interest level in the Madison area. We would be using the Fantasy Flight "casual" tournament rules guidelines. We are looking to have a good time and hand out some prizes from our tournament kits! If you are interested in playing with us let me know what days and times work best!
  5. Can Arianne (TK) be used to reveal Art of Seduction in order to lock an opponent's plot card?
  6. Maester Vyman reads: "Response: If it is not Summer, kneel Maester Vyman to cancel a triggered effect that chooses a House Stark character as the only target." Can this ability be used to cancel a military claim effect from killing a House Stark character? From what I've read on other posts related to Vyman my thought is that it cannot, first because a claim effect is not a triggered effect and second because the claim effect itself does not "choose" a House Stark character, at least in the context required by the ability. Thank you for your consideration!
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