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  1. Does the stagger reduction effect stack or do you just apply the highest value?
  2. Does the stagger reduction effect stack or do you just apply the highest value?
  3. Does the stagger reduction effect stack or do you just apply the highest value?
  4. That'd be amazing!!! Though definitely a TON of work. This is the one for Armada. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/2c/4d/2c4de555-925d-4fde-8af6-02873437149b/swm01_rules_reference_guide_lowres.pdf
  5. Hey all, Anyone happen to know if there is a rules reference guide, fan made or otherwise, floating about the internet that I'm not finding? I would ideally want one made exactly like FFGs current reference guides (example: Eldritch Horror, Imperial Assualt or Armada) with all rules in alphabetical order and indexed to perfection. /crosses fingers
  6. Oh happy day, I can't wait to hit the heroes with this gigantic nerf bat. Thanks for clearing this up for me.
  7. I'm currently playing overlord and would love nothing more than to deny them this combo. But with you bringing up sweep it really has me reading everything over again and I'm still not sure. The thing that gets me is the way reach reads in the rulebook. (The Reach keyword allows the figure to use a Melee attack to target a figure up to two spaces away, rather than only adjacent spaces. The target still needs to be in line of sight.). So when you combine it with the way whirlwind reads (Perform an attack with a Melee weapon targeting all adjacent monsters. You make 1 attack roll and each monster rolls defense die seperatly.) Seeing the way they said melee both times really makes me wonder. Though I will admt it seems way to strong with how cramped some of these dungeons are. So at this second my brain sees it like this. The key difference see between whirlwind and sweep is that whirlind will still require LoS and hits only monsters, while sweep hits everyone within their range (they all have reach) indiscriminately? lol man…i don't know, If my logic is faulty please let me know. DOWN WITH THE HEREOS!!!!
  8. For the Berserker does Whrilwind and Reach stack?
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