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  1. My bad, you were totally right. Just missed the RPG part of the forums entirely, sorry. I created a similar post there: http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php?topic=6596.msg80316 and labelled it explicitly as crosspost. Let's see what happens! Thanks for the hint, SilverElf4!
  2. SilverElf4: Thanks for the hint! I thought Cipher Studios was explicitly the creator of Anima Tactics only…? For everybody who is interested, here's what my Style file looks like for the page backgrounds and for the placement of the page number: % Set alternating background pictor for odd/even pages: \AtBeginShipout{% \ifthenelse{\isodd{\value{page}}}% {\AddToShipoutPictureBG*{ \includegraphics[height=paperheight,width=paperwidth]{Abbildungen/oddpagebg.jpg}}}% {\AddToShipoutPictureBG*{ \includegraphics[height=paperheight,width=paperwidth]{Abbildungen/evenpagebg.jpg}}}% } % Create the slotmachine look for the page numbers: \def\oddpageslots#1#2#3{% \begin{picture}(46,20)(17,-1) \put(0,0){\huge\textbf{#1}}% \put(16,0){\huge\textbf{#2}}% \put(31,0){\huge\textbf{#3}}% \end{picture}} \def\evenpageslots#1#2#3{% \begin{picture}(46,20)(-32,-1) \put(0,0){\huge\textbf{#1}}% \put(16,0){\huge\textbf{#2}}% \put(31,0){\huge\textbf{#3}}% \end{picture}} \def\pageslots{% \edef\tmp{% \ifnum\value{page}<10 0\fi \ifnumvalue{page}<100 0\fi \arabic{page}}% \ifthenelse{\isodd{\value{page}}}% {\expandafter\oddpageslots\tmp}% {\expandafter\evenpageslots\tmp}}
  3. F3nr1s, thanks for the link! The background images link is broken, but I contacted the site owner and I guess it'll be fixed soon. For the TeX odd/even page question, you'll need to use the AddEveryPageHook to check for odd/even pages and then insert a background picture based on that. I'd recommend the wallpaper package for the latter. Basically, its the solution described here: http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/44984/addeverypagehook-just-checks-the-first-page
  4. Hello everybody, I am currently creating an Anima campaign. Since quite some time, I've made it a habit to typeset my campaigns and adventures; I'm planning to open-source and release them to the general public. A domain and a basic website exists, but has no content yet: http://www.dungeon-gazette.com/ I want to do the same thing with my Anima campaign. Basically, I'm going to create an "adventure book" and aim for the best quality which is possible for me, both in text as in graphics. When I'm finished and the campaign has been player-tested, I'm going to release them under a CC-BY-SA licence. This basically means that everybody may use the material, may use the source-code, alter the text, graphics and source-code and re-release it, as long as I'm named as the original author. I do NOT want to sell it or in any other way attach a price label to it. I'm typesetting everything in LaTeX. Because it is an Anima adventure, it would be very nice if it would have the looks of the original books. Sometimes, publishers release fan packs with some basic artwork and even graphics in print quality, e.g. page backgrounds, page borders, box graphics, and so on. Does Fantasy Flight Games do something similar for Anima? If yes, where can I find it and what license is attached to it? The license is quite important for me, because I want to (a) open-source my work, and (b) be able to possibly receive donations for it without violating some fair use copyright law. That's why I explicitly mentioned the content license I would like to choose (CC-BY-SA). Every answer is very much appreciated. Thank you very much in advance --- Eric
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