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  1. I kind of want FO/R army because people say it can’t be done. I would argue FO has enough now.
  2. As I just stated buying and playing I love this. Great work.
  3. He said he had 2 core and the two others so I assume we are talking about all factions. I am also getting this because cheap, my assumption is 2x each starter and upgrades for each faction then the unit that the factio;is missing and hero eg death knights for skeletons and cross bow for humans ect
  4. Has anyone else noticed that all stock is unavailable on the website?
  5. I have a feeling that this is just a stand alone game, kind of like the old game decipher introduced around the release of the Phantom Menace. We will probably see some kind of expansion and a main set released with every new Star Wars film. (Anyone else been wondering how they will cross market with Episode 7 and the Stand Alone films while waiting for the new characters, events and locations make there way through play testing for the LCG)
  6. I think that the next cycle will be more of a theme cycle. In relation to the Prequels I have a feeling that we will get them because nothing about the game would break by adding this to the game. I mean yes some fanboys would sulk but you know what its all star wars. Some of it is bad some of it is amazing but it is all Star Wars and that is what we want to play. If you want to be a purist go nuts. But I would be surprised if they snubbed all those fans of the clone wars series by not taking advantage of a very cool thing (one objective set per episode.) Dear god how cool would it be to get pod with Maul and Mandolorians with his light saber and an "add one to your total for balance of the force" Fate card. I mean please tell me you wouldn't want to have a pod based on the many great episodes that were in the show. That is not just one cycle that is years worth of cards Then we have the thrawn trilogy cycle. Rouge Squadron Cycle
  7. It would be great if we knew when we are getting the next set of force packs. So far we have had very little information after the last Hoth cycle pack and it seems like a looong time between FP6 and balance of the force. Hmmm
  8. So this is just my 2 cents but here is my opinion. 1) I agree with an earlier poster. This is not something to worry about. If you see the signs of the licence winding down then we can have this discussion but at the moment we are about to get the final force pack ( in australia we are still waiting for the 5th pack) so the game has a lot of life with balance of the force on its way by the end of the year and hopefully a new cycle of force packs. So right now I would be more focused on lets play as much as we can right now and enjoy the endless possibilities because right now that is what we have. As a Wars player and Star Wars CCG and TCG player i miss the CCG days when you would rock up to tournaments and new packs were coming out. When you could go on to the decipher webpage and see future sets. Short version is enjoy the ride. Dont fear that it will end because it will ruin the ride. 2) Everything ends in 100 years this game will be just a memory and part of the proud tradition of Star Wars games that has a long and storied history (yes I paid for star wars galaxy's ccg). 3) Do me a favour and look at Game of Thrones look at the force packs and the delux expansions and then imagine that the game stopped tomorrow tell me that you would have very little to play. There are soooo many decks and combination of cards. 4) Episode 7 is coming out in less than 2 years. Think about that for a moment. I dont doubt that FFG has or is in the process of negotiating the license and when that film followed by the stand alone gets released I think it is safe to say the sky is the limit. We can get clone wars, EU, Prequle Trilogy it is all a giant melting pot and I want to grab as much of it as I can. I want to build a republic deck, A jedi council deck, A scoundrels deck (Dash Rander, Quinlan Voss, Star Killer deck) I want as much as they can give us.
  9. I think that it is fair to loose interest in a play experience that is too competitive and not social enough. I think that if you love the game find a group that plays at the speed that you are comfortable with and then stick to that
  10. Look here is my gripe. (Yes it is a first world problem) I am in Melbourne Australia. We got 0 copies of EOE beta in my FLGS or any other I could find. I am wanting to participate in the Beta. For EoE and AoR but I am not able to because I am not able to get a copy. I have played Star Wars and want to run a game using Duty Mechanic and provide feedback so I can make the game better. However if it becomes instantly unavailable then I don't know how valuable the beta will be if it is only availible to those lucky enough to get a copy from Gen Con or before it sells out. Please FFG provide enough to meet demand so that I can feel part of the community and participate Thank you
  11. It is great to see the new force pack out hoping that some of the less loved decks will get a boost however I think that Scum will be the only deck that gets noticably stronger after this release I think the rest of the decks will just get an incremental boost
  12. I have enjoyed running season one with Vader and Red 5 as prizes for organised play however I would like to know when we will be starting Season Two of orgnaised play as I am looking forward to offering my players a new group of prizes.
  13. Here is the URL http://www.facebook.com/starwarslivingcardgame
  14. Hi all I have started a Star Wars LCG facebook fan page an I would love to have the community join the discussion on facebook. Please come and join the conversation at Star Wars LCG.
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