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  1. Here is my concern. We are talking about FFG moving star wars miniatures over to another house. The RPG is going to another house. These were not fostered and developed by Asmodee, they were developed by FFG. So with the RPG and the miniatures being at arms length from each other that means less synergy. Also what about art assets how do they work? Look it may just be me but it feels like FFG cant manage the license anymore and have split the license between different organisations. I get they are under Asmodee but it is still siloing the games. I don't think that is a great thing. From a basic logistic level, you are having decisions made that the other partner is not involved with so you can get some fracturing. To give an example. Lets say that they do a Bo Katan mini and cover the mando in the RPG and then also in the card game (Im making some assumptions ) Well what if the Bo Katan in the RPG has master level Piloting but in X-Wing and Legion she has great combat ability but no piloting ability. Then in the card game they decide that she has a command ability in the card game but this is not reflected in Legion. This is something that I feel we will loose. Also the art assets, The RPG they use the Mando as a model, but in X-Wing and Legion they use Clone Wars. Big note - I do not believe that this would be the case or that this specific example would be how it would look for Bo Katan but for the example I needed something to explain my concern
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