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  1. After looking at this thread I took a glance at the necromunda section of GW and saw nothing for miniatures. Only PDFs for the game. But after doing a quick online search I found a few viable options: You'll have to sift through some guff to find the good ones but I hope these help! http://www.hfminis.co.uk/shop?category=miniatures~sci%252dfi-humans http://www.copplestonecastings.co.uk/range.php?range=FW http://www.wargamesfoundry.com/our-ranges/street-violence/streets-collection-bcsv001/ EDIT: Here is the link to the Necromunda page, I'm not the only one seeing the blankness right? http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/catalog/landingArmy.jsp?catId=cat480009a&rootCatGameStyle=specialist-games
  2. Those points are great, and as a new GM to this game myself I understand where you are coming from. Give the players plenty of chances to find additional clues, one mistake I made and realized early on in my first mission was having the players make an awareness test to see a couple of drug dealers leaving their bar. When all the players failed said test I realized that was their only lead I gave them. So, make more than one lead, I reacted quickly and had an Arbiter come in and be an available second lead for them to go off of, but would take the investigation from a different point of view. For example, if the players saw the drug dealers and followed them, they would have reason to believe there is a drug dealing operation being run by the low born, and would have to follow that lead up to who is running the operation. While, when they tailed the arbiter to his residence and turned the place upside down they found evidence that something was amiss with his paycheck and signs that he was getting additional money from a second source other than the government. Does the corruption go higher? And who is on the ground floor making this operation happen? The multiple angles given to your PCs will give them a greater chance to work on the investigation and doesn’t make it feel railroaded. (A linear view of the Investigation to give you an illustration of what I mean) Top of the Drug Operation | ? | ? | ? Arbiters Involved in something they shouldn’t be? <=====Arbiter Lead | ? | ? Scum dealing the drugs, how far up does this go? <=====Drug dealer Lead Hopefully something like this will help your PC’s not miss things so easily.
  3. I agree with the DM's here talking about lore, he would need to know how to build one already. For example, I might be really good at working on car engines but that doesn't mean I can automatically fix a jet.
  4. Oh yeah I know this has been done before!
  5. No, we have just started and decided to just make new cards every time someone purchases or keeps a new piece of wargear.
  6. Hey everyone, me and my group have been playing 40k roleplaying games from FFG since Deathwatch was released and now that we have gone through Rogue Trader and are now starting Dark Heresy we have always found one problem: There are so many special rules to remember! The GM screen has helped me remind them when they ask "What does reliable do again?" and so on, but I think we can all agree that it slows down the game when rules questions come up. So I asked one of my players if he could work with an idea that Aaron Dembski-Bowden's GM did for him (Aaron is an author for some great black library books) and these are the fantastic results: The one above is how they look on the computer. This is them printed out on the paper before they are cut out. This is them cut out and standing up, you can see the ones in the background that show the inquisition symbol. Hopefully this inspires some of you for your forgetful PCs! (Yes, I know the compact rule isn't exact, we accounted for the damage and clip reduction on the profile but not the range).
  7. What I did for Rogue Trader was use base stats from one bad guy, change them up and down. And always kept changing the weaponry, keep them on their toes about what the baddies are carrying because believe me: When they've been facing lasguns and autoguns all their game life, their eyes will widen at the sudden appearance of a plasma or a grenade launcher. PS- I generally keep those weapons at a low quality/covered in heretical marks/blowy-uppy state, in case the group wants to pick them up and you think they aren't ready for it yet.
  8. So many ideas! Thanks everyone I appreciate it! There are so many good thoughts coming out of this I probably won't be able to use them all this mission but I would love to use this one for either this mission or a future one! This is excelleeeeeent
  9. Yeah. Your idea's better than mine. The good old Evil Vizier character. Hard to pass that one up. I love this idea too! Sounds like something they definitely wouldn't expect, consider this incorporated as well!
  10. Yeah, I agree that their story didn't quite add up, if mining was their main prospect it would be a mining world. However, with a planet dedicated to the production of chemicals it makes sense to me to require a large (and easily replaceable) workforce. And having it on a Forgeworld seems like a waste to me, when they are usually so focused on building infrastructure/wargear. So to be truer to my story, I guess a Hive/Industry world is a more appropriate term? Perhaps it’s just because the Eisenhorn books have factories on Hive worlds as well. Anyway, I really like the spook story! I originally intended for this spook guy to be a nobody heretic and act as a secondary objective but having some sweet background like this would be awesome! However, I wanted this mission to be a “one-off” for lack of a better term? I want them to have this investigation be a single session long to give them a glimpse into what’s to come. (Thinking about it I probably should have mentioned that in the original post, sorry!) But the spook story definitely gives it some more depth and I love it!
  11. Hi everyone, Just would like some input on our first mission we are about to run on 2/15. Input on the current story I have written and any ideas you might have to throw in and on how to progress from the point I am at. Here is the story: (If you have watched the Roll Play Dark Heresy series with TB you can tell the story is loosely based on the same set of circumstances, but I haven't watched the full thing so I don't know ) The ordo Hereticus team is being sent to a Hive world that had given an insufficient tithe to the imperium in the previous year. It was off by only 0.001% but even that equates to at least a couple million in gelt and failure is not tolerated by the Imperium. The reason the 0.001% equals so much is this Hive world is very rich due to its ability to make billions of stimms, and other chemicals. The inquisitor and his interrogator in charge of investigating this incident are both busy with other, much more pressing investigations of Heresy. So, believing that this is only the work of an organized group of dock workers committing theft that must be executed they are sending only a team of three acolytes to deal with the problem (Psyker, Assassins, and Scum). The team will be briefed that they are being sent to the Capitol "Hive Pax" and are going to be in the section of the Hive that is dominated by the docks which are owned and run by Noble House Delloc. They will go in covertly and their first lead will be a couple of dockworkers trading Spook in the alley. If they interrogate them the dealer will confess that it is at dock 29 where the spook is being smuggled out of the system. Further interrogation will reveal the name of the arbitor that is being paid off to allow this. And excellent further interrogation will reveal the operator of this smuggling and the time they plan to smuggle the next shipment. This will get the team a lead but they know that the amount of spook that is requested by the tithe is little to none; it’s the stimms that are more important to the imperium and would make up that 0.001%, not spook. That's all I have so far. I am thinking that dealing with the spook operation will lead them to the much more grand stimms operation, but I'm not 100% sure how it will be done. Furthermore, I know they will immediately suspect House Delloc is running the operation so I want a separate noble house to somehow be pulling the strings and hoping the eyes of the Imperium will be too focused on Delloc to know it's them. Thoughts on the current story, and Ideas?
  12. Well, yes in some ways they are like Batman. And they are the most moderate in Chaos because they generally frown upon corruption and deity worship, it's tolerated but not preferred. Right there is moderation. They are evil, but they aren't: BURN THE GALAXY BECAUSE THE VOICES IN MY HEAD SAID SO! Like many of the extremists you mentioned. They are more: Burn the galaxy because it's as good a plan as any.
  13. Terraneaux said: bogi_khaosa said: When you get right down to it, 40K has a highly puritanical view of morality (actually derived from pop history of the Middle Ages), in which all of the "good" things you mention above are actually evil, or gateways to evil. In 40k, much of the misery its inhabitants experience is of their own devising. It's probable that this is true simply because so many believe it to be true. All that's stopping the Chaos Gods from being the Beneficent Powers as opposed to ruinous is the belief and id of mortals. The way I've always seen it explained is that the warp twists everything. A Navigator can look into the warp and watch as a sea of Love begins to shift and warp into a sea of Jealousy, followed by Anger, followed by Hate, followed by Death. But back to the original question, I have always followed one rule: "There are always exceptions to the rule." You can say that all of Chaos must be extreme but, as with everything, there are always exceptions. The Night Lords are a perfect example in my opinion.
  14. Absolutely! Here is a little excerpt from the campaign I'm currently working on: After the encounter the Inquisitor and his assistant take account of one another, their dead, as well as their guests. Jack will linger on the cipher body (Ramius) as he pays his respect to the dead. The Inquisitor will have basic knowledge on Bar-Yochi (RT) and his recent actions within the Koronus Expanse. He will reveal little about himself or his company but he will ask for the explorers' help. After the Explorers have set up a deal with Rammof, he will announce his departure to his ship, immediately afterward the explorers must make an agility check or fall over after the Hermitage is rocked by internal explosions. The Master of Auspex will announce to the explorers that a bomb inside the Hermitage had just gone off, destroying a recently unseen ship, while another smaller frigate type ship has just detached and has jumped into the warp shortly after. Rammof will confirm the ship destroyed was his own, and will ask/demand the explorers to allow him and Jack aboard. Next destination: Footfall, the possible location of Omen’s Lieutenant. Orbiting around footfall, you notice a substantial amount of Imperial Navy ships, all pointed inward to the Koronus Expanse. If questioned Rammof will tell the explorers that he has acquired additional Navy forces to prevent Omen from leaving the expanse, he allowed him to slip through to the Hermitage to give him a false sense of security…obviously that didn’t work out. Each of these blurbs are bullet points. I just feel like I get bogged down in too much detail, but I also get nervous that I will forget things. Is this even a problem? Or am I just getting writers block and blaming it on details?
  15. Extremely sorry for double post, trying to remove…
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