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  1. I was as well. It worked for my advantage. In the final I had 5 to seven threat and went to town regardless of my heroes. It was a great boon. Also, on those quests I had a hard time with, I was a bit more willing to use them to turn the tide.
  2. I would have picked stuff from the Shadowmancer expansion but I didn't include SoN items into the main game yet as the cards are not sleeved. I have reviewed the infector class and I really like the airbone card as it's quiet good against Leoric's current (and probably permanent) state. So being able to infect him while adding DEF is a nice bonus. I had a feeling I should have gone Infector but thought it was more heavily based on poisons/disease and got confused with Bol'Goreth's plot deck. Only one card replies on poison, so I would not worry about it.
  3. I created a castle using all descent tiles for a Pathfinder session. Despite being creepy (nothing wrong with the walls calling out "come find me, come find me" in a child like voice, right?) it was a huge success. And I like where BentoSan's mind is at with this. You could always hand the book to a DM and let him create a story with this as the base. Same quests with pathfinder rules and the DM's twist. *shrugs* If my heroes didn't have EVERYTHING memorized, I might try it. Descent did kind of lead me into tabletop gaming in the first place.
  4. So in this vain, I am looking at this new overlord deck... Shadowmancer. Looks like it is made to frustrate the mage. *grins* New toys are fun. And if they are maxed on fatigue, then it's fresh blood for you. There are also the indirect tactics. Infactor, if you can tolerate the risk that goes with it, lets you hurt him without being the direct cause by monsters, therefore bypassing dice to stop damage. Either by allot of misses or uses of surge by monsters (or both. those are my favorite lv one cards) and outbreak or in late game uses dark host, sicking your hero's best hitter to do him in. Infactor is star player. But understand, depending on how the OL deck is stacked will determinant if it even gets off the ground. IF you can pull it off, it is very effective. But I agree with the above comments. Killing the heroes is not most of the objectives in quests. If killing them is not your strength, or defiance is too much of a plus for them, then you need to look at other ways to do them in. Make speed your thing. Slow down those heroes (yes WEB TRAP is the thing! And always will be) so you can buy more time. Or conditions as the thing. Most healers can only heal one condition a turn or only one off of a single hero. Stack them so that they have to choose. It's effective, though very resource consuming. I like this tactic for epics.
  5. I go into battle with this mindset allot. It seems to help me not only have fun, but also relaxed. The more relaxed I am and the more risks I am willing to take often end up in me winning more games. Very backwards thinking but it helps. If we stop thinking we have the cat in the bag, (which, btw way, I don't like when my heroes put me in a bag... thank you.) then we have nothing to lose but our dignity. This is good.
  6. So, we need more grease on this form. So, what kind of constructive advice can we give people to improve playing fun-ness?
  7. ^^ This is true. We just like to over complicate everything here ^.~
  8. I would be to differ with this. While Zak might give you a sure-way into your cards, a dark ritual or two are pretty good and work just fine MOST of time time.
  9. It's the same idea that if a surge applies to everyone (not not a new one for each target) then creatures have the ability to cancel it for all. The rules are normally as simple as they can be. I would question if any creature (hero or monster) can do so if the ability to do says "when the target of an attack". Unless the blast is targeting that creature, I am not sure they get that option. We have come to that point a couple of times. There is different wording for different abilities, letting some creatures to act in this way if they are count in a blast but not in the targeted space.
  10. I have some really great hero players. Bread being one of them. The other two tend to be pretty competitive, and one feels like he failed when I by-pass his strategy with one that works well, which it what happened and what ended up in a sore ending to our last game. The same thought of "if I lost, I must have done something wrong." Maybe taking any2cards' suggestion by setting aside emotions of that level is best. But I also don't want buried feeling get the best of us in the long run. While I feel like that is a legit feeling and one can learn from it. But when you let it pour over into the game making it unpleasant for everyone, maybe it's time to find another game to play or learn how to swallow that pride. I do it every time I lose. I try really hard to celebrate with my heroes for their win and then go into my hole in my mind and think about how I can undo what they just did if it happens again. PERSONALLY, I wish we could all come together and talk about it. Learn from my mistakes and then learn from yours, you know? Then no one has to go into their hole and think alone, or morn the loss alone or even celebrate alone. It comes down to playing a game. Maybe the next time we play I will ask everyone to bring a beer for themselves so we are all a little out of it. Just one (because we are all light weights >D!). But I hate putting that on the boys. I play better when I am relaxed x.x
  11. I had the rare opportunity to re spec my deck in the middle of the game (Ritual of Shadows, OL win). Because my mage was tricked out on defense and playing hexer, I found it really hard to keep up, so I moved to infactor. IF ANYONE IS GOING INFACTOR PLEASE READ THIS: It is a very situational class. In order to play ANY of the lv two and up cards you need your lv one cards already sitting out AND your heroes having infections on them. I have had happen, on more then one occasion, where the lv one cards (the ones that stay out and help build infections on your heroes) are next to the bottom of my deck and I am left holding dead cards. High risk. High reward. If you play infactor you need to play with weak, easy to kill but numerous monsters. That is why harpies come with that set. That's why I take kobolds. If I have my lv one cards out, it doesn't matter if I hit, miss or fail to do enough damage due to their ability to block. Like Bread said, you are turning their greatest asset to a "Oh crap! Get them away!" ^.^ All monsters are now your very own undead/zombie hoard. But if your heroes have blast, ways to get extra attacks and means to reach all of your monsters, speed or other means of out witting you then you are SOL. I got lucky that on encounter one I could drop both my lv one infector cards. Had that not happened then the outcome would have been VERY different. I will not brag about a lucky draw.
  12. Wow. Not sure if I should be honored or horrified that I am the prime example here. Um, thank you? And yes, my players get surprised by the amount of adaptability I can have (and using the re spec quest to change my entire deck before I failed in a giant pile of dumb). And I am normally that person that can have fun win or lose. That is why I am the overlord. We went through all of LoR and a rumor with me winning only 3 games only to come in the end and sweep the final. I have fun no matter. Most of my heroes do as well. There are two things to be said here: How can I help you and Everything sucks because I lost. I feel ya, any2cards.There is allot of ninny smacking around here where a good deal of people don't put on their "big boy pants" and deal. There are allot of new players that come in and say "hey wait! this doesn't seem right or I am just a really bad player!" and then there are the "wait! *points to board game geeks* there is a way to fix that!" So, let's not throw out the baby with the bath water! Please? I am one to have fun almost no matter what. I have a theory on why I roll so well (and it's a no for cursing the dice or loading them). And my "good game play" is very much instinctual. I go with "what feels right" in any strategy game. That's why I am not good with Magic deck building(don't mean I don't have fun trying!). And with that, I have fun. I think we need a thread about how to help the experience to be more fun, win or lose. That is if people are upset they spent 60+ bucks on the base set and whatever exorbitant amount on the following and still lacking the fun factor. So, yes. Let's put the smack down for a moment. Players that have fun no matter what, what do you do that makes the game more fun for you and your group? I want to know! And I think it would do the rest of our hearts to hear it!
  13. While this is true (and it is) the OL has less opportunists for his skills to be left to chance, like the heroes. Most all of the hero's abilities reply on that blue dice not being an X.
  14. Bandits sound cool, but a little love for the wraiths? Move and attack when a hero goes down? Insult to injury! I am all over this bad boy!
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