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  1. Starbucks cup holders, you said cheap! 4 drinks is easily $20. I use plano tackle boxes
  2. I felt a great disturbance in the force. As if a million star wars fans were jerking then suddenly stopped to read this article.
  3. Thank you all for the tips. Next two boxes were completed with minimal effort and no fingers glued together!
  4. Mid 40s, eye-sight tired at best, slowly fatter fingers here for full disclosure. Each release gets a bit more hellish to glue. Death Troopers, were near the end of me. Can you please go back to both arms holding the weapon and we just glue into the sockets? Anyone else gluing their fingers to the models trying to get the forearms attached? If so, any thoughts or suggestions on how to do this with minimal skin lose?
  5. Forgot to mention that I play large games primarily, 2000 points and above. My thoughts must come from seeing many 1 to 2 unit squads running about starting round 3/4. For standard it really does not make much sense.
  6. Picked up 3.of each expansion and started putting together a squad or two. Would have liked to have the officers have an action called reorganize or something, allowing the officer to bring in depleted trooper units into his own to try and make a full squad again. I makes sense that if an officer's squad took losses he/she would not run around alone or bypass a couple troopers get blown to ****. Also do not understand putting one of the droids with q trooper unit. This takes away firepower, and makes then less likely to engage. Would have preferred to put together some kind of command unit together.
  7. FFG will replace it. I was honest about my hatred of the family cats with them. They have replaced parts for 4 of their games due to cat destruction.
  8. I am a play at home player, so as many points as you have. It may take a couple days. Luckily I have the space. Hard part is keeping the idiot cats off the board.
  9. Just planned the squads.... Will be 3200 points per side. Will play in on a 9 x 4 board.
  10. Starting a new larger game. Will make sure to snap a few
  11. Well, it was a blood bath. In a huge game, Palpatine abd his entire legion is insanely powerful. Turn 4, the Empire basically called their shots and wrecked the rebel forces. Getting ready to set up for a larger game, will not use entire legion to see how that goes. Sorry no pics.
  12. Thanks, that is what I was going to do. This will be a blood bath
  13. Oh Jeez, this will last a while. How do you manage the command cards? Does one play then all, the add then baxk to your deck?
  14. I received a lot of legion pieces and terrian for Christmas.... I play on a 6x4 mat and throwing everything, minus a few atst, speeder bikes, atrt, and speeder, 2200 pts per side. For command cards, should I use more than 7? Doing recover the supplies. Figure with 3 commanders per side, should I extent the rounds? Thanks for your input.
  15. What I wonder, I may be a bit odd, is what kid says growing up, "I want to be a death trooper when I turn 18!" Maybe the kids that throw lizards into fires, but to have a whole division of them? Big galaxy I guess.
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