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  1. Sorry if I'm digging up an already resolved topic. My gaming group and I (as the overlord) are having a blast with the new edition, but we still have a lot of doubts regarding the uses of stamina. A) My heroes refuse to use stamina to get additional moves, stating that it's not what the rule is written for. I know that the forum consensus is that you trade stamina for additional movement, allowing for a movement + 2 free actions. The heroes argue that: "A hero may suffer fatigue to receive additional movement points during his turn. For each fatigue suffered, the hero receives one movement point. […] A hero player is not required to perform a move action in order to suffer fatigue to move. During his turn, before or after resolving an action or during a move action, a hero may suffer fatigue to gain movement points." means that they still have to spend a movement action to use those gained movement points. I argue that the movement action, as it’s written, allows the hero to convert the move stat into movement points. So they are actually free to move anytime, using whatever movement points they have (gained by “movement” or suffering fatigue). B) If the above it’s true and 1 fatigue = 1space movement, can the heroes suffer fatigue more than one time during a turn? For example: suffer 1 fatigue to move – action A – suffer another 2 fatigue to move – action B. C) Fatigue and stamina (p. 13). Can a hero voluntarily suffer more fatigue than stamina to pay for an action, and thus suffer one ore more wounds instead? As the rule is written it seems that the hero cannot do that by choice, and that the game effects that force him to suffer fatigue in excess must be “external”. Sorry for any confusion and thanks in advance.
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