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  1. I've finished two campaigns, and I believe both were in the 500-600 XP range. By that point both groups had absolutely excessive amounts of skill in most things, and were truly epic movie-level awesome. That said, both could have gone on for longer if the groups had interest and/or could have (the second ended because one of the players was moving halfway across the country). They'd only just started to unlock their career-level skills and/or gotten close to the bottom of a second specialization. I think beyond that level of XP it would just become a little cumbersome for players to remember all of their abilities and talents. It was already getting there at 500-600. To each their own.
  2. I am absolutely going with @Garran's group check roll. It makes more thematic sense, my group will like the ruling, and as @FinarinPanjoro said it'll highly incentivize some characters to pick out-of-career skills, which is fun!
  3. I feel like this is somewhere in the core rulebook but I cannot recall where it is. Let's say a group is trying to sneak, maintain a cover identity, or otherwise try to pull something off where any one of them screwing it up could screw it up for all of them. I think the core rules would say I do an opposed roll against the most skilled person in the group (say, Perception of the NPCs vs their stealthiest character's stealth) with potentially a boost die from an 'assist' from any other PC present. This doesn't feel right in this situation, though. It feels like trying to pull something off as a group when one member is crap at it should prove to make that thing harder. How do you all handle this, or have I forgotten a rule? Just getting back into GMing this after a long break. Thanks!
  4. These are good ideas. I have another campaign I started on Corellia where I developed a really fleshed-out gangland with 4 different gangs vying for control of the underworld, so I've got a lot to pull from there. I haven't decided if I'd rather their CorSec handler wants to use them to wipe out these gangs or if he's corrupt and in their pocket. Or maybe something a bit more nuanced.
  5. That is some background I should have mentioned Lordbiscuit. Backgrounds: Xander: Ex pop-band lead singer who started a ponzi scheme to afford his lifestyle after the money dried up. Lots of people on Corellia that he ripped off. Brawly and face-y skillset Drake: Sakiyan thief who was on Corellia to steal a 'glowing red sword' from an antique collector. Got caught in the process, the first job he's ever failed to hold up his end of the contract on. Was paid half up-front and feels a professional obligation to repair his reputation by finishing the job. Stealthy skillset Jet: Gank assassin operating without an IPKC, was framed for a murder he didn't commit happening simultaneously to one he did. He knows almost nothing about what actually happened other than that it wasn't him who killed the other guy. He wants to figure out what happened and, similarly to drake, repair his reputation as a professional killer. Obvious assassin-y skillset. So they have a pretty broad skill set, though lacking in intelligence in a big way. They also all have a lot of baggage that will encourage them to stay on Corellia or at least attached to characters related to the campaign in order to chase down that baggage. All of these backgrounds are things the PCs came up with that I just embellished a little, so I'm confident they'll want to pursue them if they manage to get out of prison.
  6. I'm always one to roll with my players when they want to do something crazy, so here we go! The PCs are a band of misfit criminals assembled into a task force that can do jobs the cops themselves can't get away with doing. I've set the campaign on Corellia, since it required an independent police force to be plausible. Here is the campaign page, with a pretty thorough skeleton built out around the characters: https://thecustodians.obsidianportal.com/wikis/main-page Now here's the rub. I need some fun star warsy (or otherwise) ideas for stuff the cops can't do that they might make this group do. I envision this working mechanically very similarly to how Breakout Kings worked, where they are called upon as needed and return to prison regularly in between. I can weave a narrative into a series of fun adventures, but I'd like to generate a nice list of possibilities to source from while I write. I have a few ideas, but don't want to spoil potential creativity with them. So, wonderful community, can you come through for me yet again and help me generate some fun ideas? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello Everyone, A long time ago, I posted about an adventure module I'd made for bringing edge characters into a Force & Destiny campaign. I did this using an Edge of Tomorrow style time-looping mechanic and it was one of the best GMing experiences of my life. Well, thanks to Shay Blechman of these forums it has officially come to life! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KJjYannqcKUU2WBCvdoW-qFtO7Mv14U9/view I've gone through it a few times with edits, finding what I could. We still intent to add stat profiles for a wide variety of characters who don't have their final stat profiles baked into the formatting. At this point we are far enough along that it is ready to share, and any feedback/criticism is welcome. Please take a read and let us know what you think, we'd love to have others utilize what is here and have their own fun with it. Thank you!
  8. I made a tracking tool in excel for GMs to manage the auction encounter in the Jewel of Yavin. The names are a bit changed up because I palette swapped some NPCs, but it should be clear who is who. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9dwD6tEu92-TkdWQVBmaEVhWDA I posted this in a thread a long time ago that is buried now. Someone asked me to update the link, so I decided to post it here as well in case it is more generally useful. Very GM-specific, so not entirely sure this is the place. If there is a more appropriate venue just point me there. Thanks!
  9. Now that dropbox killed the public folder, I've updated the link for my sith alchemy rules: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5zt67nvh8sope4/Sith Alchemy.png?dl=0
  10. I totally forgot to ever come back to this! I finished this forever ago, and it went very well. Probably the best adventure arc I've ever run in my life. Some thoughts: It only took them two 4-hour sessions to crack it, which is a bit short for an arc but I think I'm fine with that. I don't want the gimmick to wear thin. I initially ruled that they could not take Gorbo in with them, because I am an idiot and didn't know how it'd mess with the system I'd designed. In retrospect I absolutely should have allowed it, and it would have been hilarious. I already edited the content to reflect this and included details about how Gorbo starts to lose his shit as he dies repeatedly. In the future I'd make some of the combat a BIT harder, but my group was really high XP and built for combat so not all groups may need that. I ended up taking a lot of liberties with the main battle outside the compound, as that battle dragged on a lot longer than I intended it to. It may be worth going through and thinking of ways to simplify it down, as there were something like 13 combat actors at one point and management of that situation was a hassle. I was in the process of converting this to a proper PDF with some of the fine folks on this forum, but life has gotten in the way of our ability to do it and I doubt it'll happen now. Hopefully it is useful enough as is!
  11. If you end up going with something around ancient sith related elements, this thread was super helpful to me for designing a horrible sith burial site (read: dungeon): https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/201159-traps-in-a-lost-sith-temple/
  12. Lords of Nal Hutta pg 109 and EotE Core 172 cover some basic poisons. I've also made creatures that spew acid, and done that by giving their natural weapon the Burn characteristic
  13. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/79352734/Welcome%20To%20The%20Dark%20Side.png This was written pretty stream-of-consciousness, so it might have some errors/omissions that I'll work on. It's also very specific to my PCs, particularly a few heavy plot rewards. However, I figured I'd post it since everything else is a combination of things in this thread (thanks everyone! I think I really ended up using most everything) or in Dead Road that I've formalized/customized a bit, plus a few of my own additions (thanks to the person who suggested Grimtooth's, that diabolical stuff inspired a few traps). This tomb is VERY harsh, but my players are very high XP to compensate. I may go back and add some more 'fluff' rooms so that literally everything isn't trying to murder them. Then again, maybe I won't . Highlights to look for inside that aren't mentioned elsewhere in this thread: Orbalisks (see my above post) Sith Wyrm Sith Zombies Both the Orbalisks and the Wyrm are my own adaptations of the same creatures from the d20 system, which is obviously a very fuzzy transition so feel free to tweak them if they don't feel right. Some of my rewards are also specific to Sith Alchemy, which is a custom skill I made for my PCs. There's another thread on these forums with that info if anyone likes the idea of that as a reward, or to generate ideas on what kinds of alchemical monstrosities to throw at the characters (the Zombies, for instance, are mostly just humans with a bunch of those changes applied). I'll report back once I've run this with results/edits!
  14. I'm currently writing a sith temple adventure for my PCs, and have been mining this thread for ideas. I have one that involves Orbalisks, parasites powered by the dark side that firmly attach themselves to individuals and which can form a symbiotic relationship with those strong in the dark side, mating and creating powerful bio-armor over them if the character is psychotic enough to think to try it. If anyone has the book, lots of info is on page 117 of the Dark Side Sourcebook from the old d6 games. Here's what I'm thinking as an EotE conversion, where I would trap the players in a room where a few of these guys start dropping from the ceiling: ORBALISK – MINION Br: 1 Ag: 3 Int: 1 Cun: 1 Will: 1 Pr: 1 Soak: 4 WT: 15 Defense: 1/0 Skills: Brawl Abilities: Attach: If the Orbalisk is able to successfully bite organic prey, it does no damage but automatically attaches itself to the flesh of its host and begins injecting venom into the host’s bloodstream. A host can remove an attached orbalisk with an opposed strength check or by killing it. When attached, the Orbalisk’s Brawn increases to 6 and it gains Adversary 1. Any character attempting to kill the creature that rolls despair hits themselves instead. Successfully pulling one free does 5 unmitigated wound damage to the host as part of the host goes with the creature. Healing Properties: Orbalisks heal prey they are attached to in the area of their bite. Anyone trying to carefully cut their own flesh off to dislodge the creature very likely cannot manage this faster than the creature can heal them. It would require a degree of sudden force that would certainly do just as much damage as yanking the creature off. Poison: Orbalisks inject their venom upon attaching, and pump another dose once per day. Victims must make an Average Resilience Check or be disoriented for three rounds and suffer 3 strain from the wracking pain. Dark side force users gain boost on this roll. Attacks: Bite (Range Engaged; Damage 0; spend to firmly attach and add setback to attempts to remove the Orbalisk through strength) If I come up with anything else that isn't already here, I'll post more.
  15. Ack! I never followed my own topic. Apologies. One of my characters is a droid as well, and this is how I ran it. I mention under one of the headings that the time loop should be considered purely physical. That means things like stim packs reset, but per-session abilities, destiny points, etc do not.
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