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  1. Maybe the motivation in buying a deck shouldn't include wanting to maintain some value should you decide to sell it?
  2. "When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning."
  3. Thanks Julia. As it happens I did just get a response from customer service this morning. So this means that they're aware of the issue and don't consider it a problem, or at least not enough to affect game play. Something that I disagree with given that even a small difference in size is visible and means that common shuffle techniques are affected.
  4. The card size of the cards in the expansion are slightly larger than those in my base game. This is disappointing as there are the new event deck cards for the new houses that need to be mixed in. The house decks, allies and reference cards are all separate and not mixed in, so this does not cause an issue for those cards. Were there later printings of the base game with the larger card size?
  5. The_Warlock said: Here's a comprehensive list of Enemy-Constructs so far: <snip> Ah, thanks! The city deck is the only one I've spent any time going through, not played enough 4th Edition it seems! I must rectify this
  6. Standard collector's card x100 storage boxes are a good fit for Talisman cards on their side. See here… http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/290839990735 I have fashioned cardboard separators such that I can split decks within a single box. The larger ending/character cards I haven't got a box for, they just sit in the box held together with an elastic band. Similar x50 capacity boxes work well for gold/dragon/fate tokens. I also have a small 3x4 beads/medicine/angling storage box that I use to store my life/strength/craft tokens in as I have the original 4th edition that has these tokens in 1,2,3,4 counts similar to the 1st/2nd edition's card counters, rather than the 1/5 counts that the revised 4th edition has. Figures I separate out the special figures; toads, werewolf and reaper go in a zip-lock bag, meanwhile the character figures get put in a plastic take away container. They now smell of curry*. * joke, it's actually Chow Mein.
  7. Some quick questions… Bounties can be collected in any region right? One bounty is for a Construct Enemy. Isn't there only one Construct in the entire game and expansions, being the City's Mechanical Dragon? Ta!
  8. "Whenever you encounter an Enemy you may gain 2 gold. You may only do this once per turn." This seems to imply regardless of wether you win or lose as it's on the encounter! Given that gold is typically hard to come by, this seems a little unbalanced. Or is the follower used in a different way to how I've interpreted? Thanks.
  9. One problem I've had with increasing strength/craft through trophy exchange is that once you get to a certain level, every battle with a 7+ enemy (very common when playing with The Dragon expansion) you automatically get an extra point with battles getting exponentially easier. One way I thought to get around this would be to only allow trophy exchange for 2x your current strength/craft (excl. items/followers etc.). This should even out the levelling a little and make it easier for characters with low starting levels a chance to get on the levelling up ladder earlier. Thoughts?
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