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  1. Thanks to the two of you! I knew from the rule book since the blast ability is described the same, but as the OL againsy a whole team of players, they were arguing with the logic of the rule and didn't want to let go of it. We played the game without it, and I still won "yay!" But now they have no choice but to believe me!
  2. I've searched a lot here and there to find the answer about this one, so I am sorry if I am repeating a previous post. Yesterday, me, my love and friends, played and at some point into the game, we ran into a bit of a conflict. I was the OL and I had in my choice of monsters the Hybrid sentinels. Here is the question : -If the Hybrid Sentinel uses his fire breath on a hero who has 2 Might, does all the heroes affected in the fire breath suffers the additional damage even if they have higher than 2 Might? It might be the wording that makes me believe that it could be possible, because Prey on the weak states that if the target of the attack has 2 or fewer might, he suffers +1 damage. But then on Fire Breath, it is stated that ALL figures on it's path are "Affected" by the attack. So to resume, we are very curious about it since we can't find any kind of errata about it! Hope to hear about it soon!
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