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  1. Sure, why not. In. I'll take all the rejects and make an awesome secrecy deck, or something.
  2. I dig the idea of tokens. Could have really made Fili/Kili easier to use, for example. But there's a reason other games that use tokens like this just add them to play directly. They look like cards, they usually physically are cards, but it's confusing to have them not behave like cards when doing card things. Like sitting in your hand. Why not just have the tokens come into play in exchange for a bit of extra cost on the ally? Rejuvenating Brew could be a token attachment on the Aspiring Alchemist you have to discard to activate. And if you're worried about paying for everything at once if you want an effect with lots of tokens, you can give a discount. Gathering a bunch of resources in LOTR is more annoying than other games, so very expensive cards should generally be more powerful per resource than cheap ones. Or why not just let them behave like cards? There are already cards that really gas up the Noldor archetype, and those fill your hands with better cards than these tokens. (They draw from your deck...) Basically: I like the idea, but I don't see why it needs to have more rules attached to it
  3. I think Gloin could use the limit, much more than Warden of Healing, personally. People are really unhappy about core set Glorfindel's 1 resource for 1 hp healing, but that's about what the Warden provides with his ability. (Elrond doubles the efficiency of both, but still...) Gloin's ability with (Limit once per round) would still let you entirely tank one enemy without having to defend, but not as many as you want.
  4. The way I see it, every hero that gives you cards or resources is top tier. They end up fitting in slightly different places depending on exactly how they generate these things, but they're all amazing. (Eg, Grima is not a great resource accelerator for multiplayer, generally, but he is incredibly flexible.) And there are a few heroes with incredibly powerful effects that belong in the same rank. Boromir because trivial readying allows him to double/triple/more dip on stat boosts. Elrond and Gandalf with huge resource flexibility + more. Caldara for super ally mustering. Dain for the global stat boost.
  5. Flame of the West added a ton of good cards for Tactics Theoden, and he works really well with Tactics Merry, so that's a theme win. Some of the others are pretty awful, though. I want a faster growing player card pool, personally. I don't need a new investigator in every pack (that's probably too often for after the first cycle or so), and only being able to use two copies of each card in a deck should help make this easier. The more cards, the more interesting the deckbuilding gets.
  6. Heh, totally with you that Prancing Pony is really silly in comparison to the rest of the game. But I love how many throw backs (for lack of a better term) to the LCG there are in that quest. Todd the Troll having the Hill Troll damage effect. Wolf-pelt Jake behaving just like one of those stupid wargs (though not as annoying as the shadow effect triggered ones). Stupid Bill Ferny, just begging to be killed with a Hail of Stones like in the saga. Personally, I'm okay with basically whatever at this point, as long as it doesn't contradict the original stories. I'd even play a quest based on Shadow of Mordor.
  7. I get the impression that anything that does more then one point of damage is going to be very well worth the risk of you're facing monsters with more then one HP. There's a "boss" enemy in the first scenario with 5 hp per investigator. Spawning it ends the demo, but I imagine that if you're only doing one damage per attack you're not going to enjoy having to deal with it.
  8. The rules cards have reminder text for Archery, but not for Siege / Battle / Defense. So we should be willpower questing.
  9. So many people already saying so many good things about Galadriel, so I'll just chime in with a few more from my deck collection: http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/150/deck-tech-sam-gamgee-elf-friend-1.0- Galadriel in a secrecy deck guarantees your threat stays low, and having allies that can quest and fight the round they come out is incredibly useful when you must fight. http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/1425/deck-tech-snake-attack-1.0- Galadriel here is used for the Mirror. With the resource phase draw, her draw ability, and the Mirror's 10 card look, you have 12 chances to see whatever you want off the top of your deck. And it's a shuffle, so it works incredibly well with the Record attachments. Even I was surprised that I was able to get Gandalf on the board for 15 out of 20 rounds against Murder at the Prancing Pony. (Took forever to eliminate the last hideout possibility.) I almost never use Galadriel for Nenya. It's in the decks as an option, but draw and threat reduction is way better.
  10. That box is kind of obnoxious, in my experience. It has slots to hold all the expansion boxes, which is cool. But the slots for all the other decks are too loose early on and cards slide all over the place if you take the game anywhere.
  11. I'll hold off hope, despair, and/or madness until we get an official announcement. But if we get another co-op LCG I'm 100% on board. FFG have done a really good job theme-wise with their Call of Cthulhu games, especially the more recent ones. And the focus on a single investigator instead of a team of heroes sounds like something I've wanted from LOTR for a while.
  12. Heh, you need 16 attack to kill the burden enemy in the back. So Eowyn needs Herugrim + 2 extra attack from somewhere.
  13. Haha, thanks! I was tempted to add in Anborn so that when Faramir and Hirluin were exhausted all the arrows would be pointing down and to the right, but I thought that might be too much.
  14. Deck Tech number four is up: http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/774/deck-tech-arrows-up-and-to-the-right-1.0, and it features a Gondor/Outlands deck up against a trio of Gondorian quests: The Steward's Fear, The Siege of Cair Andros, and Voyage Across Belegaer. I've also started a blog for these here: http://lotrdecktech.com, with RSS support here: http://www.lotrdecktech.com/feeds/posts/default if you want to follow that way.
  15. Lately it's Arwen for me in the same "default Spirit hero" slot. The draw (with Elven-light) or resource boost is hugely beneficial, often more so than Glorfindel's +2 attack and -4 threat.
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