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  1. I plan on having the PCs encounter a new alien species soon. I usually have a slideshow while they are playing. With that in mind, I am wondering if anyone has any pictures of a new alien species. I am looking for both single NPCs and, if possible, whole groups of them. It would be awesome to having them in different garb and varying settings. I know the ILM challenges entries have introduced new aliens. I am up for interesting species, not just the typical bipedal human like species. Any thoughts?
  2. I am looking for ideas for the next story arc of my campaign - Exploration The players have stolen previously destroyed exploration data to an unexplored region of space. The players have a sheet with 9 different systems that were previously found with most hyperdrive data lost. Ultimately, they will locate the explorer who decided to hide in the region rather then return to a galaxy in the midst of a civil war and troopers sent to kill Force users like him. Inevitably the Empire has found out about the new area to explore and is putting together a team. What ships and how large of a force would the Empire put together to explore this new area? How should the players handle locating new hyperdrive routes between the systems? What kind of obstacles should the players encounter in the systems and planets? Any other ideas or things to try out? Any other adventures (including WEG, WOTC, 3rd party) that have tried something similar? I know Into the Unknown has a small exploration side but most takes place in settled space.
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