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  1. Got one more for you. Horten should be available to the Schwer Platoon and it is not.
  2. Nice, I also Enjoy themed lists. I think Manfred is a must for the direction your going. The Heinrich and even the Herman would fit nicely also. I agree on the observers. Heck, do a second platoon like you have now and give them both the improved command upgrade and add pinpoint observation to your command teams and add an observer team and those light walkers are sure to over preform.
  3. Those of you guys who have trouble getting players into battletech should check out the new quickstrike rules. Much much much simpler and still capture the battletech feel and uses e same minis.
  4. Yes, it certainly does. It also demonstrates the order with zombies which would be impossible under the rules as written. I'm pretty sure the order is as written in the Kommandotrupp section. Still, it's the only order a command section can give to another unit in the game that is only able to be used by the members of the command section's platoon. So there is a chance that there might be a mistake and some official clarification one way or another would be greatly appreciated. I'm new to these boards but I get the impression this is not the place to look for official answer. Is there somewhere else where I could get an official ruling on things of this nature?
  5. Yet another question! When you are building your platoon, are you stuck with any platoon upgrde you take? The rules for spending AP say you can use it on units but it doesn't say anything about platoon upgrades…Should I assume that I have to keep whatever upgrade I started with?
  6. I was just about to write a post about this. Is there any official clarification on this?
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