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  1. Yes. You can move to any location, on any night. even if you have murdered there, or previously visited the spot beforehand (including on the same night). Walking back in his own path 2-3 times during the same night is one of Jacks more sneaky tactics.
  2. Try asking in Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. This is for Lord of the Rings: The Board Game.
  3. The spell is cast, and on the table, not in hand. It doesn't belong to that particular investigator any more. Therefore it remains in play once the player is consumed.
  4. You would collect the payout for your side of the card (2 cards, keep 1). Then you would collect the payout for the central section (1 card, keep 1). See Page 14. The manager uses the player's skills in order from left-to-right. See Page 8: Matchup Phase section. Also Cheating is mandatory.
  5. For pure skill, a battle of wits and no random card fluff LfW wins hands down every time!
  6. 1. Use Skills (left to right). Namely the Blitzers Tackle skill. 2. Downed players immediately lose any abilities. So the Blitzer loses his "Response". Also you do not 'Gain the Ball' (if you remained standing). If the other player doesn't have Sure Hands, you would then use the skill to acquire it from midfield, "if you were standing". If he did have sure hands the response would be to move it to midfield.
  7. Does this Response skill apply if Krieg tackles an opponent, and he himself becomes downed?
  8. You still need a grenade to seal off the emergence hole (which doesn't always go to plan), and all the cards will be reshuffled 2-3 times per mission. Yes some re-spawn. and they hit really hard when they do shoot. You only need 1-2 Locust to make your day pretty difficult.
  9. Must the full text of the Restricted Ability, i.e. Bold section and the paragraph underneath, be fulfilled for the card to come into play? Or do you only read the Bold section for the card/effect to come into play? Thank you!
  10. If Jack gets to his Hideout and chooses not to declare his escape, he 'must' move again next turn, he cannot simply wait, and then enter his hideout on a later turn. Jacks movement is compulsory. If ever a situation arises where Jack cannot move, he immedately loses the game.
  11. Based on Blue making a succesful Clue assumption, Jack could possibly have been at 48 any number of turns during the night. However like you say, in this case, you were certain Jack was still at 48, and Blue had used his action to turn up the clue. So he can take no further part this turn. If no Clue was found, he could've continued to ask for clues on any of the other adjoining locations, until either a clue was found, or he ran out of options for asking. So as Red was adjacent then yes he may, 'and did right to', make an arrst on that point, hoping that Jack was still there. Now here are my thoughts: Jack leaves a trail each night on every location he's visited. Some trails will be old, some fresh, some visited on more than one occasion, and some will stop dead - if Jack has used a shortcut. Jack being caught on the first turn, that's a beginners error of the first degree! Jack made a kill right next to the detectives, and his position is then known immediately. The Detectives will flock to that area immediately and end the game for sure! He needs a few rounds and distance to get away from the kill scene - before the Detectives get a chance to swamp the area. I suggest a more experienced Jack for future plays.
  12. No. The card is an attack. It's just a wording issue, and should read 'slay 1 genestealer'.
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