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  1. Looking through the RR it looks like Dishonored Char, still add their Glory to the Favor check. This seems odd, but making sure it is correct. It feels like it should be a negative or a 0, but the rules do not seem to cover it, or I missed it if it does.
  2. Ah the Keepers of others money have also arrived. Soon the whole set will be here.
  3. I hope it does help. But if FFG really thought it would they would have told us before the Cores were out. After just feels like a set up.
  4. As far as 2 Core, may want to stop there as there is another 90 dollars worth of cards being dumped in a few weeks.
  5. Well that settles it, you like it and a few there so nothing to see, no issue. In other news world hunger is solved as someone is not hungry.
  6. No but they did plan this and kept it under wraps until they had the money, so more than a bit rude.
  7. That is why they waited until after the Core release to drop the 6 packs 6 weeks BS. To get folks to buy the Cores.
  8. So why did FFG wait until AFTER the release to let folks know? Maybe because it might affect the Core sales? The worst aspects of the old FFG marketing, shorting dice in games, and then doing this and holding back the info until after release.
  9. Looking over the rules in the box, the decks are not legal as they shorted them 10 cards each. Wish they would have said on the box that it was not complete. "This product contains all the dice, cards, and tokens needed for two players to start playing the game!" Yet that is not true.
  10. This will help. See folks checking LOS but forgetting ARC often.
  11. Hmm, I think so, the speed is only reduced for the round then back to full. Remember when they first hit, you reduce the speed so if moving 3, it does not touch and stop, but is moved back to as if speed 2, if it overlaps then speed 1 and so on. Normally the gap allowed the ships to move. Also you do not trace the movement, so if you can fly over and not overlap your fine.
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