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  1. Have not. Would people use it?
  2. Bumping as well. Would love to hear what others are hearing. I think that the most logical would be from The Mandalorian show. Thoughts?
  3. Did you find your mat? I am going to my local store this week. Do you want my to check if they have one?
  4. I am just excited for more content. My preference is for something Skywalker Saga related, but I could see FFG using this as a springboard for whatever is new (the galactic republic stuff).
  5. If someone is looking for a sealed copy let me know. There are two B&Ms in Colorado Springs that have the game.
  6. I have come to enjoy the AI. I wish there was more interaction with the AI in single player games, so it really comes down to how well you can employ positive tactics for you and negative ones for it. I have beat it with Bossk and IG, and nearly with Lando.
  7. I have employed a number of strategies against the AI, and the most effective have been to cycle cards. There is noting in the rules that prohibit you from cycling cards on stacks or dropping old cargo for new cargo, etc. since there is so little interaction with the AI, moving ships and having them slow it down is also an added benefit of constantly working the stacks.
  8. We have not. I have some time with them this weekend, and hopefully some of it will be used on Outer Rim!
  9. That would be a bittersweet moment as I just picked my mat up last weekend.
  10. Mandalorian and Solo would be two great places to look for content. Even Rebels has some goodness not yet tapped.
  11. You will also need to be willing to move some cargo along the way. That can help smooth out the $ lost by disintegrating your bounties.
  12. My daughters both enjoy playing hunters. What I have observed as a decent strategy is to get to your max number of bounties early and don’t be afraid to disintegrate them or drop one bounty for another.
  13. I also hope that an expansion is coming!
  14. Really great idea. May check it out this weekend with the kids
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