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  1. We are digging the game, and I am looking forward to the first expansion as a gauge for where FFG wants to go with the game.
  2. To each their own. If you were to go onto just about any online trading or purchasing forum, you would would be hard-pressed to find custom tokens for less than $1 a token. That includes FFG stuff from other games. I don’t personally have the $$ to buy them myself, but would if I could.
  3. Very nice. Is that an x-wing mat underneath as well?
  4. I bought mine on eBay late last Thursday, and the seller didn’t ship until yesterday, and through FedEx. All this to say I will not get it likely until Tuesday ... I am excited to play, but not certain the extra 10 days was worth the $20 I saved. FWIW, I did try two local stores before buying online.
  5. Just bought mine. Looking forward to some games early next week.
  6. That is awesome. I bought a copy last night after spending some time on these forums. It should arrive early next week!
  7. I am excited about this game. As one who is not into dice master style collector games, I was saddened when FFG went away from their SWLCG in favor of Destiny. This game looks to be fun to play with my family, or alone in a solo game. Also, as lame as it may sound to some, I also hope they dev this into an app that can be played on a device.
  8. That is an interesting question. A few likely solutions would include: 1 - reprints of those cards to include additional planets 2 - a "sector" system, where certain packs are played in tandem with each other 3 - they do nothing
  9. Lol. That is a typical FFG response. I used to call about SWLCG product releases, and would get a similar answer ...
  10. Nei, jeg bor ikke i Norge, men besøker ofte. Hvor i Sørlandet?
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