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  1. MasterJediAdam


    Nei, jeg bor ikke i Norge, men besøker ofte. Hvor i Sørlandet?
  2. MasterJediAdam


    Are you in Oslo?
  3. MasterJediAdam

    Game is Officially Dead...

    It’s not dead yet ...
  4. MasterJediAdam

    Star Wars The Card Game - Card List

    Many thanks!
  5. MasterJediAdam

    Deck Strategy

    1. Card economy 2. Resources 3. Force pips 4. Synergy with other cards 5. Average power level of cards
  6. MasterJediAdam

    Would a sticker on a card to indicate errata be legal?

    I would disagree. I made some full card foils with updated errata text and was told no at worlds.
  7. MasterJediAdam

    Future of the Game

    I will continue playing the game because I enjoy Star Wars and the price point to play is manageable. With the Skype play group really becoming a thing and a number of very successful online tournaments hosted, I think the current strength of the game is fine for even a casual player like me to play.
  8. MasterJediAdam

    Future of the Game

    I think that the LCG will continue for a while. The game is fun to play, fairly easy to learn, and has some great interactions. It will stick around for a while.
  9. MasterJediAdam

    The Shadow Archive Article Library

    These are some great articles from some high class folks. Recommend!
  10. MasterJediAdam

    Sacrificed = Destroyed?

    And FFG purchasing cardgamedb.com because of the amount of traffic it carried.
  11. MasterJediAdam

    Getting into this game

    The LCG model makes getting into the game relatively easy. There are no R/UC/C issues. Every pack you purchase provides the playset for the card. The game is asymmetric - the win condition is different for two players. The Dark player attempts to progress a Death Star dial to 12 and the Light player attempts to destroy 3 objectives (each player has 3 objectives in play at nearly all times). Combat is simplified in that it is a common play field (jawas can battle against X-wings) but the nuance to battle is in a mechanic called "the edge battle." It is basically a silent bid system by placing cards facedown into an edge stack. Each card has a value, and the value is calculated. The combat strength of most units in the game is altered based on winning or losing the edge. Many of the iconic characters from the TV shows, books and movies (original trilogy) have found their way into the game. You will find multiple versions of the most iconic characters - Palpatine, Vader, Boba Fett, Jabba, Tarkin, Luke, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Leia, Han, Chewie, etc. If you like Star Wars and you enjoy a game that is simple enough to enjoy at your dinner table and complex enough for true competitive play, then this is a game you will enjoy!
  12. MasterJediAdam

    Ultimate Terror - Death Star Revealed!

    Yeah, super excited. Getting 12 resources is totally possible if you build for it. If you can't, then there is always edge ...
  13. MasterJediAdam

    WTS Complete Collection

    Definitely reasonable.
  14. MasterJediAdam

    Having trouble getting people interested

    How are you targeting folks now? I think the issues you described are relatively true for any game that has semi-frequent releases. The advantage to an LCG is that the cost is one time. I have spent less on SWLCG since it came out than I spent on any CCG I have ever played in any given 1 year period. The best way I've seen or heard is to be seen. Go to your local store and demo, but don't do it alone. Always be playing the game while you are there. Bring lots of playmats to have on display. People are drawn to the artwork. No discentegrations and the Hoth assault are two beautiful examples that depict epic scenes from the movies. Last, a good promoter talks about his product. Don't talk about others. If someone asks about how it compares, answer the questions by talking about the game, not my explaining how it is similar or dissimilar to something else.
  15. MasterJediAdam

    Fair value for set

    A better way to explain what you have is 1x core, the first 5 force packs, and 1x edge of darkness. As to their value, getting 50% of the base value without mats, acrylic tokens, etc is going to be difficult.