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  1. Star Trek Attack Wing has some extra dice available as a Resource (one resource per fleet-costs 5 points) Elite Attack Dice: Once per turn for any attack you may switch this dice out for one red attack dice. (it is black with gold markings) It has no blank spots, either filled in with an extra Crit, a double hit, or an extra Battlestation (Focus) result Counter Attack Dice: Once per turn for any attack you are defending against you may switch this dice out for any green defense dice. (it is gold with black markings) Just like the attack dice it has fewer blanks (might be no blanks, I forget), improved odds of rolling an evade but also has a hit and a crit result that do damage to the attacker if rolled. Something similar could easily work with X-Wing. My own idea, with mines and bombs being so popular, perhaps a set of 'Incendiary Dice' to roll for mine/bomb damage that have different random effects instead of just hits and crits would be interesting. 8 sided, two sides hit, one side crit, one side add a Stress token, one side add an Ion token, one side discard evade/focus token, two blank sides.
  2. Merde. Well there goes my paycheck.
  3. You are missing the tournament prizes (one a month for almost 4 years) and 20 'blind booster' ships, plus their own 'epic' size DS9 and Borg Cube.
  4. Dr. Z

    Best looking ship?

    All the models are greatly detailed and well painted right out of the box so much that even if I don't like the design of a ship (k-wings, Ghost, punisher, raider-if you like them that's cool, just not my jam) FFG still makes them look fantastic. What got me into the game though was seeing the Millennium Falcon in the box. The details on that old bucket of bolts are impressive. Runners up for me are the ARC-170, Slave 1, TIE Interceptors, and the Rebel Transport.
  5. Players of Star Trek Attack Wing have had the ability to add Auxilliary Power (equivalent of Stress) tokens to a ship in the activation phase since the game started and situations where they pick red maneuvers while stressed nearly never happens. Even in the best circumstances trying to make it happen the victim knows they can have a stress token put on them before they reveal a maneuver. More than anything the reaction is to take green maneuvers until they are out of range of the ship with the stress inducing upgrade or it's been shot down. It's almost better to pack the upgrade and NOT use it, just threaten to use it to control their moves. This feels like 'safe space' hand holding, but whatevs. At least it's a simple change.
  6. Any help with BMST? Apparently I can't understand anything anyone is talking about anymore because this is in almost every thread with zero context clues. Thanks!
  7. Nope. It was the paint that caught my eye and showed the detailed quality of the miniatures which led to consideration, budgeting, and initial purchase. Now I'm hooked.
  8. and the only thing they've compelled me to do is to stop making pre-orders with their products. -shrugs- maybe I'm an outlier or not part of their target market or whatever but if you want me to get excited about something 6 months in advance (and then finally deliver it 8 or 9 months instead) the delay is going to impact my level of enthusiasm and will be guaranteed to engage my cynical sarcasm generator involving any discussions of 'deadlines', 'shipping dates', or 'on-the-boat' statuses. Waiting nearly a year for the Imperial Raider was the worst. Right now there are so many ships up in the air between two anticipated waves I can't remember what they are, and I can hardly find the motivation to care. They'll get here when they get here. I rather like how the recent wave of Armada was handled though. The flotillas were previewed like 6 months ago for 'wave 3' and the two large ships didn't preview until June/July for 'wave 4' and both waves hit the streets in August at the same time.
  9. I had Wedge with Predator and Engine Upgrade, Jan Ors with Blaster Turret and Kyle Katarn, and Etan Abaht against a classic TIE swarm. Flew them in a pincer formation with Wedge hugging the edge of the board, Etahn cutting up the middle at an angle towards the swarm, which had angled itself towards Wedge and Jan up the middle between them. Jan gave Wedge extra dice, he boosted into range 1; dodging half of their firing arcs in the process, and lit a TIE up in the first volley with 4/5 hits after Predator rolls. Etahn was handing out crits all over the place, giving Jan a one shot kill also thanks to a Direct Hit. Round one of firing they were down two TIES and a third injured and Wedge only had to defend against one weak shot in return. Wedge accounted for 5 TIE kills that game, 4 of them in single shots thanks to extra Jan Ors dice and Etan's crits. On the Dark Side, I'd say the first time I realized just how maneuverable and dodgy Baron Fel was with Push the Limit. I forget what I was flying against but the feeling of maneuvering him like that was like when you figured out how to ride a bike, like a whole new area of your brain opens up and I had my 'AHA!' moment with the FlightPath System. Following that, Fel became my favorite ship/pilot to play and I remember another game where he chased down Chewbacca, turret at range 1 be damned, and dodged everything while laying at least 3 damage on him every turn until he exploded. Fel coasted away without a scratch.
  10. Baron Fel. With PTL, Stealth device and Targeting Computer. I know, not the usual arrangement exactly. I figure with so many turrets around what is the point of arc dodging? Just get in close and make it hurt.
  11. Acrylic paint markers, available for 2 or 3 bucks at WalMart or a hobby store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby or JoAnne's Fabrics. Put on 3 or 4 coats to the token edges and they look really sharp. I'd estimate they protect the tokens a bit, it does change how they feel when handling and they sound different in the tackle box or when you drop them on the table. I used a different color for each action so they are easy to differentiate at a glance. For defense tokens I used a bright neon/lime green. I also play X-Wing and Star Trek Attack Wing. I've paint markered a few X-wing tokens and all of my Star Trek cardboard, using different colors for each faction (about a dozen factions in STAW!) That's ship bases, maneuver dials, and color coded action tokens. They all look great.
  12. I've had the Red Baron run the table more than once. Even where he is my only pilot to hit anything. Had a game where Wedge tore through a half dozen TIES in as many turns. Had him with Engine Booster and Outmaneuver with Jan Ors flying close enough to give him extra attack dice and ETahn Abaht turning hits into crits for him. He was rolling hot that day. Recently played a 300 Epic game where the Bright Hope was the star of the show. It plowed through Youngster and Redline, jammed up Rexler, forced the Gonzati to bump a few turns in a row, pulled off TL and Focus tokens with Toryn Farr (especially off of Redline who couldn't keep at TL to launch his ordnance!), added stress tokens with Raymus Antilles and managed to do some damage with Cluster Bombs and Slicer Tools! Finished the game with 1 hull point left and slowly recovering shields. Screwing with the opposing players ability to take/keep actions and maneuver effectively kept the Imps busy enough for the Corvette, Poe, Ello, and Hobbie to do their jobs with ease. Only lost Hobbie, Poe was damaged but getting shields back with R5-P9 and Ello was full health with R2D2 in the backseat. Corvette did take some damage but was able to repair it all with the Construction Droid and Shield Recovery. Next time I try this build I think I'll switch Raymus for the WED-15 repair droid. The few stress tokens he hands out aren't quite as useful as making sure the Transport can stick around to support the fight.
  13. Muurian is a personal favorite of mine I'd love to see. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Muurian_transport
  14. ^^^^THIS is the proper definition of Metagaming. Well done!
  15. I like the 'Rockstarring'. Seems I've mastered that quite well. I'll submit my suggested slang, Dice results: Eyes Wide Open = All focus results Blind roll = all blanks Loaded bases = 3 hits Grand slam = 3 hits and a crit Middle Finger = A perfect evade roll cancelling out a perfect attack roll. The gesture at least is exchanged mutually across the table with who I play with usually. Non-Dice related slang: Flippy = any K-turn E-brake = Full Stop on the Pale Void Cetacean or using Inertial Dampeners The Baron Bounce = Hard 1 or 2 turn followed by Boost and Barrel Roll or vice versa. Rush Hour = those couple turns when two swarms are so intermingled every ship bumps and nobody moves. "HWA! That got 'em!" = whenever Wedge one shots anything.
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