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  1. Boss Gitsmasha said: Unfortunately, I think I'm going to call it quits. I don't have fun GMing; it seems more like a chore to me, and I don't think I'm very good at it anyway. On top of that, we can't seem to agree on a schedule, my schoolwork is piling up, and I simply don't feel inspired about the prison idea anymore. So there will be no writeup. The campaign is over. I don't know if I'll ever GM again. . Woah there Boss. You are an awesome GM from my standpoint. (been gaming hard for twenty five years)-know a great GM when I play with one. Yet, If it aint fun then why do it? I want to apologize for not attending a session. Had a employee get sick. Never happened before so late in day. I had a blast playing. Please GM in the future when insperation hits. When similar things happen I've lost insperation as well. Not mad at ya for ending game. Will cry like a baby if I can't get in on your next one tho…(whatever game it is)
  2. Hi Cymbel. Sat works fine for me. Same time? Oh, I got an AIM account it's Silas_Green@aim.com I like the idea of the game (which is fantastic and it's looking like its gonna get even better as we go) being written up in story format. (great idea Boss).
  3. Kiton said: I think, gm permitting, you can safely be assumed to have a few regular cultists at your beck and call. I believe, though, that given what PCs are capable of in general, your influence at that point if you're not set up as part of an organization to begin with is then mostly composed of gear and having gotten that far. You ARE in a warband, but there's a possibility its one of those orky democratic meritocracy ones [aka a party of player characters] where decisions are taken with reason and discourse; which is odd enough for chaos to begin with. In other words you may just have that influence for having survived this long as "Old Boberto the renegade, veteran of the ancient war", or "the one sorcerer on the continent". The important thing is that you're in some way known, and that you've got the appropriate pull as a result. A 'normal', generic lord-captain of a small vessel would be just as 'important' in the grand scheme of things as you, but he's an officer and you're a combat-freak that likes to stare down armoured vehicles. The ratings'll be roughly as polite. I like this answer a lot. BC is the system I'm the most unfamiliar with by far. But I would ask your GM what their vision of the game is. I play a Psykers in the BC game i am in. He is a prisoner in a penal colony so he gets much less starting gear than average. That's not being ripped off by the GM but a feature of our particular game. It makes me feel that prison. Each game may have a new standard regarding a PCs social pull and wealth based on game concept. Try asking your GM about your assets. I'd say the above post highlights the default assets very well
  4. Combine all the answers on this thread for the ultimate answer. Provide Hordes to wear the guy down as well as bad guys like Psykers and dudes with jump packs that exploit the Beserkers weakness. Structure the scenarios so that the Beserker has to "handle the hordes) while the rest of the party races to another goal. The Beserker is critical to parties success because he is holding off the Big Nasties for his team mates and enabling them to compleate mission. say he blocks a doorway and prevents the Ork hordes from penetrating the room and swarming other PCs. Alternately he could keep the impossibly dangerous bad guy busy while the rest of the party solves the Puzzel that will save the day / curse the planet. ..etc
  5. Cifer said: @weaver Regarding the ships, just use RT rules and liberally reflavour things - the Navigator becomes a Sorceror, the morale-boosting cathedral a shrine to the dark gods and so on. About the adventures, I'd suggest a more cooperative approach. For many people, Chaos is a tool. There are a few characters out there that are sufficiently corrupted so they want to further the glory of their deities for its own end - essentially, they have become hollow shells, avatars for their god's will. For most, however, Chaos is a tool and an extremely versatile (if obviously hazardous) one at that. So instead of looking at what the tool wants, why not look at what its wielders want? Why did the PCs turn to chaos? What are their motivations? Did they intend to liberate their homeworld from imperial oppression after their home was destroyed for harboring a harmless wyrd? Did they want to plunder and pillage and live a life of luxury? Did they want to become immortalized in legend and history as a powerful warlord rather than being forgotten as one of a billion soldiers dying for a meaningless world? Did they indeed want to become truly immortal as a Daemon Prince? Black Crusade is generally not a game where you can write an adventure and plunk it down in front of the characters. Instead, I suggest creating a universe for the characters to explore and throw them perhaps a dozen plot hooks that you think might make for interesting stories. A colony chafing under the imperial rule, rebellion slowly forming, but having nothing to crystallize around. A freighter carrying the tithe collected from a world, laden to the brim with treasure. A powerful army of a rival champion slowly growing unruly because their leader seems too apathetic to lead them anywhere. A tome of forgotten lore detailing the location of a daemon world. When they show interest in one, expand the universe in that direction. Since compacts are player-defined anyway, have them write up the framework of the adventure and fill it with life afterwards. Do they want to support the rebellion? Worm their way into the imperial bureaucracy and let the system collapse from within? Asassinate the governour, sabotage the military and see what remains standing after the whole thing plays out? Essentially: Don't worry about having a perfectly choreographed plot your players will leap at. Just prepare the stage and let your players do the acting. yes. Love this.
  6. We sure did have fun. Boss got us right into his setting and everyone has great characters I can't wait to get to know better.
  7. It's way cool you are taking time out for your wife. Bravo. Perhaps next game we will do a different time so others can join/try it. I'd offer to run something but I have not played w40k enought to do so for strangers yet. (want my best foot forward and all that ). But by the end of this I might be able to run a Crusade game. We will see. Another obstacle might be my lack of tech skills. This will be my first online game do we will see if I get the hang of it enough. I am really impressed with Boss so far as a GM so if he offers a second game after this ill prob want to do that cuz I don't get to play very often. Always a GM it seems. I really like it but I want/need to be on the other side of the table more …
  8. DigitalRedneck said: Elurindel said: Boss Gitsmasha said: I'm running this game on Thursdays at 6 PM PST. Also, we're running out of spaces; I think 5 or 6 is fine for a party. Any more and things will get chaotic. If you can't make Thursday at 6, then I might have to drop you to make room for another. Here's the roll20 room link. https://app.roll20.net/join/84893/iTPI4w How does PST relate to EST, out of curiosity? That will seriously influence whether or not I take part. I think 6pm PST equates to 3pm EST. but I'll ask my phone to be sure. Nope! I had it backwards. When its 6 pm here it will be 9 pm your time. Man, sure glad I checked that.
  9. Elurindel said: Boss Gitsmasha said: I'm running this game on Thursdays at 6 PM PST. Also, we're running out of spaces; I think 5 or 6 is fine for a party. Any more and things will get chaotic. If you can't make Thursday at 6, then I might have to drop you to make room for another. Here's the roll20 room link. https://app.roll20.net/join/84893/iTPI4w How does PST relate to EST, out of curiosity? That will seriously influence whether or not I take part. I think 6pm PST equates to 3pm EST. but I'll ask my phone to be sure.
  10. I signed up for roll 20 Boss. But I can't join the Campaign until I get home to a real puter rather than my IPhone. Will do tonight. Count Silas and I in!
  11. If any player wants to start the game without their pc being in the know or suspicious of Silas as a psyker I would be cool with doing contested social rolls before start of game play to see if Silas has said too much or otherwise outed himself before the pc actually was receptive. But after some in game skirmishing lets figure out a way to be allies and start working on the escape attempt and what not..
  12. Deimos said: Based on all the replies and more or less confirmed players it seems Saturday evenings starting at 5-6pm Pacific Standard Time would probably be the best. Assuming that isn't too late a start for our east coast player. Let me know when you are ready to start up and I am good to go. As for Widget, he has his inherent distrust of psykers but more for the practical reason of how badly their powers can go wrong. Given he's one of the few medicae trained Mechanicus in the prison most of the characters would be familiar with him by his face if not by name. The fact he can manage to turn the crap lho sticks and alcohol the prison sells into something actually good has probably earned him a fair amount of good will to move about in other factions territories mostly unmolested. So for the escape he makes an excellent go between and diplomat to the other factions we wish to organize. He is going to be so **** handy. Love it! I think Silas would wait to tell Widget he is a psyker until he was pretty sure Widget would be willing to accept the fact his friend is a psyker. It probably helps that Silas is playing it safe and rarely uses his powers at above fettered strength for fear of outing himself. Right now silas probably comes off as a responsible and overly cautious psyker to those in the know. It helps that Silas is heavy on telepathic powers and do is not very obvious anyway unless the warp gets involved…
  13. Freebooterz an der Clanz…when an Ork leaves Ork society to become a freebooter the books indicate they might leave their clan behind in some of the fluff and. I've been running our game like clan is more instinctual and genetic. So a freebooter leaves their tribe and Ork society when going freebooter but not clan. I don't remember freebooterz from when I played tabletop… Wondering what's cannon and how are you guys running it.
  14. Good point grimze. Rules are set so players decide on the ship. I think what the OP is doing is allowing the pcs to choose what influence and Proffit factor they trade for ship points. They get a list of their total potential assets and trade some for a ship. So it's like rolling but with more background and control. Say the chart we roll on in RT core gives you a total of ninety points between PF and ship points. The op is giving the pcs the ninety points and they can spread them between the two as they like. But they are giving up background and bonuses too. I dig it.
  15. Mark of the Xenos for Dethwatch has wonderful stats for Tryanids, Tau and Orks. Plus demons and other goodies. And I highly recommend the Navis Primer as it will help to make your Navagator and Astropath gas more useful and interesting. There are rules for things the Naves and paths can do during shop to ship combat do they are not sitting on their thumbs while the other players are doing all the shooting or flying. Not to mention the primer had info on the Wierdboy character path that can make an awesom NPC or pc.
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