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  1. Turns out I now have a work trip on Thursday-Friday. Looking for 1A ticket.
  2. I have 1B and would like 1A. Turns out I have to travel for work on Thursday. At least with 1A I can grab the promos and still Play IA on Wednesday, and you can play X-Wing. PM me.
  3. The Game Center is closed to anyone who is not a Worlds Participant. So no spectators (who are not playing in some other game).
  4. If it's in your cart, the ticket is yours. I think their billing system is just borked. Just try another CC or something.
  5. I love the transparent doors. They make game play much better.
  6. As quoted above, they are legal, as long as both players are ok with them. I'm not a big fan since they can get in the way fairly significantly. Figures can occupy the same space as crates and terminals, so I don't see much motivator to put a 3d item there. The same for Massive or Mobile figures and impassable terrain. It simply gets in the way. I much prefer any reasonable flat token (acrylic or cardboard).
  7. I have not updated in a while, but it has a the older stuff in it: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hexis/albums/72157651525397893
  8. They have them in stock, and have planned inventory levels accordingly for Worlds. That's not to say they won't sell out, but they have a lot ready to sell. It is very nice to have my FLGS be FFG. Literally the nearest game store to my house.
  9. This solution will even keep them Luke warm!
  10. Bad idea. Original cards are required for Premier Level events. I think altered cards could be argued to be a real problem. Better to re-print and sleeve with the original.
  11. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/star-wars-imperial-assault/#/support-section The only Expansion Rules PDF missing is Jabba's Realm. There have not been "quite a few" that have not been uploaded, there is one, and they usually take a while. This delay happens for any PDFs they post. I suspect it has to do with internationalization and translation, not "lazyness". Nothing has changed WRT FFG's PDF posting process.
  12. There is a playtester section in the core learn to play guide. The big box expansions have a section as well. 99 people playtested the core set. Before you get upset about any wrinkles that made it through the process, consider for a moment the things that didn't.
  13. Hexis

    Wave 8 Maneuver Guides

    I plan to update them with the rest of Wave 10 is out. I haven't kept up, have they released the dials for the remaining three ships?
  14. I'm not really a fan of proxies for cards unless you're also going to be ok with me proxying for ships and dials and such. Despite that word "official" is what got me the most; as I've said I've nothing against "good looking" cards when you do them. Here's why I object to proxy dials: there is a lot of room for error there. The cards are so much easier to check, or just use as a place holder for the errata'ed version. A dial HAS to be accurate, or serious problem will happen as soon as that inaccurate move is selected. Ship models? Don't care, use legos or whatever is clear as far as I'm concerned personally (things are different at a Premier level event). The ship bases are important, since the firing arc(s) are critical.
  15. So one malformed base and he changes the game's rules, versus I don't know, replacing that one base?
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