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  1. Mate, you are either old enough to love/appreciate it or you are to young to remember it in it's 90's glory days.
  2. I did consider that, but too much work, much rather just buy morrrrre FFG needs to know that 90's EU does still sell well
  3. I knew I should not have clicked on this thread....time for some chopy chopy Thanks for the inspiration
  4. Nah, it's the Starwing mate, more the merrier
  5. stegocent

    What's left?

    I very much like this idea. Both the scenarios and the idea of non-limited alt-painted ships...sure I could paint em myself....but yeah
  6. stegocent

    What's left?

    I still want to see the TIE bus... I mean TIE Scout, I'm sure there is still design space for her in the game
  7. stegocent

    Nerf beer!

    Only after rolling too many beer dice....
  8. stegocent

    Nerf beer!

    Beer...Limited? ARE YOU KIDDING never!!!!!!!!!!
  9. stegocent

    Happy Friday

    Happy to see you are still doing this CB
  10. Now just bring back the old dark background for the forum....
  11. I am with you on that one mate. The last thing X-wing I bought was the hounds tooth back when it first came out, yes there have been a few ships I should have bought since then but I totally lost interest with starwars due to that maus...happy to say that I AM BACK! OH YES!!!!!
  12. Wait...really, FFG is still making EU craft....I might have to get back into this game then. I had given up after seeing the last two waves of TFA and rebels junk
  13. ****! I'm totally gonna have to get back into this game. The CC box sounds like a must buy.
  14. I'm the same, and I burnt out playing In tourneys. I still can't find the want to play much anymore, and World of Warships is just too good
  15. This is a great idea. Totally gonna neeed to try this.
  16. I with you on that mate. My pick would probably be the T-70. So boring and lazy
  17. Nah BS Joe you gon too far
  18. You, are a starwars noob if you cannot appreciate the gunboat
  19. Nor quality control or component quality. I would urge you to have a closer look at the dragons, they are quite well sculpted and most have decent paint jobs.
  20. First, don't start that nerd war. Second, by Star Trek, do you mean STAR TREK or JJ Trek, huge difference. And third, Babylon 5 is the best. But really we are all fans of spaceships here (or at least Sci-Fi) can't we all just get along and support what little Sci-Fi media we get.
  21. D&D on the other hand are actually quite nice. The non-dragon stuff is ok but the dragons themselves are mostly well painted out of the box. I have quite a few now. My dear GF loves her dragons. She won't play the game however so I haven't bought many of the other figures
  22. As far as the Trek miniatures, they are a painful wasted opportunity. They NEED to be repainted, if you have any self respect as a table top wargamer then they really REALLLY need to be repainted.
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