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  1. Thanks for the clues. Since there is a problem with harvest (rice is sown in early june, grows between June-August, and is harvest early september), maybe it's more probably that occurs in august-september, after the common people gets raged. It it was in june, they had had time to sow again. Another option is wheat or another autumn crop. These let us place the action after Kiku Matsuri warning about meishodo, and before Tadaka challenge. Of course, I'm no expert, and I don't know if you have more clues to enlight this question. Thanks for your help. 👺
  2. A Ronin's Path - Do you mean before A Simple Test (1103)? Sins of Regret - Just before The Last Stone Played?
  3. Where do you place these? A Ronin's Path (L5R beta) A Call to Stewardship - Unicorn Clan Letter A Call to Leadership - Lion Clan Letter A Call to Witness - Dragon Clan Letter A Call for Diplomacy - Crane Clan Letter A Call for Unity - Phoenix Clan Letter A Call to Investigate - Crab Clan Letter A Call to Duty - Scorpion Clan Letter Core Rulebook fiction - 27th Togashi-December 1118 The Mantis Clan fiction - Undetermined on purpose; maybe is cozy after core (Spring? Because winter is not propicious for naval raids). Emerald Empire - Undetermined on purpose; maybe is cozy after core. A Simple Test Fires of Justice Sins of Regret
  4. My pleasure! Carter One
  5. I'm back with the translation of these CFS —yes, pure maho. Anyone could help me to sort out the entries? I can send you my actual list and the CFS entries unknown.
  6. I'm interested in these CFS's works up to #181. I'm posting a CFS weekly at DFG de Isawa Nazomitsu and creating the spanish version of Pirate Spice's collection in pdf. Of course, all credit to Isawa Nazomitsu and Pirate Spice. Could you please share these CFS? (#111 up to #181+) Are there more?
  7. Disney protects from such heresy!!! You want printed maps, pay for a license, you want digital maps, pay for another license.
  8. Of course, I'm not gonna make a map with more than X thousand sectors (the thickness of the MW is aprox. 2000 ly), but it's not difficult to make one with all known fan and official sectors (it doesn't matter if we don't know their exactly position). Anyone? I only need help with names and speculative/known position.
  9. I'm with you. I only redesigned the original map to be readable, I don't corrected it. Well, that's what you sohuld not do with your projects xD Yesterday I talked with M00nprophet, the original map maker, and this was his answer: "To help you on your endeavor some of the sectors are in the right spots, alot of others are guesswork in the Segmentums, others i have just randomly put to fill out possitions! But i dont got a list on which are right and wrongly placed sadly. But ALL sector names are fluff, mentioned somewere in books, wikis, rpgs, game and so on. Tho im actually missing a few "new" ones i have come by. These ones are not represented on my map atm. Deinora sector Haxan Sector Leyak Sector Byridice Sector Helican Sector, spinward of eye of terror Demeter Sector Edit: Ooh yeah wanted to add my sectors are "Too" big actually i generalized their "size" to cover the galaxy. but most sectors are actually much much smaller and most of the sectors got lightyears of "empty" space between them, im thinking of trying to make a map with that "spacing" to give the feeling that alot of the known space actually are spots here and spots there each connected most probably in-fluff with stable warproutes and not actually a neigbour star system or "zone/sectors" like we imagine borders in RL, ie between germany, austria, belgium and so on. but more like areas of unexplored space seperating one sector with another by huge space swats of areas like our Mediterrainian and Atlantic and Oceanic oceans." I like his way of thinking. Thoughts? Ideas? Finally. Anybody is interested to improve it with his or her knowledge of the W40k universe? I can handle the graphic part.
  10. Sorry. Well I choosed a couple of short videos, because I didn't want to saturate you with a 30min video explaining all blending options. You're right, the best way to learn is following your own rhythms of enthusiasm and expertise. Nice start! And yes, indeed. That image has real potential. Do you use any source for the position and names of systems and planets of each sector you create?
  11. Nice figures! The Machine God will be happy to spread these new cogs.
  12. Finished map! Well, never is finished, but with no more data, this is the Imperium of the God-Emperor, or what it remains of it. Mwajajajah
  13. After seeing your maps, these videos could help you with your work. These are only a first contact with Blend possibilities. Blend images in Photoshop / Blend images in Gimp Enjoy them!
  14. Sorry, my english is ridiculous. Oh, a GIMP user, congrats! F*** Corporations! Yay free software!! I'm overysing all the time the new tricks I learn. But... but, **** it! It's so cool... xDD What I'm trying to say is that looks much more better if the whole map has a coherent format of labels. If you take account of the destinator position and use of the map It's easier to do. Example: In a classic page/poster map I try to avoid labels difficult to read without turning it or my head. About overlapping labels, you could use an old trick. Opacity! Change the font for geographical area (like in official W40k maps; see Rifts of Hecaton or sector names of the Koronus expanse map, for example) to distinguish them and reduce or increment their opacity, change their color, etc. Test it. Finally, the Great Death-Warp Barrier. Your image seems me too plain and passive. A few examples of more vivid barriers. 1 2 3 4 5
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